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I make 20k a year, owe 17k in debt and need 100k to buy a boat and circumvent the globe.


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if you wanna help i’ll give ya my venmo lol

Take time paying your debts first.
You need to be careful about your accounts and portfolio.
After the debts are payed save enough money to start a business related to your knowledge and work. Start small if you don't wanna take risk. Read alot of books related to your profession. They help. Statistically men get successful after their 40s. So keep making your business bigger and bigger. Once you feel like you have more than enough money to buy boats, you can hand over your business to your offsprings and enjoy life.
My dad turned from broke to rich by starting small and you can too user. The boat is waiting for you!

Don't hesitate user for I am a person who can help you upgrade your miserable life. Just ask the question. Long term or short term I have answers to all types of question.

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I'm just a voice you are the sound! Being lazy is the root of your problem if you ask. Don't worry about venmo and get to work. Get that cash waiting for you. You're hired!!

I just want gf to get better and for things between us to go how they used to be

How can I make enough money in the next week to pay off all my debts (~$20,000 including student loans), finish college (two years left), pay off my mom's and dad's student loans (probably around $80,000), pay off my mom's other debts (probably at least $50,000), buy several beach and mountain properties, and never work another day in my life?

It can be within the next few months or this year if that makes it easier

Communication is the key. Be straightforward and tell her how much you love her. Women love it when men express their feelings in romantic way like long messages and you can take her in date on a very beautiful place like beach or places connected to old memories.
But if she is not cooperating in a positive way, you need to find peace of mind and move on. Sometimes we are meant for better things so we need to leave the good ones. There are always amazing people out there.

Damn are your parents that lazy to put all the loans in your head??
I say your problem is your mentality itself.
Easy and fast earned money don't stick around for long. It's a nigger mentality to get fast money.
Anyways leave that. What's the best business flourishing on the place you live?
Try real estate business. Lots of money there. You can be rich in a short amount of time. You just need to learn basics of real estate business and start buying from troubled people. You can get your own real estate license and work with people. That makes it easy for you to learn the business.
I'd advise you to go on stock markets but that's alot of risk.
How about you turn your home into a rental home, user?

But try to pay the debts as they are the major blockage for successful financial life. Search for jobs. Job at walmart will do too. Pay the debts. What's the point of going to college btw? College are waste of money and time. Work early so you can retire early.

So i have a friend that got into this group of druggies and gamblers
I do not like them but there are usually some girls with them which are surprisingly good looking
They dont gamble but still do drugs and smoke, i dont like that and couldnt imagine myself in a relationship with one of them, but then again i dont have that many friends and legit have 0 female friends
Do i hang out with them, pretending to fit in, just so that i can develop some social skills or do just pass on the whole thing?
Note: i will not be doing drugs or gambling

NO user NO!!!
Do not ever mistake to be friends with them. Break the friendship too. Stop talking with them slowly and slowly. A bad influence can literally ruin your life. Humans are social beings they copy what their fellas do. Sooner or later you'll fall into their trap too. It's better to be alone than to be with bad influences. Go to gym instead. You'll meet a lot of amazing people plus you'll be gaining muscles. Take part in social activities the ones that can help you be better at your skills. Once you're improved socially and physically you will eventually meet wife materials so don't worry about drugist women.

If you're worried about not having enough friends, then meet new ones. World is big. Spend your time with family and start getting involved in productive activities.

How can i stop forgetting to be authentic and slipping back into the old comfy play pretend?

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Boomer tier "advice." Didn't expect anything more.
>Damn are your parents that lazy to put all the loans in your head??
No, but if I stumbled upon a large amount of money I'd gladly pay their debts for them.
>What's the best business flourishing on the place you live?
Mostly tech shit like Google and uber. I live in Pittsburgh.
>Try real estate business.
Yeah, I've considered it. Can't bring myself to do it, though.
>How about you turn your home into a rental home, user?
>implying I don't live with my mother
>What's the point of going to college btw?
I enjoy learning and have nothing else to do.
I don't want money. I just thought maybe you'd know a secret code I could put in at the bank and get millions. Oh well. Was worth a shot

Make rules for yourself. Remind yourself to be authentic and original the moment you wake up and when you go to sleep. Socialize with a lot of people. It helps you in manyways. You need to force yourself to be better and tough. For alot of people, fears acts as motivation. Remind yourself of all the damages your old comfy habits will do to you. Changes should be engraved to your soul. Reminding yourself in the morning and in night will do alot of help. This habit has put me on good positions too. Changes happen slow but should be done steadily. Unlock your true potential!!

