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Became wizard today (or possible yesterday depending on when this post goes up), went to an isolated bus stop and listened some anime and videogame OSTs I burnt on a disc more than a decade ago, watched a couple of movies at the cinema and then bought myself a red lightbulb and Buckeroo Bonzai cos why not? It's my birthday.

What did you guys do for you birthdays when you passed the point of no return?

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happy birthday, mine was a month ago yay

Thanks. What did you do for yours?

Birthdate is just a day, you’re not 8 years old. Learn to enjoy life every day instead of thinking like a child.

You want stuff? Get a job and buy it when you want?

You want friends to honor you and give you presents? Stop being such a needy moron, just have fun and know it’s not about you. Find friends over time, find love and you can have fun every day

I don't really know to respond to posts that obviously skimmed over the post they're replying to in a rush prove something. I mean, did you miss the part where I bought myself something? Were you not able to infer that I don't have any friends? Did you not realise I'm 30?

I saw your post. My point is...why care? Birthdays are for small children.

You’re 30 and you don’t have friends, but what can you do to change that? Do you honestly think no one in the world can be friends with you? That’s ridiculous.

You’re an adult, as a child we had limited control over our lives. But now that you have control, you need to take action.

You want friends, you need to find them. No one else will. You need to do it.

>My point is...why care?
Because it's a 30 year milestone. I've reached 30 without going through any of the usual rites of passage. That's a LOT of years of missed out social growth.

>No one else will. You need to do it.
You know what irritates me when I read something like this? The complete lack of appreciation of how much luck played in their lives. You're right, if you want something you need to go out and get it but half of everything is luck.

Life sucks so much right now. Sweet Jesus it sucks so much.

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>You're right, if you want something you need to go out and get it but half of everything is luck.
And the other half is attitude. Don't want to sound harsh but you are dead before the ship even sank.

People who are just lucky might see their luck fade at the first thing life throws at them. And people who were born under less favorable circumstances may overcome their starting conditions. While others will dwell in it their whole lives. One major factor is your attitude and changing it.

Like the other user said: Life isn't other with 30. And the past is the past to a certain degree. Don't give up on yourself so easily. You aren't 80-years old and facing death the next weeks.

Whatever happened to lifesucks.net?

wtf dude , OP just talked about what he did for his birthday ,without sounding pathetic or anything. just a meh post. and then there's You being overly preachy.gtfo faggot

Anyone planning on joining Club 27?

Club 27?

I think you have to be famous. Maybe you can join the 27 fan club, although I don't see what the rush is. Do not go quietly into that good night.

I had some friends over my place and we had dinner and just chilled there til late. My flatmate decided to cook some egg while drunk and she burnt her foot with boiling oil

Little too late for that for me. I've pondering what would or would have been the best time to kill yourself. Hypothetically.

>I think you have to be famous
You do.
>The 27 Club is a list consisting mostly of popular musicians, artists, or actors

I've only got 7 years and 4 months until I'm a Wizard. Honestly looking forward to it.

Head on over to wizchan, the wizardchan clone where every user there is a "truwiz" despite there being only a handful of anons actually over 30 and the rules are restricted in such a way that you can only sing praises of being a wizard.

I swear it feels like most of the social outcasts and wizards are dead.

I do check out wizchan every so often. It can be comfy but it's pretty slow and, as you say, there are very few actual wizards. I don't think they all died. I just think normies have way too much presence on the internet now and all the genuine outcasts got kicked off the web because now the web is a normal social place too. Not sure where they went but I wish I knew.

>7 years

I remember when I had this same mindset. Just now realized at 20-23 I was still a baby. I just turned 26 and started panicking in the past 6 months since new years because I just realized how close I am to 30 now. Yet I feel younger than ever too. I felt like such a grumpy old dad at 21, i'd go to bed early and do chores all the time. Embrace your youth while you can dude.

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Heed this motherfucker's warning:>Embrace your youth while you can dude.

I sincerely do not enjoy anything these days anymore, and while 30 isn't "old", I think there's something special about your 20s where you have boundless energy, optimism and opportunity. I was miserable in my 20s but there was this bizarre sense of hope that remained consistent til I got closer to 30.

30 years old here and married. For anyone here who's single and able to get dates - how do you do so? tl;dr story ahead
>Best friend is 29
>Best friend's wife left in March
>Relationship had been floundering since November
>Turns out she was cheating
>His divorce finalized last week and his now ex-wife announces she's pregnant with the other dude's kid
>All he wanted was to settle down and have kids, and while they were together at any pregnancy scare she declared she'd abort
>Friend expresses that he's worried he'll die alone
>Feel really bad for him

I don't think he's ready to get out there and start dating again, but when he is ready how do people even meet in your early 30's? He met his wife working a shitty pizza job, and dating at his new job impossible as there are no females. I know he was toying around with Bumble and PoF right after she left but I don't know if that's a truly viable option.

