How do I avoid this shit living in America? How do I leave my country if I’m on probation for being black

How do I avoid this shit living in America? How do I leave my country if I’m on probation for being black

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post penis

You can't just use Google for healthier oatmeal options? You would rather just let some jpg file on the internet construct your world view?

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Learn to cook and stop using your race as an excuse for dumb behavior you stupid nigger.

Lel the US version doesn't even use strawberries, they're dehydrated apples with artificial strawberry flavoring.

Unironically learn to cook.

Stop buying prepared food, retard?

Sup 2duiguy.

Learn to cook and make shot yourself.

You’re right that processed fooods full of preservatives is what makes so many people obese.

Oh God, it's "on probation for being black" guy again. (To newcomers - for a while he was posting every single day).

Please go away.

Since 2015, my nigga.

He fraid to get back on the bus.

Hey, probation nigger. How's it going? Any successful gangbangs recently? Rapes?

This place is literally hell there is not one food on the market safe except just buying the fruit

Gotta become a master chef just to fucking eat in America

Just buy normal oats and put strawberries in it you lazy fuck.

What does oatmeal have to do with being black?

I fell for this exact same thing and was so disappointed when I realized there weren't actually any strawberries in it. Just buy the regualar oats and get fresh strawberries, it will be even better.

Buy organic and whole foods
Read the back of fucking labels

Why is America so shit compared to Britain?

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Because of the obsession with food being microwaveable and always as cheap as possible. This will change and is starting to since the boomers are dying.

Can simpathise op, went to Florida on holiday for two weeks and on day 12 had a full on sobbing break down in a restaurant toilets because I hadn't seen a raw fruit or vegetable in so long. Didn't even think I ate particularly well until that moment.

Why is Britain so shit compared to Europe?

How’d you get on a probation for being black? I’m on privilege probation for being white. Judge said I have to donate 50% of my earnings to minorities because of my cultural appropriation.

>food babe
Let me guess you also watch anime and your best friend is white, fuck off Tyquarius.

Go on google. Search "local farms".

It's not hard. Just because you suck at research doesn't mean there's nothing around.

Just buy plain rolled oats faggot.

It isn't. We're the second biggest economy in Europe. And our per capita income is pretty great too. About the same as France's (slightly higher according to some reports and slightly lower according to others - in fact Brexit might have affected this and brought it down - but it's about the same).

So yeah, fuck off.

Pay more and get a healthier brand.

>How do I avoid this shit living in America?

Shop the outer aisles, preferably at whole foods if you can afford it

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I have a question, are potato chips actually not unhealthy? I look at the ingredients and it is just potatoes, salt, and sunflower/canola oil. I rarely see ingredients that nice.

The act of frying creates carcinogens and I believe makes the food inflammatory due to uhhh pufas or something. But even if the chips are heat dried or something, they are still worthless empty calories. For a chip type snack I like nuts (check ingredients list to avoid oil) or nori paper (you can also find these without salt and oil, but harder to do)

I do eat nuts sometimes but they don't taste as good to me. I can see what you mean though.

I've seen blue corn chips with coconut oil used. They're really good. A lot of people would tell you not to eat any oil that isn't olive or coconut

"how to I avoid ingredient labels being legally more specific in America?"

How are all you people this dumb?
This is a dumb meme pic..
USA oats are just fortified, Google any of those ingredients....just vitamins and supplements...