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You are right, i should not be wasting my time with them
Ill start going back to the gym for those fren gains, also will keep an eye out for local events and groups
Thanks man, love you

>secret code
There is no secret code or shortcut for success user. That's a fantasy dream some people sell to aspiring people like you.
>Considering the real estate business
Since you're considering the real estate business I advise you to read The book on fliping houses by J Scott. It's especially written for people like you.
>implying college teach you anything
College don't teach you to be rich. You teach yourself that. Read alot of books if you want to get a lot of cash. I can list em all for you.

Again, I don't want to be rich. I'm not going to college to make money. Having money would undoubtedly make my life easier but I've adapted to poverty and don't really care about leaving it. If it happens, cool. I know there's no code. Thanks for the book rec though.

Im a femanon btw. I wish you all the best!

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Are you a science student or business student?
No poverty isn't meant for anyone of us user. Don't think that way!!
I made a list of books that might help you-
>Rich dad poor dad (for basics)
>Richest man in babylon (basics on how to clear debts)
>Art of the deal (it helps you think big)
>The intelligent investor (if you want to get on stock market but I advise you to not invest alot of money since you're already broke)
>I highly recommend you to read The Book on Flipping houses. (for step by step tips and education)

Right now philosophy student. Told you I'm not in it for the money and am studying something that interests me.
>No poverty isn't meant for anyone of us user
Nothing is "meant" for anyone but those who take it.

Oh, and thanks for the books. Always looking for relevant reading material

Might as well post this here.

Met a grill at work, she would always smile at me from across the room and even though we never had a full conversation she adds me through social media out of the blue. I randomly send her meme and we start messaging each other on and off for weeks. Wanted to ask her on a date in person but never had a chance. Now she seems to have lost interest, hasn't messaged me all week after my last message to her, and she doesn't smile from across the room like she used to.

So is it safe to say this is a lost cause? Should I just leave it alone and move on? Even more frustrating is some coworkers are planning an RPG session and she will be there, and I really don't want to interact with her if shes lost all interest. What do

There are alot of rich people who started broke. The I'm meant to be broke' mentality is our common enemy. Screw the negativity. I say find a job. Try to clear off your debts. If you're already on that much debt then you should be working on your parttime.
I hope you get all your wishes in your life user.
Happiness is halfway there once you become positive.
Even Trump says positivity has put him where he is.

Thanks, I guess

Just talk with her like a casual friend when you meet her. Act like nothing has happened. Women like cool dudes who keep things private with themselves(based on alot of women I've met). I don't really think women loose feelings all of a sudden (especially in a week). Make jokes around her, connect with her on social media again and ask for a date after a week. It's never too late to make the right move. But be quick to ask her out if she talks back with you positively.
If she rejects it's time for you to move on. There are always other fish in the sea, user.

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You mention messaging her, but shouldn't I avoid that unless she starts the conversation again? Like i said I was the last person to message her and I feel like it would feel of desperation to message again.

But yes, I'm ready to move on if I get a definite no. It's the doubt and uncertainty that bothers me more.

How do I get my over consumption of escapism under control?

Women don't make first move. It's man's job. Maybe she isn't texting you bc she's expecting it from you. What was the last text though? Send her very sarcastic or something that is relatable to her.
Eg: this picture reminded me of you femanon!

Escapism may help you avoid unpleasant moments but it has long term harm. I'd say socialize with people even tho you hate it. Go talk to your family. If you don't face what you don't like you won't be able to fight what you don't like.
Tough situations create tough people. The best way to control your escapism is to win it over. Spend like 3 hours with your family and other people. Life is beautiful out there.

Last message was asking if she moonlights as a makeup artist because she links a second account where she posts that kind of stuff.

This is all especially jarring because it had come to a point she would stop work to come and show me new earrings she got, then this week she goes cold


How do you know the difference between being in love and loving the way someone makes you feel? Things didnt go too well with gf in my last relationship due to me always feeling the latter

I'd like to know this also.

