As I get older, less desire I have to have a gf, and it's becoming a taboo for me, is it the end?

As I get older, less desire I have to have a gf, and it's becoming a taboo for me, is it the end?

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I am you, no, it's okay user. I think the chaddest thing you can do is torture women by making them wait and teasing the shit out of them and just pushing them away etc.

This. I hope I'm rich someday just so I lead women on and make them cry.

Hahaha glad to see some like minded assholes in the same thread for once.

Same. 27. There is no going back.

I'm getting Jow Forums right now and self improving as much as a I can, (volcel) I work a lot and save my money, etc, there's a possibility one day I'll be one hell of a catch. And I can't fucking wait to turn down all the women that turned me down. Even if I die bitter and alone I'll be able to laugh a little bit.

I think I'll do this revenge

Revenge? Nono think bigger. This sends a message. Women do this WAAAAAAAAAYYY more than men. This is tipping the scales.

>think bigger
Kill them?

Philosophically bigger not metaphorically lmao. If you want to get physical I guess you could tell them you're into BDSM and get them to do ridiculous things like eat their own shit and tell them that's what turns you on, record it, try not to laugh, and maybe later tell them at some point
>Oh by the way I'm not going to fuck you lol

We can do this. Physically/medically women are hornier than men. However in society men are seen as the desperate and pathetic side yet we still have to do all the fucking work. Maybe I'm a complete sociopath but I'm going to do all that work, and then deny the reward. I can fuck my hand, as gay as that is, it works for me. I can cook for myself, clean up after myself, my genes suck so i don't want kids- a woman would just slow me down. Hell yeah I have no problem whatsoever suffering a little extra just to balance things out, the lelz totally balance it out.

This would unironically be hilarious. Maybe accidentally "misplace" the USB stick that had the video on it outside her parents house

>Physically/medically women are hornier than men

Get a boner right now, cross your legs and lean forward so your penis sucks in. Now rub the head of your swelling small penis. Feel that? Imagine that times 10 because that's the nerves in a clit. I know because sometimes I masturbate like this. I can't imagine how fucking crazy it must feel for women having all those nerves in that tiny little bean.

>ITT: when you haven't had pussy so long you gain supervillain intelligence

For me it's that I've never had pussy but have seen what women do to men like me and generally resent them because they give themselves freely to men who are better than me. And if they suddenly started showing me attention if I became wealthy that would just reinforce my feelings towards them and make me feel even better about fucking with them

No, same, I've had sex, girlfriends even, but I am still you. Even when I had it nice, my past experiences messed with my head so much that I just couldn't enjoy it, I'd rather do without and have that certainty in my mind.

>I've had sex, girlfriends even, but I am still you
this begs the question: what's the point?

If you want it to be the end, it can be. If you don't, it doesn't have to be. Ask yourself - do you -really- have less desire to have a gf? This is very possible and absolutely fine, but I've seen a lot of guys fall into a certain rhythm in their life that women just aren't a part of and the thought of how a woman might enter their life and the changes necessary for it basically just sounds like a hassle.
Additionally, being isolated from women can lead guys to lose a feel for what girls are like and what they can offer you and sometimes start to imagine women as these concepts or tropes that rarely line up with what they really are like and which frankly sound horrible and not like something you want in your life. So then dating women becomes not only a hassle but just not desirable at all. (Note: I'm aware that I am making some assumptions here with these 'women as tropes', which might not apply to your situation, but it's just what I've seen happen a lot).
Also the anxiety that often comes with the concept of women is extremely unpleasant so that might be a factor at play in your decreasing desire for a gf.

But mate you don't need women in your life and if you don't want it, you're all set. The fact that you're posting this question here leads me to believe that you might be doubting whether you want a gf or not. Just think about it, either way is fine and know that how you feel about it now might not be how you feel about it forever. Just try to have a good time in life and down the line you might find that there's a place for a gf in that life, you might not, it's all good. Happiness comes first.

Yeah, I feel you. I don't mind teaming up with Chad. People like to think we're natural enemies but in reality were often on the same team. You guys just get pussy while I don't

This guy is also right though you don't have to commit to being a fullblown extreme volcel revirgin forever.

Dude even fat ugly slam pigs are pussy. If an actual Chad saw me he'd say I'm a manlet, I'm neither. I'm John. I'm the heartbreaker.

Hey, whatever. I use Chad loosely to define any man that gets pussy. Yeah, it should be stricter but either way, we both want to fuck with women if we ever get the chance. That's what matters

I highly recommend the BDSM trick. Just tell them to do something stupid under the guise of it being sexual.

It's definitely a good starting point. I'd like to get more creative eventually and refine my craft but there are plent of lols to be had doing that I'm sure

I know people that have modified DENNIS systems. It's fun to play mooch to. Get a girl to be your gf, make her think your poor and unemployed, bam free food and shit.

Do girls really provide poor guys with shit? I mean, I guess I have seen some real losers with hot chicks and hear of guys getting free stuff from their girls. I don't think I have enough game for any of that though, considering I'm a virgin at 22

That's what I did when I was 22. Had a girl named Becca. She would drive me around, buy me meals and bring them to me. Nothing too crazy but she never suspected shit.

