My life is getting worst what can you guys advise me

Hi, I'm 18
I had a brain hemorrhage 6 months ago and I should've died, I've been through a month of coma of 3 on the consciousness scale, when I woke up I had a tube in my trachea and a tube in my nostril for feeding me, I could barely breathe and I couldn't talk, I had diplopia that made writing really hard, I got my tubes out of my body 4 months ago and I now am in rehabilitation, I'm training every day to fight my paralyzed vocal chord and my shaking left side, but I feel like it's progressing slower and slower, made me feel bad, so my parents took me to Amsterdam with a friend, I tried every drugs and shit I could to make sure I have no regrets if I was dying again, and I loosed my virginity with a prostitute who was hella pretty, but after all that I feel like something is missing in my life, and I know my life has changed for ever, what do you think ? Should I try to do weird things or get back to a normal life ?

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What's missing in your likely a goal.

Become a medical doctor actually

Post feet.

Do whatever you like. Suffering near death experience opens your third eye. Have you seen some kind of beings while you was in coma? What is your philosophy now after you woke up?

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Then go to college bro.

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Enough with the weird shit bro! Normal life is the answer and like user befor me said a goal in life. I had a near death experience too and ask those same questions, did a lot of drugs and fucked around for months but at the end I felt like shit. So pls take my advice and set q goal in life and plan your "normal" life

I saw my older sister who actually held my hand, I just don't give a fuck about people's feelings and I enjoy more simple things

I have to redo my high school year


Thanks man I needed to read that

Your welcome bro

usually when you see gone family members they want you to go back.

>doing degenerate shit as to "not miss out"
That's not what life is about user. You conflated that with experiencing life, your perception of if was flawed from the beginning.

>massive brain damage
>can't even write
But you type just fine huh? Post proof I don't fucking buy it.

It's me and the photo


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Ask for assisted death

Figure out what you would regret not doing in life if you were to disappear right now. Not simple things like drugs or sex, but more fulfilling things; be it travel, learning a second language, learning an instrument, or any skill etc.


You should go back to your body before your soul gets lost buddy

Dropout, GED, Community college generals, University.

Sorry this happened to you bud. If you think you are missing a spiritual dimension in your life, I would say try to meditate and "know yourself," which is kind of a vague term which is hard to explain to others. Basically just have a desire to find out who YOU really are and what THIS really is and focus on your sensory experiences going on in the moment rather than distracting yourself and your consciousness by living in your head all the time. It's one of those things that isn't really teachable to another person but if you seek it out, eventually an understanding will click in your head. At least that's what happened with me. Spiritual health is one of those things that gives you an overwhelming sense of peace which can help you overcome both mental and physical suffering. Good luck.

That's very wise and mature thanks user I'll keep this in mind