How to induce schizophrenia

How to induce schizophrenia

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Sleep deprivation and drugs.

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My tulpa says this is a bad idea

Rage more sweetie. He wanted mental illness and that's what I gave him

Not schizophrenia exactly, but bath salts.

The desire to induce schizophrenia is a desire to deterritorialize the inner faculties and become a body without organs. Other methods include drug use, hypochondria or high risk behavior.

Deleuze and Guatarri think that A Body without Organs is something that people try to become to unleash their full power of subjectivity and to "think at infinite speeds". Kind of silly but I love the idea regardless

The issue is that you don't really have the disease, schizophrenia comes from specific immuno-development process and has a distinct gut bacteria profile. Unless you can find a schizophrenic to give you a stool transplant.

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Do you have even the slightest bit of evidence backing that up?


Except for the gut bacteria profile part, that's real science that you can find in google

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That's just stupid. You can't just RP yourself schizo

You can. It's called writing a story.

Umm it's hereditary no?

Not necessarily hereditary.
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You can't.


smoke lots and lots (lots!) of weed and read german idealist philosophy

also dont leave the house

im not kidding

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Do what I did, take lots of LSD by yourself in complete darkness. Stay in the same room for 17 hours and have a panic attack during the trip as you watch yourself die