>do you -really- have less desire to have a gf?
Yes, because as time goes on I just see more negative things from them instead of the other way around.
So I kind of create an initial block, and don't look any further to see if there's anything good later in the woman.
>you might be doubting whether you want a gf or not.
I think I'm being pressured more socially too, everyone around me has a gf, but I don't see the benefits

You can do it, get a girl you're not actually that interested in you know it's a scam gf anyway- downplay yourself tho, say you're unemployed, play stupid and pitiful, you need help with EVERYTHING. Some girls are actually into that sadly lol

Sweet. Sounds comfy. I actually am poor though. It'd be nice to have a girl take me on an expensive vacation abroad. I'd dump her immediately after we got back.

I assume a college campus isn't a great place to do this? I know some girls have daddy's money but most are taking loans and broke. Where would you recommend to find such women?

I wasn't rich when I did this but I definitely didn't need rides across the fucking street when she lived out of town hahahaha

It might work if you're good at not catching a public rep and can change characters easily, but that'd be a difficult place for that. I got Becca off of Tinder

Did you just make up a person and backstory on Tinder? I'm pretty boring but if I'm not being honest I could probably get creative and convincing enough to trick a roastie into caring for me.
Lmao. I see what you mean now

The trick is to be as honest as possible. John actually is my first name but no one and I mean no one knows the rest lol. I let her come to my real house and see my real roommates, I never told anyone what was going on while it was going on, better to let them be suspicious rather than explain and divulge. I repeat man, be yourself, be honest, but for this specific scam and character just downplay yourself. Take an inch or two off what you say your penis is (metaphorically).

The guys in this thread are all immature scumbags. No wonder you are virgins, fantasizing about how you’re going to use women once you get a bit more attractive.

No amount of money or weight lifting will make up for the fact that you’ll always be a little boy with that mentality. Girls have to go through that shit being used by useless assholes all the time, don’t make it harder for them. Why wouldn’t you want to help her instead? If you’re actually making a decent living and can support yourself why would you manipulate a woman into thinking you’re helpless and trick her into providing for you and give her nothing?

Honestly assholes like you are disgusting and fuck it up for us decent men, and it’s not fucking fair. When you’re all old and alone from using women you’ll see that you were wrong for taking advantage of their kindness.

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Another example, I was a cashier at the time, that was my real job no shit (ok there was a scam there too but totally different thing) anyway I told her I made minimum wage before taxes.... I actually made 10$/hr after everything lol.

Whatever, incel, go back to fapping to loli traps. We're busy.

Oh wow finally a decent guy, wanna smash my vageen?


I am sick and disgusted by most women.

I’ve hooked up with tinder girls who text their boyfriends after I’ve fucked them (I had no idea they had one)

When I ask her don’t you think that’s evil thing to do she just shrugged her shoulders.

Makes me want to puke.


A horny woman has zero morality or self regret whatsoever. I mean for fucks sake, fags are now cutting their dicks off? There's women who have removed penises that go to sound sleep every night.

This has to be pasta

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>Donna I think we should see other people
>Ok Dave, good luck without your penis.
And then I'M the disgusting guy for saying I'd think it's funny if I tricked a few of them into eating poop???????? Come on.

Right, women do some very sick and cruel shit to men and don’t think twice about it. That’s not even me being bitter or incel and it’s sad whenever you bring up the evil shit women do that’s the first assumption “lol have sex incel :)”.

It’s so fucking annoying how much women get away with and it’s the cucks that give them a pass. It’s not even the women’s fault it’s the men that allow it to happen and excuse their behavior that’s the problem. Women lie, cheat and steal their way to the top through manipulation, but if I lead a woman on to get sex and ghost her after I’m a rapist? Come on man, cucks need to get their tongues out of Tyrone’s asses.

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I understand, and every negative experience with girls will only add to that initial block. Hopefully you'll have some good ones too at some point..

Because honestly they're not all bad. But if you would eventually want a gf, chances are that you need to do a bit of searching before you'll run into a girl who's a good fit for you. That initial block is going to royally screw up that process - just the struggle of breaking through it for another attempt with a girl automatically turns it into a bigger deal than it should be. Add all your personal expectations, and worse, societal expectations and it's just not gonna be a fun time.

Society's expectations are often bullshit anyway. Yes you want to be nice to people and not do shit to put you in jail but if it comes down to it there's no 'right' or 'wrong' when it comes to living your life. Just consider how social norms vary across countries - it's all just social constructs and if you were born on the other side of the world, suddenly totally different things would be expected of you. It's completely arbitrary.

The dream is to find a balance between your expectations vs society's expectations of your life. Again, you want to be somewhat palatable to the people around you but mate beyond that it's really nobody's business how you choose to shape your life. Gf or no gf, car or no car, religion or no religion, if you own it and stand behind your decision, you can feel strength from that.

The hard part is untangling this whole mess of expectations and figuring out which are yours and which are society's to begin with. Because if you were to give approaching girls another go, better make sure that the expectations you have for it are yours and not somone elses.

And there's also a lot to be said for the single life just like there's benefits to having a gf. No matter the direction you take, also know that you can always change your mind.

I hope you figure it out, don't let this shit get you down

>No matter the direction you take, also know that you can always change your mind.
No, it only lasts while I'm in my youth

Yeah I guess if you want children at a young age and all that. Although my dad was 45 when he married my mum and 46 when he conceived me so even for that there potentially is time.

Baron Trump is what, like 14? And he's already taller than his dad? There you go, old sperm works fine lmao.