Why can’t we talk about the evil shit women do?

Whenever someone brings up the evil shit women do, the first response is always “have sex incel teehee :)”.

Women divorce rape men, literally drug and rape men, cheat on men and blame it on them, pretend their boyfriend is the biological father, assault and cut men’s dicks off and never think twice about anything they do because cucks always defend them no matter what. I’m not even incel or bitter, I can have sex or get a gf whenever I want, but only fools would believe a majority of women aren’t scum. A lot of the women I’ve fucked these days have been in relationships, and I never knew until after the fact. I’ve seen pregnant women cheat on their baby fathers while the kid was still inside them. Why do cucks still continue to defend women and suggest anyone who speaks against women is just an incel that needs to have sex? If anything the sex I’ve had with all these women has only made my perspective even worse.

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You sound like the type of cuckboy I'd cheat on and divorce lol
Stop being a loser.

well we do, all the time on Jow Forums actually
but when someone brings up the evil shit that men do you're all "I'm not like other men" or "men deserve to do it"

Why are you lying? You have obviously never had sex.

what do you gain from complaining about women or men? either adapt or stay alone and bitter, this is the reality

Here is your (You) op.
Can you fucking incels take this somewhere else, this is the advice board. This has absolutely nothing to do with giving advice, yet there are always around 10 threads like this one. Take it to rk9 or pol or b or fucking reddit.

Because this board is for asking about advice

because everythng you're whining about is common knowledge, so to continue bringing it up and trying to complain about it like it will be of any consequence seems like you're obsessed with showing it's not your fault you're a single virgin, or actually hate women, or you're just a whiner who can't help complaining.

All of which is pretty pathetic behavior for a man. That's all tolerable behavior in women, because we want to fuck women so we let them spout idiocy. But you? I wouldn't want you as my bro, you'd kill my game.

Go have sex, incel.

Fuck off cucks

Men do deserve to do it (besides violence). Men deserve to cheat because they are the bread winners predominantly in relationships even in this day and age. Even if a woman had a good job before meeting a man, if he makes more than her she will quit her job to have kids and be supported by him. Whoever carries the most weight gets the right to cheat, having a child isn’t that fucking hard even though it’s the hardest thing a woman will do in her entire life which isn’t saying much. A man working 80 hour work weeks, building generational wealth and security for his offspring is, so if a man wants to cheat and blow off some steam away from the woman that’s probably just adding more stress to his life he should have the right to do so without threat of divorce rape. Women gain nothing from cheating unless the other guy makes more money, and unless the other guy is a cuck himself he’s just going to toss her to the side anyway, who would take in a cheating sank? Women love cheaters, so it benefits a man to cheat.

But adapting in this sense with means cuck a guy or be cucked. It’s rare to meet a woman that’s genuinely single and not stringing a few men along or has a boyfriend already.

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Like seriously next time you’re with a woman and she asks why you’re single, tell her it’s becayse you cheated on your last girlfriend. Say it with a deadpan serious expression and don’t flinch at all. Watch how her eyes light up and her pussy starts to water. Even if she’s off out by it she might say something along the lines of “it’s okay everyone makes mistakes”. It’s ridiculous, for a man that would be a red flag to either ditch her on the spot or use her for a pump and dump.

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So..... what advice do you want?

How to cope

I mean how can these actions be considered evil when they are so justifiable?

>cheating on your boyfriend/husband that provides for you is justifiable
>fucking other men while you’re pregnant is justifiable
>cutting off your boyfriends dick and getting away with it is justifiable
>divorce raping your husband and taking half his income for life is justifiable

You hearing yourself retard?

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so all the woman have to do is be the provider and it's all justified

There are just as many bad women as bad men. (Just ask Pierce Morgan)

The issue lies in the fact that men have to work for their suffering while women are born to suffer, unfortunately (once a month, to be precise) so rather than relate with you on a personal level they just use their human suffering against you because it's easier to relate to THAT than trying to even want to get to know you as a best friend.

Hence why men are idealized while women are sexualized: we're forced to believe in nonexistence perfection because they, unfortunately, have to deal with perverts on a daily basis, forcing them to generalize how all men are like that.

Don't get me wrong: It's not like we can shut our urges down (lest we risk wet dreams or something), but the best we can do is just use common decency as a shield if women want to be just as bad, if not worse, than men, and assume they can get away with it unscathed. It's not like we're living by the sword.

Yes. Women who are the bread winner tend to cheat on their husbands. Typically that’s not the case however, and if you’re a man letting your woman pull all the weight you deserve to get cheated on (maybe under exceptions like you’re critically disabled and can’t work or you have cancer).

Because you are being whiny and you are showing fear and weakness. Who is the cuck? You list all of these bad things happening to strangers and then you automatically identify with the victim. Your brain is cucked, son. You are like a feminazi going on about "men rape women! men drug and rape women! cheat on women!" "There are starving children in India!" So what? What are you going to do about it? Sit and whine all day?

That’s a logical fallacy. Women’s issues are made up garbage while men’s issues are actually real.

Stop replying to bait threads you flapjackets.

you probably aren't going to get anywhere in love thinking women are whores
even if 99% of them are whores you just need one girl

He's right though.

There is no secret that there are women capable of horrible shit. But they tend to be the victims. And people talk about it all the time, regardless of how much you need sex or not.

Okay but why when women do horrible shit they aren’t held accountable?

Mostly because you don't need to tell reasonable people that both men and women can be shitty people. They know. Shitty people exist.

They just don't need to dwell on it. That's what shitty people do, they get caught up in their own heads and the past and lose sight of reality.

They are, all of the time. But as with any laws and society, it’s difficult to catch ‘em all. And that goes for both genders. You really should read more, or google crime or whatever