How do I get a gf like pic related? Specific advice please

How do I get a gf like pic related? Specific advice please.

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Just approach a shy qt

They just don't seem to be attracted to me.

Don't do this. Shy girls seem cute initially but they turn out to be psychopaths like all women



Also you have to put up with all their bullshit. Girls like that will require most of your attention. Forget your other friends, you're gonna have to be an emotional crutch for her.

be careful, half of them just act like that because they know guys are into it.
Even if they aren't into you, they'll still lead you on to manipulate you into buying shit or doing shit for them while they fuck chad on the side.

Don't go out of your way for them even if they seem legit. Never do more for them than they do for you.

I don't understand what is attractive about that. I'm a dude, too.

good, you're avoiding a headache

Don't, shy girls are a pain in the ass to show affection to. Also the "not too clingy" thing is bullshit, she will call at least 3 times a day and get super pissed and message you 20 times
>Are you okay?
>Did I do something?
>I'm sorry for being a burden
>I guess I'll leave u with ur new gf
Every fucking time when she know I'm at work because that's the only place that I go to at 9am. Oh and most of the time the music playlists will be ass.

It's me but female and I want a partner like myself

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omg that pic is literally me wtf sjksjksjksjksjskssjsjs

Not OP, but it can be anywhere from extremely neurotic and will break down crying at the smallest inconvenience to absolutely manipulative psycho, "I'll kill myself if you leave me" type shit. My buddy dated a girl who was the first type in high school.
Once, he asked her to drive the 3 of us to a school event happening right after school. As soon as I got out of the car, she started telling him how she had a panic attack because she felt like I was judging her.
She dropped a relatively unimportant class because it was too stressful. She dropped another class a month before the end of the semester because the teacher required you to do 2 readings and a presentation. She dropped a 3rd class because the teacher asked her a question.
She refused to go to parties our friend group (it's a small group, and its a people she knows) threw, even though we always invited her, citing that she's too anxious and that we won't like her. Then, she'd get upset that my friend would go without her.
Finally, when he broke up with her, she cried for 2 weeks straight.
It's usually small shit, but it was constant, also, this is only what he told me. I couldn't put up with her shit.

see you're more at risk for being manipulated by one in that case. Speaking from experience as a guy with a similar personality who thought it was a good idea.

Find a super extroverted one, that went a lot better for me to become a halfway-functional human being.

op listen to me, you don't fucking want that

woman like this ruined my life and got me arrested 2/10 would not do again

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>got you arrested

Come now user, you can't post that and leave out the story!

add to this
>if i ever see you with that whore from work again i’ll kill you while you sleep by letting you bleed out after i castrate you
she went full schizo and is now in a mental ward so yeah

>TFW have this gf now
Feels good. She's plump but I like plump girls so I lucked out.

>psychopaths like all women
I feel bad knowing that some people on this board will actually humor incel answers like this.

>really anxious
>super kinky
Nah, when they're anxious in general then they're usually anxious in bed and that makes for terrible sex

This. In general it is hard to communicate with this type of women, because they are afraid to state their opinions. Deceiding on there you are going to have dinner will be a pain in the ass.

It is a general trait and not some feature you can switch on and off when you think it is cute.

You don't want this, trust me. It's nice at first, but it gets real tiresome, and if you ever do something that would set her anxiety off, she'll ghost your ass with no explanation of what happened. No chance to fix it. Hell, she doesn't even let you know the relationship is over, you have to find out yourself a few days later. It's not worth it user.

find someone that's only to herself
show interest in her
don't be too clingy just visit her periodically while showing interests and slowly open up to you

think Mable in Animal Crossing

Not OP but on the other hand, how do I get a GF confident in herself?

We were at the bar having a couple of drinks and she started having a panic attack at the bar (she wanted to go to it, I don't like bars). I called a cab and we were waiting. She went outside and sat on the ground, started passing out. Not wanting to be stuck at some sketchy bar carrying a drunk passed out woman I decided to just drive her home (less than two miles, like 5minutes away). Cop follows me from the bar, pulled me over for a "wide turn". She starts crying and freaking out about how I'm going to go to jail.. got arrested for a dui and bailed out the same night. It's my fault for driving but.. woman like this will put you in some fucked up situations.

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>D.E.N.N.I.S. system

You're welcome.

He's half right man chicks are fucking nuts, it's the same for dudes tho

1. All girls have anxiety so you don't have to try hard.
2. The less anxious she is the happier you'll be.

just call an uber nigga

> Hell, she doesn't even let you know the relationship is over, you have to find out yourself a few days later

My ex did that. Suddenly shes not available for weeks, and then a call that its over. Hurts like a motherfuck

but you hate yourself

The thing is, she isn't even the one who did it. She got one of our mutual friends to break the news to me.

>implying i'll be happier with a girlfriend who doesn't have serious psychological issues

did you even read my post?
>called a cab

she was crying and passing out, people will legit try to fight you over things like this lol
plus she was the one who wanted me to drive so w/e

>>implying i'll be happier with a girlfriend who doesn't have serious psychological issues
You think you'd suddenly feel better about yourself just because you have a girlfriend? Having a gf is nice, but if you don't like yourself she won't change that.

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No you don't. You like this type of girl because you're insecure and she makes you feel good. Once you actually start dating here, you'll realize you were the exact same person you were before the relationship and the only difference is that now someone else with mental health issues is also depending on you.

t. in a relationship like this for 6 months

seeing as it is a cartoon just tell the picture u r dating.. u r welcome for such sage advice happy 2 have logged in for this bye

Why would you want to have someone who's obviously mentally ill? These traits may seem cute at first, but she would definitely have more underlying issues. anxiety/anxiety disorders isnt cute or quirky, It's a living hell. You can't fix her, user.

Dude fucking dip, it ain't worth it.

This. Only guys who haven’t experienced this think they want it. I sure as hell thought I’d be ok, hell I wanted it.
Take a tip, fellas, avoid this at all costs or learn at your own peril.