Am I an immature employee?. In your opinion should I change?

I got a (menial) job working so much per hour as agreed upon and I'm a beginner-tier making the least possible which is like $12.50 an hour give or take.

If I work ten minutes late, I come in ten minutes late (provided I'm not the reason I'm staying late).

I was told by the head person in charge that I get two fifteen minute breaks. I will take them no matter what even if we're running behind.

I work my ass off and leave when it's time to go as soon as it hits time to go. I don't just drop shit where it is, I plan ahead and clean up in time to be out the door by the time it's time to go, and if shit isn't all done then damn, they need more people on our shift.

I'm in charge of closing up at a specific time. I set the alarm when I go and anyone else inside leaving will trigger the alarm and cops will come and all sorts of shit. If they aren't gone by the time it's time to go, I still set the alarm. I'm not here to fucking babysit grown adults. We have shit calls clocks and alarms in 2019.

Would you fire me?. If so explain why?.

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If I was making minimum wage and not being paid overtime I literally would drop whatever I'm holding at the moment I need to clock out and fuck off

>t. making 35 an hour and still leave early when I want to

why are you asking if you'll be fired if you offered no reason why you would be you fucking retarded poor person?

I'm not asking if I'll be fired. I'm asking if you'd fire me dumb fuck. Will admit you got me. Someone as fucking stupid as you that failed such a simple question is making $35 an hour when I don't get paid anywhere near that.

>i'm not asking if i'll be fired
>i'm asking if you'd fire me

That's very helpful with 0 context. Do you know what downsizing is? Do you know what seniority is? Do you know what a team dynamic is? Do you know anything at all?

No. If you did you wouldn't be making minimum wage.

your company allows you to solve the problem if you have to stay 1 hour late fuck them and come 1 hour late

yeah, that's what I do, but like I work with a guy (higher rank than me) that I notice has a tendency to stay like 10-20 minutes late on average, then he wants me to come in on time and shit. For the very first week or two I noticed this and didn't say shit since I didn't know what the fuck I was doing and trying not to be a dick. He's starting to realize that I'm going to keep doing it and giving me shit. I'm just analyzing to get other people's opinions to combine with my own to try to come up with a more accurate judgement on myself and see if I'm being out of line or not.

That's not how things work. If you have to stamp timesheets and all that maybe you could sue them once you're fired - but whether per hour or salaried employee most contracts have work arounds.

If you're retail level you should get overtime - but if you take time off in lieu they will absolutely shit down your throat without prior approval

I have worked minimum wage and now work a manager level at an IT firm. Get things in writing, and always email a manager telling them the overtime hours you worked and keep their reply.

they don't' care about you.

I'm the 35 an hour asshole

there's always a pecking order. Figure it out and find ways to work around it or be screwed.

If the guy who is senior to you is someone you report to confront him IN WRITING. They can still fire you but you could sue for overtime damages.

Companies are not honorable for the most part - if you have this chipper do gooder attitude they will exploit it as a weakness and just let this guy work free hours.

For 2 years I worked on a project and answered calls from my boss at 2AM, worked some nights until 11pm, when I went abroad worked slave hours.

I only ever got a promotion to a new role when I put in writing to my boss what they owed me and my expectation. 'Verbal' contracts are meaningless.

If senior management doesn't like you they will fire you. It doesn't really matter how well you do your job at a min wage job. So just make sure in these circumstances you understand the pecking order and get things in writing for leverage

Don't be late to work, it shifts the entire day, if you are upset with the extra 10 minutes, take a longer break or something.
If they make you work 10 minutes late every day, you eventually don't show up.
I am surprised they pay you during breaks, I used to pay for my own breaks.

The closing up part is where you are in the wrong.
If you are in charge of closing up, it is your responsibility that people are out too. You need to set aside time to remind people to start packing their things so everyone can go home. It isn't a hard job and if you already did that, you can close.
Otherwise, if you just lock the door as people are walking out, that is on you.
This last part would make me fire you or at the very least never put you in charge of anything.
It isn't immature, it is just stupid.

>sue them for overtime damages

man, fuck that shit. I'm trying to work and get paid, not work and not get paid and go to court and hope to get paid over shit in addition to having to work.

>Companies are not honorable for the most part - if you have this chipper do gooder attitude they will exploit it as a weakness and just let this guy work free hours.

I agree with this, which is why I always stand my ground on shit. I work my ass off when I'm supposed to and I'm not giving them shit more unless they pay me for it. I agree with what I make, I just don't want to work any more for free because then I wouldn't be making x per hour, I'd be making x per hour + extra time I worked in that day. I do what is expected no more no less.

I don't mind if they fire me, because I think what I'm doing is right. Just trying not to get fired then later on be like "shit, I should have changed". But I really do think I'm doing the right thing. I know a lot of other people do the whole "stay late, come in early, suck bosses dick as a bonus" but that's not my thing.