I do what I can but I don't have enough motivation to do any "fun." I don't have enough money to travel or I would

So? Dwelling on the past is dumb, pointless. You missed out on a lot but we all do. Nobody has a perfect life.

Just start today with what you want to do. Build up relationships but you have to start. You can.

Don't you have a job?

>You missed out on a lot but we all do. Nobody has a perfect life.
I don't think most people bypassed growing up though. You have to give me that. I'm not even being melodramatic here.

>Just start today with what you want to do
I really don't know what I want to do anymore. All my interests have faded and I can't see anything on the horizon.

I'm watching someone take exact same path you are and it's disheartening, cos he's doing the little things I used to do stave off loneliness. But when I question him, "Everything's fine."

>What did you guys do for you birthdays when you passed the point of no return?
I honestly can't remember.

What did you do for your last birthday?

About to turn 29 here. I'm not the average avoidant or anxious wizard. I was a hard schizoid that simply had no desire for anything beyond basic subsistence, the wonders of creativity stockpiled across the internet, and occasional travel and other goings out. But I was gradually changing, probably since I was 23 or so, and it finally reached a peak this year. Now I find myself wanting more out of life. Namely to raise a robust family. I have to first get a better career, get friends, get a wife -- get a life. And I don't mind having a very late start. People are amicable enough to look past it. I have no regrets. I have two hands, two feet, and a good head. I'm confident I'll succeed in the long term. Conquering my inhibition and complacency is my struggle. For most others I imagine it's conquering your fear and despondency. I wish you good luck and Godspeed.

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your not a fucking wizard... your an adult.

good, you know what outside looks like...
>>its time for you to go on a quest it will be long and arduous
>>at the end you will know it was worth it at the end
>>the quest for girl pussy.


>becoming an old dad

32 and giving up vidya. Frankly I think I'm too old for it now.

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>Frankly I think I'm too old for it now.
When did it start setting in?

Sort of. Very part time gig at my mom's pizza shop. I'm in college so I don't feel the need to get a full or even stable part time job.
Well, maybe if society cared about people like us they'd offer alternative routes. But since they don't care about us we go this way

It began some time ago now. At least a year or more. But lately I think I've taken it about as far as I'm going to. At this stage it just seems pointless and stupid.

Besides VR, we've seen most of the cool stuff anyway. AND as games head towards "games as services" I think it's almost time to drop gaming as as a hobby.

It isn't that bad. You are just getting old.

My interest in vidya dwindled over the time too. But more so because other things got more important as I became older. I still enjoy gaming but there are other things now that are more importan to me. It is more a change in priority and not withdrawal.

I like video games, but hate the direction the industry has taken. So definitely play less, had to pick up another hobby to fill in the time. It’s very sad.
But I don’t think it’s a personal age thing, games can be for adult, and was for a long time. But now it’s all about cheap pvp’s to get the kids hooked to buy in-game items. It’s sickening. It used to be an art form and now it’s basically what Marvel is for the movie industry.

I think it's more because our standards have gotten higher as we've gotten older and the same old shit doesn't cut it.

>I think it's almost time to drop gaming as as a hobby.
Pretty much. Time to find something more meaningful and worthy of our time I think.
>I think it's more because our standards have gotten higher
I guess so. Basically I just don't let shit slide the way that I used to. Most videogames I've played fall into one of two categories:
>play single player game
>programming clever AI is inansely difficult, time consuming and expensive. so they just program the AI to cheat and break the game along the way.
>play multiplayer co-op games
>play for long enough to build some skill and begin to become good
>right around this time start noticing how painfully bad and difficult other players are and how they continually hold back everyone around them
I think it's time I just did some sort of individual hobby that doesn't involve other people.

>It used to be an art form and now it’s basically what Marvel is for the movie industry.
>But I don’t think it’s a personal age thing, games can be for adult, and was for a long time.

Don't take it personally but you have to be a zoomer to make BOLD statements like that.

Videogames were always childish, some of them had a mature twang but *most* of them were childish, which isn't a bad thing. I mean, who do you think was playing Mortal Kombat back in the 90s?

The industry has taken a bad turn but it's mostly for the mtx, piecemeal DLCs, day one patches, etc among other things.

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This. And there are artsy games like Witcher 3 these days too. Even more evolved than stuff like Deus Ex if you ask me.

I see the guy who was making 25+ threads is now 27. How time flies.

Actually I was 27/8 when I took over from whoever was doing the 25+ threads before. I'm wizard now.

What spell were you assigned and what sub class did you pick?

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So who else is disappointed that they didn't kill themselves around the time they turned 30?

You have more problems than OP. You should not be posting any advice, ever.

I go up to work and say hi, or women come up to me and say hi.