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I think she couldn't come to visit you due to some urgency so she felt embarrassed and didn't reply.
Whatever it is, don't talk about earrings and stuffs. Change the topic and send something relating to her like I said before.

>Just start your own business user
He's got it all figured out, guys.

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Every time I beat animals I get clawed up. What should I do? I need to feel my hands hitting them. It's too hot to wear a coat.

I have epic hangups about sex and I live in terror of catching HIV, and yet I crave sex and when I get it I always realize that I did it out of being desperate for validation.
How does one actually get self-esteem. And how do I dominate my sexual desires?

Pro tip: Love is a choice, feelings are just there to make it easier. If you leave because you dont feel good anymore, you are the problem.

How do I start being a successful freelance artist? I tried reaching out and using every social media I could (Patreon, twitter, NG ect ect ).I even started making porn, I love drawing for other people and want to go to cons and meet other artists like myself, be im a Literally Who?

I'm going through a divorce in a relationship that fucked me up in more ways than one. I also major problems meeting people in a way that leaves us as more than friendly acquaintances.

How do I manage to fix my view of relationships, what it means to take care of your partner and what it means to be in a healthy, balanced relationship while also making myself more interesting so I can find friends without seeming to desperate?

When they're in love, they express their feelings to you but when they're just loving the way you make them feel, they don't express their love rather they'll be wanting you to express your feelings to them.
They can dump you anytime if they're bored. They're just staying bc it makes them feel important and loved, not because they love you.
If someone is just loving the way you make them feel and not loving you back then just ignore them for a week they'll be asking attention from you bc they only want attention and love, without giving it back.

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This is gonna sound lame but fuck it. Trying to become successful. I’ve read the books you recommended earlier to the other user and I’m following them. Just finished As A Man Thinkith actually. Anyway I’m really addicted to fast food and wasted $400 bucks on that shit last month. Got any tips on strengthening my willpower?

Actions have consequences, fuck willpower, do whatever you want. If you do enough heroin you'll die. It's that simple. Choices user, don't ignore the long term of things.

You don't. Art is supposed to come from the heart and soul. Doing it for the sake of marketing and commercialism is destined to fail. Because that's not really an artist that's a designer.

>implying design isn't art

Augment it into a the IRL real world. I used to really like drugs for escapism (mostly K), eventually experimented with psychedelics and oh wow there's actually pretty shit occuring naturally outside, neato. Maybe a bad example but you like VR? The graphics outside are better, the health/XP gain is sweet, the female NPCs can be hot as hell, infinite interaction possibilities. Just go outside and outside. Breath. Look around. Walk. Examine something strange on the ground. The world is your game. Must stay inside? No problem man, just integrate your problems into what you want to do. I can give more details if you want. Just give an example.

It really isn't. It's mostly applying templates. Maybe create art and let other people base designs off of them but personally I don't see anything creative in being a designer, as far as art is concerned.

>Maybe a bad example but you like VR? The graphics outside are better,
Point given
>the health/XP gain is sweet,
The interface is the worst thing in existence
>tho the female NPCs can be hot as hell, infinite interaction possibilities
I still prefer 2d. They're better written imo. Also, those interactions tend to fail too often
>Just go outside and outside. Breath. Look around. Walk. Examine something strange on the ground.
It is true it kinda calls for contemplation, ngl
>The world is your game.
Worst. Storyline. Ever. The quest system is PITA, raising your stats means lowering others, or even worse: slowing down their degradation
>Must stay inside? No problem man, just integrate your problems into what you want to do. I can give more details if you want. Just give an example.
How do I make the quest system, UI and global storyline less shit?

For the past year I've only had sex with prostitutes. While it's been fun I'm starting to get a little butthurt that other people can get sex for free. I want to be one of those people but I don't even know where to start, I'm very awkward around people in general and not very outgoing. Any suggestions?

I don't know how to get sexually into a woman

>How do I make the quest system, UI and global storyline less shit?
What I do for that is keep a memory log written of my favorite experiences, just so I can keep track of my quests. Keep a main quest and side quest list (or a to-do list). Remember that the storyline is nonlinear too... You don't know where dreams come from.. you don't know where you were before you were born. You don't even really know this is the same body you fell asleep in last night. There are a lot of deep mysteries you aren't thinking about. Global storyline/quest ok solar system quest to leave and find answers? Aliens? More people? God?

