Is being a short man a curse?

Is being a short man a curse?

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Well, it hasn't been for the man in your picture, has it?

not if you are funny. if you are funny you can have any woman

No. Napoleon was short too.

Yes, it’s bad but not over if you try

it's already been established that having enough money trumps everything else


No, that was British propaganda. He was average height for his time.

If the media doesn't like you it will say anything to make you look bad. At the least it will only show your worst.

5'2 lad here. It is.

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But I love short dudes, and I’m not anything special. Therefore have to be plenty more of us.

Stalin, Tito, Putin, Sarkozy and Berlusconi are all manlets. There's just no excuses. If malets can rule millions, tgey can find a gf too.

Are you a gay man?

No being short isn't a curse, be successful and you're set for life. Yes being short for a guy has some draw backs, but if you work your ass and make good money and have a good personality you're set. I know lots of guys who are below 5'6 and owe businesses and have hot wives. Dont be an insecure faggot and think height is going to change everything

Lol no. I’m a fairly attractive woman.

I’m 5’8 but wear heels everyday to work. My bf is 5’8 too, but I’ve dated a couple really short guys before.

5’7” male here. i have dated women ranging in heights from 5’10” to 4’10” and i feel that short height as a male is a blessing, not a curse. it allows you to focus on things that are more important to a girl than height (if you don’t hyperfocus on your lack of height), which usually in turn bring success w women

Another 5'7" male here with a similar dating experience range. This is truly a good height for several reasons, not the least of which is being able to get an awesome fit body. And all kinds of sex are possible with a girl of any height, there is no huge height difference that would make some things impossible.


Yes, but do you think Kanye woke up one morning suddenly with millions in his bank account?

Kanye was an ordinary guy, who happened to be very short for a man. And he worked very hard at his craft, like anyone who's successful does, until he became one of the best in his field and could reap the rewards. There have been no obstacles in his career or life since that were created by his height. So why should there be any in your's?


So it's cope then.

No, of course not. What would make you think that?

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Uhg my crush is a 5'8 women, such a perfect height for the womanly figure

Has to be 5'4 for me.
Wakes the "protecc gene" in me, for lack of better words or better metaphor

A few men under 5'6"

Tom Cruise
Al Pacino
Martin Luther King
Henry Kissinger

5'6 for me is the perfect female height, but i'm 5'10.

Fuck you guys. You can get into all kinds of places, I couldn't dream of going.