I would consider longer break, but would rather get the issue sorted out in the beginning of the day instead of coming in on time then hearing these faggots come at me during my breaks being like "hey, hold up no, your break is too long you need to come back to work right now, you can't cut time now we got too much going on and shit". At least in the beginning of the day I start my day knowing shit is handled instead of working and knowing on my break I got this headache coming up. They pay for our breaks but not lunch. If they didn't want me to take paid breaks, that's fine but I'd find another job. For the shit pay I get there are plenty of other places that give breaks.

Shit is I remind people to go home and like every day someone is still there and shit one of two minutes past. I know that isn't much time but goddamn, I didn't get a job to drag motherfuckers out of a building. We got clocks and alarms and shit in 2019. I don't complain about anything and haven't complained about this yet but it is getting on my nerves. I don't lock up while people are walking out. If I saw them I would wait, but if I don't see them no way for me to communicate with them or know where they are at which makes finding them/looking for them the time consuming part.

But I do like your opinion. Wish they didn't put me in charge of shit but apparently I am and I just started. They're about to have nobody to put in charge of it.

I hear you

Even at a salaried job I see people who outrank me coming in later, leaving earlier, and who know less about their job than I do.

The reality is simply you get away with what you get away with. It really depends on your own boss - do you know them and are they reasonable?

My old boss was the scariest woman I ever met so I did let her walk all over me for 2 years until I grew some balls

Does this other guy you're talking about who outranks you, do you report to him?

In all reality no one can say if you will be fired or not. I've seen competent people let go from the company because they were the easiest person to remove from the ranks.

Work hard, but don't get fucked over. If you have concerns i'd contact HR (anonymously) and just ask your boss about overtime and all that.

35 dickhead again but in sum no you're doing nothing wrong. That being said people do really get let go for seemingly no reason sometimes so I can;t say if you'll be fired or not.

Do your job, finish a task even if you may work say 5-15 minutes overtime without pay. Any more than 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes on a daily basis I would try to work something out with management.

Keep in mind man job markets are competitive and when I worked minimum wage a good working guy I knew was fired because the bosses daughter heard the guy say something less than great about her.

I'd fire you

>company tells you to do this
>like op said
did you even read the op you fuckstick?


peasant attitude is not welcome

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What did I say that was wrong you fucking dip?

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I suppose I could report him. About a week in I talked to the head honcho (female) and told her that the job wasn't for me. She asked me why and I tried to keep it simple and say it was the hours but she said we discussed that in the interview and then she let me choose the hours I wanted to work. I was like ok, she won't accept that so I told her about how I felt about the guy's attitude. She really wanted me to stay so I was like ok. I'm going to give them more of an opportunity since they did hire me and gave me an opportunity. I'm still there and so far it's got it's ups and downs but that's every job. I really don't like to complain in a job. We are too busy and have way too much shit going on for that and bottom line is for some reason shit I say falls on deaf ears so I don't bother mostly. I just accept what I can and leave if I can't. It's be nice if I wasn't that way but my patience isn't that high.

I mean thing is I would happily work the extra 15 minutes free if it kept them out of my fucking face. I would skip both fifteens if they let me leave when it's time to go but nope, they'd be like this dipshit is leaving on time again, wtf after I gave them an extra thirty minutes. And if I stay fifteen minutes late every day they'd then ask for more or still bitch about shit, especially when other guys take much longer breaks through the day bullshitting them pride themselves for not taking actual breaks. I'd rather they took a real break so I could be like there's your break we shouldn't see you conversing until lunch.

>Would you fire me? If so explain why?
Because you're an at-will employee and I don't like your attitude.

That said, you're doing nothing illegal and if I can't find anyone better (or don't think I can) I'll probably stick with you.

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Fair enough. I respect your opinion. Can you describe what a "not-at-will" employee would do differently?.

Not sure if there's confusion but I have no problem staying late. Not sure if that's clear. I just need to come in late if I do.

Alright this helps add context

>They did hire me and give me an opportunity
In all honesty I respect this outlook but for a minimum wage job you don't owe them shit. what's the job? I can't understand why you're so busy because its probably not retail because this isn't peak season

As to that second paragraph man again im the 35 guy but I do feel you. |Even when I came in early there were days where i'd be expected to stay late even when I came in early and I wasn't salaried.

You're in a position where they need you more than you need them judging by your salary and all that.

And I guarantee the guy you're talking about is related or family friends with the head honcho. There's Nepotism everywhere dude - I know it sucks but there are some people who are exempt from rules because of it

As a dude who worked retail, it is understandably frustrating that customers tend to stick around after closing.