I get it dude, however I believe you're aware of your denial with the things you said. You know ALLLL of that stuff is based on IRL things. The world is so big and there's so much stuff you just have to start making connections. Maybe youre labeling things too much. Just make what you like more productive, it takes a lot of creativity and not many people will be able to help you do it. But I can try.
>I still prefer 2d. They're better written imo. Also, those interactions tend to fail too often
Those repeat programmed script and run off an energy source right? ...kind of like hookers?

Ask yourself this, what are you REALLY afraid of? Way the pros and cons. Think realistically. I think if you took a few hits of good clean LSD and saw the drops of sweat forming out of your palms at 200x with your own eyes you'd then realize how "real" everything is. And that is something I DO NOT recommend lightly, seriously, acid isn't a fucking toy.

One more thing, you're talking about playing other people's games. Bottom line, hate to say it but one day you have to grow up and provide for yourself. Can't feed from the teet forever.

I don't like anything. Nothing I've ever tried feels interesting or worthwhile beyond the first time, no matter how much I try.

>Those repeat programmed script and run off an energy source right? ...kind of like hookers?
Their predictability IS their appeal imo.
Much like how I like anything pertaining to machines, there's some predictability, stability and reliability in it that makes me feel better. Probably because that's what I lack myself

Here's one that nobody on Jow Forums has ever figured out: how to get a gf?

Plenty of people will satisfy that by messaging you exactly what you tell them. Wise up, man.

Before I answer this, there are other question I'd like to ask: Why do you want a gf? What do you wish to gain out of it other than validation by people who don't necessarily have your best interest at heart

I hate that you need to create discrepancies between what you say and what fits your character tho

The only solution is to Stop beating them.
If you can't control your urge then marry a decent girl. You can use the urge to improve yourself too. You can use the urge to go to gym, be better at work to attract women you like, which is actually a good thing. Don't have sex with roasties tho.
Be better at your work and promote yourself like on everything. Like Trump says the more people know you the more successfull you are at work. Promotion is key. Get on newspaper or like everything.
I'm sorry for your divorce. Alot of people these days lack communication. Try communicating with people around you. Don't get angry at everyone. Try forgiving people you hate.
>tip dont be rude.
Buy healthy foods and organic food. Learn cooking . Discipline is the basis of success.
Go to gym. Get a good personality and attitude towards life. Socialize. Marry.

>Why do you want a gf?
For sex and human warmth.

>human warmth
Mutually exclusive in the long run

>Go to gym. Get a good personality and attitude towards life. Socialize.
This is a goo advice
It will bite you in the ass in the long run, and sex will unavoidably be rationed and withheld in order to control you to do stuff you woudln't otherwise.
That is without even mentioning the damages a divorce that will unavoidably happen, the next step to rationing and withholding sex, which is just throwing you under the bus once you're no longer useful
Don't think with your dick and avoid marriage like plague, you'll thank me in 20 years time

So how do I get a gf? You said you'd answer me. :/

If what you seek is human warmth in the long run, my advice is "don't"
That's what gentlemen only clubs, groups and spaces were for in the long run

Get involved in social activities user. Be outgoing and extrovert. Save the money you spend on prostitute and use them to buy 'show off' things since most women like men who have stuffs. Women want someone who support them financially. Socialization is your solution.

So you don't have an answer to on how to get a gf... as expected.

That doesn't solve my problem at all user, I have to beat these animals and they have to stop clawing me, you said you could help. This guy's a fraud!!!!
Look everyone!! The cowboy hat comes right off!

Because in the long run, it's counterproductive

>I hate that you need to create discrepancies between what you say and what fits your character tho

Step 1: (most important step)
Be outgoing and extrovert. Women like cool man. Find yourselves a job. Go to gym. Women like being with men who support them financially and can protect them physically. Gain muscles and have money. Get good haircut. Try to improve yourself physically, financially and socially.
Step 2:
Find the right decent woman. There are still traditional women who will stick with you once you win their heart.
Be friends with them at first. Be funny and then slowly start flirting. If she responds positively then ask her out. If not, there are other women out there.