Can't do much about it for the moment though, as my gf gets pretty annoyed when it happens, and even though I say I have a gf they will still try to be "friends" and flirt with me.

So tell him to do that.

Then just do something. You don't need hype to get started.

Go to a concert, and talk to five people there. It will be fun, even if you're not excited about it. I did after I had a bad break up. I didn't want to, but it was a damn good idea. Three of the groups I spoke to were weird, but two were great, and I did blam a hot goth chick because of it. That night fixed my break up blues and put me right back in awesome town, no long depression needed.

I also went paragliding without feeling any particular interest. Turned out fantastic.

Please don't say that.

Not him, but you are really unaware of the advantages you have.

>I did after I had a bad break up. I didn't want to, but it was a damn good idea.

I don't think we have issues on the same level.

I hope it doesn't hit close to home for you when I say it, but that's how I feel. I was already planning on killing myself some time around my 30th birthday. But I obviously I didn't do it and it feels like one just one more thing I didn't do.

So now what?

Don't know desu. I'm still trying to work myself up to suicide, but for obvious reasons I have my doubts.

I... I went to work.

Not 27, I'm 25 though and I still don't know what love really is. I mean, I have my parents but that's way different.

What I don't understand is, why are people obsessed with love? What is love? What's the point? All my friends look so happy when they talk to me about their girlfriends but I honestly don't understand how it feels, I just see that they're happier than me and feel like if I don't understand what love is and why I should get hitched, I'll probably never be as happy as them.

I truly have never understood the lure to female companionship outside of sexual relations.

Haven't read further ITT, but curious... Do you listen to a lot of other types of music? Missing out on years of growth might be a real thing, but there's a lot to be said for your own curiosity in life. What you're into in terms of music, literature, cinema and art can be as formative to your personality as the people you hang out with (or don't,) and help you broaden your perspectives in life

I don't mean to knock on anime, but helping fans out of adolescence isn't something I expect that it's known for.

Also, luck might be a part of it, but a huge part of what's considered luck is putting yourself in the right circumstances and actually say 'yes' to opportunities.

The fuck was the point of this post? That you're above certain things? You're not even 27.

Christ that's bleak. I made sure that I took a day off for my birthday each year. I've never done anything for that day but fuck me, being shit on by customers on birthday would have been much more depressing.

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First it's important that he gets used to talking to strangers. If he waits for the ideal woman to pop up, he will be too much out of practice to make any lasting impressions. He'll also need to realise that getting rejected is part of that practice, so he needs to learn not to take it personally. His mantra should be to be grateful for let downs, as they'll teach him what to improve on, or do differently. It's not him, it's his choice of words and all the other ingredients of a successful seduction.

Now for the fun part. He doesn't have to limit himself to women the same age as him. Some 22 year olds are as mature as 29 year olds, and they can be a lot of fun. They also won't rush into wanting kids right away, and any relationship with the right 22-24yo means you got time to properly develop the relationship before discussing having a family, which is a good thing.

To answer you question: bars, clubs, dating-apps, park, beach, mall, bowling alley... Anything CAN work if you just know how to talk to women. As long as your friend doesn't give up, remembers to enjoy himself outcome-independently and learns from his mistakes, talking to women will be the greatest teacher.

>Do you listen to a lot of other types of music?
I don't actually listen to that much anime/vidya OSTs, if at all. I never really allowed myself to be fully immersed into these kinds of things back in the days, partly due to never having a physical IRL outlet for it and partly out of embarrassment in case someone found out. These days I find anime to be mostly juvenile dreck that I don't really have the tolerance for anymore. Listening to the CD was more a trip down memory lane, like remembering how I used to be able to watching the most garbage anime series that were a 100+ episodes long and find it entertaining. Plus a lot of the tracks are 90s and early 00s music which I enjoy.

My interest in literature, music, cinema etc is pretty broad. Compared to my contemporaries at school/area at the time that is. I don't know if it's broad outside of that particular area (and time).

>but a huge part of what's considered luck is putting yourself in the right circumstances and actually say 'yes' to opportunities.
That's true but I don't think I had that many opportunities, and if I did have any, I didn't recognise them. The only clear opportunity I had that I regret to this day was not joining the anime club at uni (this was *just* before anime/vidya culture was starting to take off in a big way) because I was still concerned with what people were going to think of me if I joined it.

>pic related
>Half of everything is luck James.

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>That's true but I don't think I had that many opportunities, and if I did have any, I didn't recognise them.
So what about the part about putting yourself in the right circumstances? Opportunities usually don't knock on doors.

>So what about the part about putting yourself in the right circumstances?
You mean back then?

I mean don't you want to fix
>I've reached 30 without going through any of the usual rites of passage. That's a LOT of years of missed out social growth.