It is absolutely NOT ok to essentially call the police under false pretenses just because of some airheads coming in a few minutes before you actually close the doors.
I wouldn't fire you right then and there, I'd certainly have a talk about it.
But if you did it again, I absolutely would.

You're not babysitting, you're closing the fucking store, which includes making sure customers aren't there once you leave.

If you're in the US, most employees are "at will." This means they can be fired for any reason or no reason (as long as it is not an illegal reason like discrimination or retaliation for reporting illegal conduct).

Other employees, like many public employees or union members can only be terminated for cause. Meaning there has to be a legitimate reason to fire them, like misconduct in the workplace or poor performance.

So if you're a public employee or have a strong union (or both), it can be difficult to fire you. They're often also protected by layers of procedure the employer has to go through to do anything to them. Grievance hearings, mediation, etc.. An at will worker can be fired on the spot, usually no advance notice required.

Not a political post. Unions protect workers from employer bullshit, but like anything they're not all good and shitty/lazy workers take advantage of them.

Nah, it's not retail. I don't want to say what it is but think of like an office building and I'm a janitor/custodian.

I just left retail but I'm sure the problem exists there too.

starting to understand that.

There are many ways to get more breaks. I used to be paid hourly and we got 50% of minimum wage in addition when working overtime. I later got a job where it was a bit more than 100% but they didn't give us the opportunity to work overtime as much.

I get that it is difficult to get every person out in time, but if that is your job, you need to do that job.
I used to work in construction and we always suspended work 15-20 minutes before we left to pack up gear, unused material and so on. Our foreman packed his stuff up before this point and walked around to remind us. He also made sure nothing was forgotten and checked how far things were, but if you just need to close up, you should spend some time making sure everyone gets out in time.
First time it might take 30 minutes, then the next time you start 30 minutes earlier.
It is on them to pack up and get out, but you have to make sure they do that. That's why they put you in charge that day.
All jobs can be boiled down to "do what you are told" sometimes you have to interpret what that means but it still applies.

As for what you are paid, I can't do anything about that for you.
Go where the money is. Enjoy that your work-life is so structured and use the extra time to look for other work.
When the pay is high enough, you can pick where you want to work instead of what pays you to work.

>I get that it is difficult to get every person out in time, but if that is your job, you need to do that job.

I mean, the way I see it is it isn't my job to get everyone out in time. I mean technically heck yes it's my job to make a page but I can't get people out. Pretty sure I'd get arrested for assault.

The entire issue of the people not leaving on time is this. Today at work a pretty serious situation happened where everyone was out except for one person. I forgot to make the page for everyone to leave and it was about time to close. Reason I forgot was because we found a hawk on our property with two broken legs and I had to scram and find a box to put it in and some gloves to pick it up and shit and the whole ordeal of messing with that bird and me trying to rush out to get it to a vet really fucked me out of making the page. Was only the first time I hadn't made it. Turns out one person was still in there and and they triggered the alarm after I set it on the way out and that gets the cops and shit the the location to check it out. I don't feel bad about this situation. I blame the person who can't into time ultimately and half myself for not making the page but like I said man that bird fucked me up. I wanted to get it help and was planning on leaving earlier than I had but still had to wait for people to leave. I didn't know she was in there. I'll be glad if they fire me over this because I helped that bird out. I'll accept partial blame but bird aside this shit will happen again probably.

be being an autist who claims a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with the thread then claiming that op should do something opposite of what his employees tell him
which makes you a certified tard

op here, going to bed. Will check thread in a while.

>I'm in charge of closing up at a specific time. I set the alarm when I go and anyone else inside leaving will trigger the alarm and cops will come and all sorts of shit. If they aren't gone by the time it's time to go, I still set the alarm.
>Am I an immature employee?
I mean ya, you're pretty immature and quite possibly retarded if you're gonna make the cops come because you want to prove some petty point about how angry you are that your coworkers are making you wait a couple minutes.

You're closing up the building. If that means you need to stay a few minutes later to make sure that everyone is out and the building is secure, then that's what you need to do. Setting the alarm and locking up before you are certain the building is clear is not cool. If you've done this multiple times, I would fire you for it.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THIS EXTRA TIME YOU'RE WAITING BE UNPAID. You need to talk to your manager about the situation, that there are still people in the building at your quitting time, and ask what they want you to do about that.

They can require that as part of your job, you must stay later to make sure the building is closed properly. They cannot require that this time be unreported and unpaid (if they do, that is illegal).

You should not be treating it as comp time to come in late unless you actually want to do that and your managers agree that it is ok.

You should be logging all your time (arrival, breaks, departure). It's not a bad idea to take notes about what you're doing throughout the day, especially if it's something out of the ordinary routine.

I think it's fucking insane that they would give the alarm codes and responsibility to close to a minimum wage, brand new employee.