How do you not turn a relationship boring? What do you do when sex tires, stories run out, and jokes become predictable?

How do you not turn a relationship boring? What do you do when sex tires, stories run out, and jokes become predictable?

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The point of dating is to procreate. Relationships alone are not fulfilling because the point is to have children. And not just go out to eat and fuck all the time

A relation can't be fulfilling without children?

get married

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Not long term. These days female pair bonding is totally fucked from social media, pop culture programming and multiple sex partners.

how does getting married makes difference to any of the problems OP posed?

That's a terribly cynical and cold way to look at it.
Some couples never have children and simply enjoy one another's company until they die or break up.
The purpose of ANYTHING is subjective to the person/people partaking in or using said thing.
As far as OPs question goes though, go out and do interesting shit with your gf. MAKE stories, inspire passion for more thrilling sex by doing things that make her attracted to you, pick up hobbies/passions that make you a more interesting and rich person.

if you can accept another person as boring and still love them whole then you should be married

no one loves another person for their boring side.

Wait why is it the mans job to always make things interesting if the dopey cunt can’t even have children? Fuck you. How about the female in the relationship makes things interesting once in a while instead of jumping from cock to cock whenever she gets bored.

it's a man's responsibility to make her happy. His happiness lies on her happiness.

you're supposed to love someone as a whole not just part

No. it’s a mans job to be a provider and protector. Its the woman’s job to keep up the home, make his meals, and give birth to his seed.

I automatically assumed OP is a guy with girlfreind troubles asking for advice on how to keep things fresh.
I suppose the same could be said for girls and their boyfriends, but unfortunately, society expects the man to put in 90% of the leg work in a relationship.

protect her from what, bears you idiot? When's the last time you saw a bear in scranton?

Yea the man puts up 90% of the legwork, 100% of the money, and most of the effort during sex when the wench lays on her back like a retard. All the while the female has Chad #2 in her direct messages on standby for when the current cuck gets “boring”

Females are stupid and weak. They have no foresight or peripheral sight. They make terrible life decisions time after time. They need a wise man who can help guide them along the right path. Because again, women are dopey whores with no agency at their core.

Your girl's happiness is your happiness lads. Stand by that and you'll have a great love life.

i can't even imagine what life must be like in your shoes

You ruined a good joke, get out of my offi5


you can start treating each other like family and friends

or do like and just focus on your kid and base it on who can make the kid get the best life

or just sharing all the kinks you both hidden from each other

it's worth a shot