Penis enlargement

I need to gain 1-2cm in dick. Is there any permanent and effective method to make my billy bigger?

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Surgery...that's it really


Here's what you do user
> learn the art of beekeeping
> get a beehive
> whenever preparing for hanky-pank, give the beehive a good dicking
> bees get angry
> bees sting dick
> dick gets swollen
> dick gets larger
> also get free honey

It's not a permanent solution, but it's repeatable. Not quite comfortable, but you'll get used to it.

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First off, you’re too concerned about dick size. Just have sex and enjoy it, stop overthinking.

The Chinese have created methods to increase sexual potency. They believe that the human body is made up of energy meridians that gather in the base between the navel and the sex organ called the Dan tien. They have come up with exercises to arouse this energy that is normally stagnant and spread it though the body. What this does is strengthen the human body, and increases your sexual libido like no other excercises can. Look up wang shujin, and find an instructor that teaches his styles.

The more you masturbate it grows naturally. And if you do it to penises it grows even faster from exposure to testosterone

There is none. And surgery will most likely just fuck up your dick.
user, if there was any reliable way to increase penis size, every fucking guy would be doing it and it would be mainstream knowledge.

1. Attach string to dingus.
2. Attach other end of string to brick
3. Throw brick out window

First non-meme answer ITT coming through.

Work out, eat better, cut out junk food and alcohol. One or two centimeters is entirely possible to achieve simply by having harder erections.

drink a lot of water and meditate while listening to male enhancement subliminals. this is my favorite one

i've noticed growth in girth a little bit of growth in length so far. stop jerking off as much as you can and listen to this daily 1-2 times.

>simply by having harder erections.
I was going to call bullshit but that almost sounds credible because blood flow probably would matter and all of what you suggested helps with that. And, if nothing else, OP will be less likely to develop ED if he does that and if he's a bit chubby then losing the fat could reveal more of his cock.


Some stuff that helped me to go from 15cm to 18cm in almost 2 years
>drinking a lot of water
>nofap for 1 month and then fapping again once or twice
>gym ( the more muscular and lower you are the bigger your donger is )
>kegel exercises
I'm not sure if NoFap helps you that much, at the beginning it does but there are some says, if you don't use it you will lose it.

>the more muscular and lower you are the bigger your donger is

Probably has to do with posure and bloodflow. APT will shrink your max dick length, improved blood flow will make everything bigger.

Are you fat by any chance? That fat pad covers a bit off your penis. I lost 20 kilos and went from 12 to 13cm but most of that fat pad is still there, im losing it mostly in other places. When i do that pressed thing it almost hits 15 cm.

the lower fat level is*
not bullshit, a part of your penis is covered by fat

That's a completely different thing, though. Less fat does not equal more muscle.

Surgery is the only real method

using the bathmate helped me but you really have to be dedicated to it. use it every other day starting at 5 minutes the first week you have it, 10 minutes the second week, and then 15 minutes after that.

Fuck off shill.

Im going to be completely honest. I've been doing about an hour of P.E. every day and I've gained an inch in 8 months. do 5 minutes of warmup with a hot towel 30 min jelq 30 min stretch. I didnt believe it at first either but when I saw the first half inch of undeniable growth I knew.

>I need to gain 1-2cm in dick.

I think he is completely right,i have some erections that are like 16 cm while if i have very strong ones it goes to even 17.5 or 18

1-2cm is NOTHING. If it's small then 2cm won't help, otherwise it doesn't matter because it's NOTHING. Just stop being fucking insecure. Pussy is not worth it.

I agree. Anyone who’s a size-queen isn’t going to change their mind over 1 - 2cm more.

If you’re not lazy/selfish in bed and like eating pussy, any bitch worth her salt will be happy with you as-is.

Same here. Have you ever considered liposuction in that area? I think I can go for it because continue to lose fat is extremely hard.

got any evidence against me faggot?

The fact that you responded. Bitch.

I gained a couple centimeters by losing weight, I lost the little pouch of fat men have near the dick

holy shit this is the best advice I've ever read on here

Accept yourself for who you are and stop watching porn. The guys in porn are on viagra, get dick injections, and have all the right camera angles to make it look unreal. They do this to make money, it is not based in reality.
If your dick gets hard, ejaculates and get a woman pregnant, then it works perfectly fine.

Why do guys seem to think dick size is the be all and all of sex?

>Most women have a hard time orgasming from PIV and a lot cant do it at all
>Dick size does matter, but only to a certain extent. Being filled up can feel good, but it requires a lot of foreplay and even then you tend to get sore afterwards which is not fun
>Guys with big dicks tend to think that alone makes them amazing in bed. Pro tip: It does not
>When it comes to PIV, stamina and technique is just as important as size, if not more
>THE factor though is the emotions/mentality. Why do you think "50 shades of Grey" was such a hit? Its a shitty book and an even worse movie, but yet it became a huge success. Not saying all women alive are into BDSM, but the whole cat and mouse game and building sexual tension is the key here
>The best sex i ever had was with a guy who was a master at this, and his dick was just average, but he would make me cum buckets multiple times we had sex just because he had prepped me days before

Chekd and based

How to lower fat? This seems to be my main problem honestly.

Imagine having a big dick and being great at foreplay. You’d be a monster.

Cardio and count calories

I remember this meme

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>post tumblr not greentext version


I'm just under 8 inches at my best, and my girlfriend always whines that I smash the back of her pussy. She rarely enjoys it. Chances are it's just your insecurity, you're probably fine

i went from 6.5in to 7.5in in a year by using a penis pump
it didn't get bigger from there but eh i'm pretty satisfied with the results
however, if you buy one, be aware that the effect is immediate at first, you'll grow like half an inch your first time pumping, but as much excited as you may be, DON'T PUSH IT FURTHER, YOU COULD FUCK YOUR DICK UP PRETTY BAD
also it will shrink back to normal size in like 2 hours or so, but if you keep a steady weekly routine you can get pretty good results in the long run
or if you are going to fuck you can pump yourself up just before getting into it without her knowing, after two weeks or so your dick will grow like one inch when pumping and if you overpump just a lil' bit it will stay ballooned for longer (around six hours), but don't over-do it or your dick will feel spongy instead of rock-hard
but please buy one with a pressure gauge, or else you'll risk ripping your dick off