Would you date a non-psychotic schizophrenic girl?

Would you date a non-psychotic schizophrenic girl?

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Yes but she has to be black

Even if their psychotic episodes are rare, dealing with someone who has schizophrenia, no matter how well medicated, will tear you down as well.

Schizophrenia is a lot more than hearing voices and being delusional...


Pick one.

>Schizophrenia is a lot more than hearing voices and being delusional...
I never claimed otherwise

I’m a schizophrenic myself so probably wouldn’t be a good combination.
>non psychotic schizophrenic
What lmao it’s a psychotic disorder

What else is it

If by non psychotic you mean she only has symptoms that are controlled by medication, go for it.
If not, be careful. You need to watch out if she's ever bugging out.
My gf has bipolar and it's fine.

It also is a mood disorder such as you might get mood swings and depressive and manic stages

As another schizophrenic those medications never make you completely feel like a normal person just able to function in the real world albeit in a way that is slightly off putting to everyone else

>Non psychotic

I think you need to brush up on your understanding of the word psychotic..
Pyschotic describes those suffering of symptoms of psychosis. Psychosis are symptoms relating to thoughts perceptions or senses that are disconnected from reality.

All schizophrenics are psychotic. Now. Did you mean would you date someone with schizophrenia who isn't going to stab you with a knife?

Don't know enough about schizophrenia to answer that.
Also depends on how much I liked her.

They perceive things that aren't real.
Could be they hallucinated visually, audio hallucinations, tactile hallucinations, or it could be mental, as in extreme paranoia, bizarre beliefs, superstitions, delusions, none of which are really in keeping with a culturally normalised and accepted beliefs.

As in religion may be a delusion and divorced from reality but it's cultural and accepted so you aren't crazy if you're christian, nor are you psychotic if you feel swept up in a religious gathering and think God is among you and speaking to you, but if all on your own you are seriously convinced demons are following you speaking to you and making you do bad things, you might be psychotic.
That's the lite initiation of what schizophrenia is.
It's a spectrum. Maybe you have an invisible friend you see but doesn't bother you or affect you, and that's it. Maybe you think the Russians are sending codes in the newspapers and men in Black are chasing you and trying to kill you for intercepting and deciphering these codes.
It's broad.

Thanks for the primer.

Like I said, to answer ops question, it would depend on if liked her enough and if her condition manifests in a way I'm able to deal with. I think the critical fact for me would be if she's aware of her own delusion. But if she is, can you still call it schizophrenia?

Also, how come schizophrenia used to be confused with multiple personality disorder? Even the name suggest that.

They're all aware of their delusions.
It's more complicated than that. Psychology is weird.

>Why is it confused with multiple personality disorder
Hollywood. That's the whole answer. It may have manifested as a delusion that multiple people lived inside someone in like one case and then it became the common understanding.
Public knowledge of just about anything sucks in general.

Oh and a lot of experts don't believe multiple personality disorder is real. It's understood by many psychologists to more likely be a narcissist who found a claim that gets them attention, spotlights, and an excuse to get away with weird behaviour.

>It's more complicated than that. Psychology is weird.
Which is why op's question is so hard to answer.

Well then I'll put it this way. I'm not a doctor but I have enough psychology education to have a decent grasp of schizophrenia.

I totally would date a schizophrenic, like you said, depending on how it manifests, what it can do to the relationship, and how controlled they are and up with their treatment.

That's what I was trying to say. But it's not really much of an answer. Really very vague.

Ever hard about negative symptoms and magical thinking?

I am actually. It's like dating a disabled person, take your chances and accept responsibility. Don't try to run away like a faggot afterwards.

>i understood that reference.gif

Mfw you got the reference. Even if I changed it a tiny bit.

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This is my best way to describe her
>mommy issues

What about them?

Like I said. Schizophrenia is a very large blanket term.
Some think they can determine the lottery numbers with a divining rod, and the only reason it doesn't work because the timeline changes when they determine the numbers.
Some will stab a random person in broad daylight because a demon took control of their body and made them do it.
Vague answers for questions with a thousand variables.

Sounds cute.

What does "mommy issues" mean?

>What does "mommy issues" mean?

She treats her SO like a mommy, as in being clingy and emotionally needy

sure, most people have worse issues IMO.

>Ever hard about negative symptoms and magical thinking?
Those are included into the term "psychosis".

Psychosis is a positive symptome

Yes and I would help her heal. Unless she throws poop at me then I am out.

In college I was fucking this super hot girl and considering dating her. After fucking once I come back into my dorm room and she looks straight terrified. I asked her what's wrong and she said she hears voices and screams sometimes that aren't there. NOPED the fuck out as soon as possible. Even lied to her that I was strictly pro life to stop seeing her.

Maybe? Mental illness runs in my family so I wouldn't ever think of them as marriage material, in case i want kids some day.

If it's under control and medicated, feel free to give it a spin, it'll likely be very difficult though and you'll feel like a dick for wanting to leave but you'll need to for your own sake.