I don't know, I mean, where do you go? I mean, this era and this city, I don't like it. They were sort of complaining about this in the other thread about how there's no more niches for the (older) socially retarded. Everything feels either "complete", commodified or "connected". It's hard to put into words, so I'm not sure if I'm coming across clearly.

No, I’m really happy that i didnt. Life was such a burden and hardship, but after 30, it’s been nothing but sunshine. And every year after is just so much better than the last.

This used to be a 25+ general. Don't tell me I'm not allowed to post in here just because some user raised the bar

>I'm not sure if I'm coming across clearly.
You aren't. I don't assume to know the size of the city you live in. I don't even know what country you're in.

I live in a country with a little more than 5 million citizens, and I'm pretty sure the socially retarded are allowed outside. It's a question of climatizing to whatever social circumstances you feel like trying out. Join a creative writing course or something.

I tell you what, some places I go to talk to strangers:
>art galleries (preferably openings)
>poetry readings and other literature events
>improv theatre events at bars (funny)

Strangers become acquaintances, acquaintances become friends or romantic interests. Mix in time and perseverance, and learn to built rapport and attraction.

The bar was raised for at least 2 years. You didn't come here to say anything useful.

My birthday is in a few days and I have absolutely no one in the world except a former e-friend that pretty much ghosted me and doesn't talk to me anymore except maybe replying once a month to a random one of my messages.

Every day I want to talk to her about so many things and I end up just having the conversation in my head instead, I'm so fucking miserable.

How do I jumpstart a career at 28?
I got a reality check being a loser virgin at 26; started going to the gym, got my drivers license, found a job, got some much-needed dental work done; but my job is a job not a career, I have no savings or money to try new hobbies, and my self-improvement (ie. source of confidence) is now strongly limited by my low wage. I'm not stable or confident enough to even try making new friends, let alone dating yet, and turning 30 without all that is scary.

I can't go back to uni to do anything bachelor-level and my current bachelor's degree is worthless (could do a masters/other postgrad though).
Is there any stable career path I can jump into at my age?

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My best friend has replaced me with his gf. At first, I thought he was just in the honeymoon stage. But when he said that he's focusing on building a friendship with her, I knew things were over for us. Oh well. I had never connected with a friend like that before. But I guess that's life.

I'll maybe post something clearer in the morning, but if it makes any difference, it's a major city that's rapidly gentrifying (or gentrified).

I have a similar-ish story but I'm too tired to write it now.

Yup. Friends come and go. Relationship tends to take up a whole chunk, specially if making a family is on the table.

That's good. I've noticed that things seem to be going the other way for me. I'm 32 now and as time goes on things only seem to get worse.
Thinking I might just be another middle-aged statistic.

Do you mind doing physical labor? You could apply for an apprenticeship through a union or construction company.

I should have killed myself when I was young. Then at least I would have been a tragedy instead of an embarrassment. I'll probably mope around for a couple more years then rope.

I would prefer something whitecollar, but I'm coming to accept that this may not be possible.
Given global warming, do you think it'd be a good idea to learn refrigerator/airconditioner maintenance and maybe try to start my own business down the track?

I hear you. I keep a rope in my car for that reason.

This could work, but good luck getting an apprenticeship after 21.

He's not ready to date. He sounds like an insecure pussy. He needs to hit the gym. The confidence in his strength will spill out to the rest of him. Anything can be a viable option if you can work it.

Easy as fuck right now, there's a labor shortage. I'm 28 with no experience others in my first year class are much older.

This is a huge roadblock, and I do realise it'll be very hard to land an apprenticeship at my age, but honestly- what the fuck else am I supposed to do?

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Turn 27 this Friday. Not sure how to feel. I'm trying to turn my writing into a part-time job but the one person who said they'd read my stuff will probably never get around to doing so. Guess I'm just spinning my wheels.

Uber driver

That's pretty cool. What country are you in?
Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying don't go for it. By all means go for it. But where I live there's a tonne of age discrimination in the apprenticeship end of the job market. If you're too old for junior wages they usually don't want to know about you.

>1 year from wizardhood
tell me, are the powers worth it?

>uber driver
Yeah, no.
A career is characterized by a high wage and/or the opportunity for advancement.

Imagine what pollacks have to go through in Europe.

>move to Norway at age 60 and getting paid 6x more for construction work.
>feed whole family back in Poland

Not particularly.

Don't you have to drive for a huge number of hours to get a decent salary?

So where do outcasts go if they can't go online?

I have pretty much nothing in my life except video games so I can't see myself getting rid of them any time soon.
t. 28 year old

As I said; I'm not sure. I imagine they just become more reclusive and vanish into books, videogames, and movies. Alone, obviously, and in their rooms/houses. Others I imagine might end up homeless and/or as vagabonds. Maybe on the "dark net" there are non-normie forums.

I think those who would be outcasts, the younger ones, have (mostly) merged into the mainstream. I'm pretty sure we're the last outcasts of our kind.