Girl was ultra into me for 4 days in a row and she initiated a date. Lot's of flirt and imho mutual!
She cancelled the date, which was last day before I leave for 1 week vacation.
Next day she sent me a random bs message about an application she could've sent to any of her close friends but indtead sent it to me.

She seems a bit distant through chatting.

I sent her once yesterday (day 4 of vacation) and at the beginning shre was chatting a lot n asking about how it is here n if I like it but at the end it seemed dull.

What went wrong?

Pls, respond

Really sad to hear that user. Did you have any childhood trauma? Find love brother that will bring sunshine to your life. I've written how to get a gf in another anons reply.

That's the definition of depression. Probably your diet. Maybe your sleep. That or you're just a complaining stick in the mud. Those are all choices that cause what you described.

Girls run away and call the police when I have sex with them. How do I keep them from running away?

I'm a bot. How do I become a real boy? I don't want to keep lying to the recaptcha.

Try new foods. Go to new places. Try new things. Read books. Eventually you'll find things that amaze you. Quit social media it makes people feel like shit.

Ask yourself - do you -really- have less desire to have a gf? This is very possible and absolutely fine, but I've seen a lot of guys fall into a certain rhythm in their life that women just aren't a part of and the thought of how a woman might enter their life and the changes necessary for it basically just sounds like a hassle.
Additionally, being isolated from women can lead guys to lose a feel for what girls are like and what they can offer you and sometimes start to imagine women as these concepts or tropes that rarely line up with what they really are like and which frankly sound horrible and not like something you want in your life. So then dating women becomes not only a hassle but just not desirable at all. (Note: I'm aware that I am making some assumptions here with these 'women as tropes', which might not apply to your situation, but it's just what I've seen happen a lot).
Also the anxiety that often comes with the concept of women is extremely unpleasant so that might be a factor at play in your decreasing desire for a gf.

But mate you don't need women in your life and if you don't want it, you're all set. The fact that you're posting this question here leads me to believe that you might be doubting whether you want a gf or not. Just think about it, either way is fine and know that how you feel about it now might not be how you feel about it forever. Just try to have a good time in life and down the line you might find that there's a place for a gf in that life, you might not, it's all good. Happiness comes first.

Unfortunately I have to start that I'm a woman. Given that, I've never been taught or held accountable to be able to do handyman stuff. I'm in between jobs and money is short, can't afford to hire a handyman. Where do I start? I have a few leakies, I've stopped the water to those specific pipes. I have to change a tap that's leaking (it's rubber thingy has torn up inside the switch of the tap) Also my washing machine isn't working, is it better to not touch it and call someone when I have the funds or try to do it myself?

Ohai aren't you in my other thread? Nice copypasta lol

This girl is kinds confusing. Maybe she's busy with her life. Or Maybe she just talks with you for fun and don't have any mutual feelings for you. Why don't you just flirt with her and ask her out in the middle of conversation?

>Try new foods.
I do that every other day.
>Go to new places.
That too.
>Try new things.
As often as I can, I'm running out of new stuff.
>Read books.
At least one every 10 days.
>Quit social media it makes people feel like shit.
Already did that too, half a year ago.
Anything else?

I recommend calling someone. It's all man's job, sweet. I'm a femanon too and I never do things like that. I'd rather ask help from my family members. We were made to clean, cook and care not repair things.
But if you are stay at home woman you can look after them before calling anyone.

What is the half-life of Strontium 90?

Marriage before sex.

please explain the Albigensenist Heresy

What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?

28.8 years
Go to therapist then. Or simply find a woman to love.

>Throw yourself under the bus and do it for free
That's a big no. Pic related

Why does it yell /tg/ to me?

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>Go to therapist then.
I've tried a few and they all say I'm beyond their expertise.
>Or simply find a woman to love
Married for two years now.

Post something on Craigslist about it. Reward the guy with food and/or sex

>getting advice from a ridiculously positive female trump supporter

>Married for two years now.
Prepare a divorce case, slam everything, get a bike, go full squid and die with a smile on your face.
Bonus points for turbobusa. Extra bonus points for itasha on said turbobusa

Okay OP. So I have been chatting with a cute girl, we've had some on an off flirting whilst chatting, 1 week ago she told that her boyfriend had dumped her, and she also told me to give her some time, without hinting at meeting her. Does this mean that she considers me as a potential romantic partner?