I can't decide whether it's random healh anxiety or Im actually dying? Pretty sure it's random health anxiety.

Basically - last evening I drank a lot, peed very little and for some reason my brain jumpe straight to kidney failure. So I decided to calm myself up, googled "low urine" and it took me STRAIGHT to kidney failure. No "it can mean many things", no. So I've read up more and it turns out that yes, it can be sudden. Now I'm freaking at 2:30 am, I drank a glass of electrolytes, took a stress shit probably dehydrating myself more. I'm all trembling. Wtf is wrong with me? Do I head to the ER to get checked just to cool myself down or do I sit here, sip on tea and have you guys keep me company? I'm afraid to google more, cause if it says that it may not hurt/give other symptoms Im gonna freak to death.

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define drink

I mostly had some non-alcoholic beer in the evening. I didn't drink first half of the day so I might have been a tad dehydrated.

People have gone 2 days without water and even longer without food.

Keep that stress in check, that actually weakens the immune system so you are making yourself sick by worrying.

Med student here.

Is any part of your body currently swollen? Have you had any blood in your urine?(or just red urine).

You said you peed very little, how much was it? Is it enough to fill a water bottle? Is it enough to fill a regular glass of water?

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you're activity level will determine how much you piss
technically speaking you were drinking water as long as you're urine wasn't extremely dark(blood mixed with urine will produce brownish urine)

Pretty sure acute kidney failure can kill you within hours?

I don't think so? I peed sitting down and I didn't look, it struck me that something might me wrong after i flushed. I didn't smell anything alarming tho? As for amount I think it was like a small glass? Its hard to determine. Nothing seems out of ordinary when it comes to swelling.
Im sorry I have you here figuring out my pee, but thank you that you are. Jow Forums is truly the greatest.

i have pissed very little after a long day drinking tons of water
you’re probably fine just watch for bloody piss

Well, if you were having acute kidney failure(which you aren't) then you would definetely feel the effects within a few hours. I'm not going to tell you the symptoms because that will make you paranoid. I also recommend not googling them. Is anyone around the house with you or are you by yourself? If you feel really bad(and I mean bad in a way you can't do stuff you wouldn't normally be able to), got o te hospital.

I went to the bathroom and squeezed a bit more out into a plastic container and the color was a normal light yellow.

Am I in the clear, med student?
I did move very little today, that is true. Took a short trip to the store in the morning, bust mostly sat down/lied in the bed.

I'm not alone, but my roommate sleeps like a stone and it's the middle of the night. It's nearing 3 am. Should I stay awake and see if its getting worse? After how many hours can I feel safe?

Just go to sleep dude. I also recommend checking out with a psychiatrist to treat that extreme anxiety you feel.

Speaking as a fellow anxious hypochondriac, you should see a doctor tomorrow if you can and it doesn't cost you anything. Not because there's something wrong with you (there almost certainly isn't) but because in my experience having a trained physician in a professional environment examine you and call you an idiot is the fastest way to boil away that fear. If you can't see a doctor, stay the fuck away from google and do something stupid and distracting with other, normal people.

I've been down this road a lot. One time I walked to the doctor, literally staggering on the sidewalk because I had some pain when I breathed and was convinced I had a pulmonary embolism. Doctor examined me and told me I was fine and probably just had a virus. I walked out feeling just dandy. Psychosomia is real and it's a bitch. Another time I went in because I had reduced hearing in one ear; turned out to be a lump of earwax the size of a grape.

Ok guys, thank you for taking this gross pee asventure with me. I'm off to sleep and hope I wake up, but in all seriousness I really do think I'll see a psychologist once my life stops being so hectic, I never got those anxieties before and it feels really intense right now.

For the record, just peed again, looked normal, no traces of blood, guess it was an actual anxiety attack right there.

Well if I'm all good tomorrow morning I guess I'll calm down since kidney failure would most certainly send me to the ER (or kill me) much faster. But I'm definitely seeing someone about those anxieties.

Serves me right for spending hours on yt watching videos about sudden deaths such as toxic shock syndromme and so on the other week. Seems like Im more impressionable than I thought.

Shit, no, can't sleep, I'm getting (psychosomatic I'm sure) pains in my lower back and what I assume is that famous panic attack. Op is here to monitor the thread if anyone has anything to add.

damn man.

seems like you usually aren't this anxious. something going on in your life?

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Yeah. I guess. I have a big project at work I'm stressing about, that concludes on Tuesday. After that I gotta move flats till September 8th. Im also working on my overdue diploma project that's due on the 2nd. A lot of shit going on, I guess my organism is freaking out. Thank you for asking user.

yeah that qualifies as something. how long until you finish school? life after graduation was such a relief for me; I never realized how stressful life was living under constant deadlines until I was out of it.

The thing is I finished Uni 3 years ago but never did my graduation project (felt depressed and incompetent, I was studying game design, we had to do a small game on our own as well as write a regular thesis and it terrified me). This year I reactivated as a student but due to tons of work I didn't finish the project in time. September 2nd is my final deadline and 13th is my thesis defense (if I make it).

BTW, I really appreciate what you're doing user.

Start sending goodbye texts to your loved ones. Perhaps even call them, if you want to.

This same thing happened to my uncle. Very sudden death, he never got to say goodbye. I'm sorry. But you want to prepare for the worst.

that's pretty neat actually. sucks that you have to be working at the same time, but it's cool that you're finally going to finish your degree (as I understand it). my graduation project was a group assignment, which was very helpful for me, motivation-wise. making a game sounds like a really satisfying project, albeit very time-consuming. I'm sure you'll do great; the process is just a lot to deal with.

clever troll.

You are a nactual evil person.

hey OP I got to go, but you're gonna be alright. your pee problems aren't really indicative of anything, and it sounds like they've been resolved anyway. best of luck with your endeavors man.

Thank you! You don't know this but you helped a great deal. I seem fine to me rn. Best of luck to you too user.