99% of people I met on Jow Forums and IRL are simpletons NPCs with not real interests beyond the most normalfag hobbies

99% of people I met on Jow Forums and IRL are simpletons NPCs with not real interests beyond the most normalfag hobbies.

even Jow Forums losers are just snowflakes with not real dreams or goals in life, but they feel unique for being losers, maybe as psychological mental defense, they use tribalism to name themselves superior to the NPC they so much deeply desire to be (incels base all their ideology on worshipping normalfag lifes and normalfag hedonism).

Even people I met in college and college professors with PHD aren't really interesting beyond maybe their small field of knowledge.

Have you ever asked a STEM PHD professor about philosophy, history, economics?
Literally dumb as fuck opinions.

Have you tried to ask a humanities guy about political theory, conspiracy shit, religion, math?
Literally equally dumb as fuck opinions.

I've never met someone who learns things for fun IRL.
Nobody thinks that watching a lecture about some veterinarian school history on the XIX century about tick fever research and how they helped develop treatment for cattle in Texas is interesting, they rather watch anime, cartoons, games, read about their field of expertise (mental lazyness).

Nobody I've met really has any interest in learning new things, from conspiracy /x/ shit to fitness and bodybuilding to learn about soccer world cup history or learn about botany and enviromental agriculture or art history or literature or math or chinese history or the first generation of tanks in WWI or dead languages or even about niche grammar structures that doesn't conform to linguists theories of language development in some indigenous language or foreign food or questions about reincarnation and scientific evidence of simulation and the electric universe.

I also have interest in over 20 topics I casually practice for fun.

I don't believe I'm superior but I notice most people get offended and claim I'm arrogant for noticing they're boring normalfags.

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Special snowflake syndrome: the post.

Jow Forums - random rants

I'm not special nor I think I'm superior.

I just like to learn newer things.
Almost nobody likes to learn things they don't know with no real purpose other than learning for fun.

>nor I think I'm superior
stop lying to yourself beta faggot

t. NPC

there's nothing special in liking to learn random new things for fun.

I rather watch documentaries about urban mining than watch garbage like anime or netflix.

I can't believe Jow Forums, a site that prides themselves on their dislike of snowflakes made up such a snowflake phrase like NPC. Maybe is the reddit migrates. People who left reddit to because of the mean people who downvote them and not because reddit is obnoxious.

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>self centered

>sense of entitlement
I only think hard work pays off.
I don't think I am superior.
I think everyone could archieve what they want with effort.

>lack of empathy
I literally donate my money to poor people who begs me.

Not really.
I don't like to deal with others.
I'm more of a shy submisive guy.

>need for admiration
Not really.
I want people to look at what they do and claim wow, is amazing, but I don't want to be a celebrity or people worshipping me.

I literally like when people talk shit about my drawings, is good.

>easily wounded
I don't hate others.

I don't have any interest in learning anything.
But I just feel like I know everything that matters in life. There's no where else to go now that I've got the fundamental building blocks of reality in my hand.

It's over.
Childhood is over.
All of the learning and information is done. All of my questions are answered. Everything else is just an organic cycle, even the tanks and world wars were bound to exist.

I feel no interest in learning Chinese.
It's just a different language built by a different people that were built in a different way from Europeans.

Probably the most important thing I do learn about is people though. I can't stop reading biographies about the lives of others.

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You are right, people here will say you play the edgy teen but you're right.
Even the PHD professor is a dumb idiot, after his conference on bullshit he fed himself, he go back home and he is just another interesting simpletons doing simpleton things.
People nowadays only pursue high careers for the social standing but they are swallow and useless like all these women at Uni.
There is no more great minds, great thinkers, everyone is a slave to social recognition and to this era and its hedonism. Everyone want to belong and be the most normal normie possible.

To have a great mind to see beyond you ironically have to be a loser, an outcast, to have a different perspective. The great minds of you have to be out of this society you cannot belong and have this perspective on life. The moment you try to fit in you become a simpleton normies chasing superficial things. Great ideas, great elans are not to be found in the normality in today society, we're becoming cogs, just watch how the elders are full of life and how their personality are so unique, they carry so much more humanity than the people of today, they were driven by something else maybe. Today society has no taste, everything seems to have be washed down with water. I don't know, I'm gonna stop right here because I could rant for hours. Not everything is shitty but there is a trend.

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First of all stop it with the reddit spacing you queer. Secondly, what is with you people and this NPC talk?? I could say YOU all sound the same dude! Like by your definition what the fuck is NOT a NPC?

I'm not an NPC because I have inner mental voice and I have creativity.

NPC can't into art nor have goals in life nor have inner monologue.

And I have no goals in life outside of making friends, but in that, I consistently fail.

You just have high openness because of prenatal estrogen.

maybe I just have high openess.

however that shouldn't be so uncommon.

Honestly, in my perspective, it is uncommon.

But I also believe it's the next step in human evolution. I see men with high foreheads and in my mind I think "EL HOMO" when I see how effeminate they are, but the truth is I am effeminate if I were to be placed next to homo erectus.

I would be seen as a girl to them. And this is really just what's happening today, but I'm on primitive software and they're the latest model.

Dude you're just a solipsist hahahahahahaha

>maybe I just have high openess
>legit doubts most people are even sentient
Holy fucking shit please tell me you're under 18 no way you've made it further thinking like that

I've only met like 3-4 persons IRL who have such psychological traits in all my life.

But he's right.
There are people in this world that operate like terminators would operate.

Their sense of self is reduced to "NOT HUNGRY." They think in a very concrete manner despite their intelligence. They can only see what's in their face. They drink alcohol and end up shitting their pants.

You could light them on fire with a flamethrower, and it wouldn't be that terrible of a crime. Life sucks.

So what do you need advice with? Meeting people like you? It’s luck of the draw my man. Go to a bunch of weird events and sites and check people out. It’s gonna be a lot of art hoes or conspiracy theorists or hipsters who think weird useless knowledge is cool. Personally, I don’t like people like you because your mannerisms piss me off. I genuinely don’t want to hear about the history of forks when we’re at dinner or how many days of my life I’ll spend taking shits. They’re bitter reminders or useless knowledge that’ll only be good for trivia.

Those are both me lil buddy and yikes here you are still reddit spacing on Jow Forums and talking about other human beings like you're better than them. Grow up. Smoke a joint. Have sex incel, etc. Go ahead and call me an NPC. You don't want help you came here to see your own posts.

omg im a narcissist. lol

I never mentioned I'm superior.

why do u feel so insecure about me posting the fact most people don't like to learn new things?

I love how a bunch of people whining on Jow Forums's Jow Forums are the ones who think they're superior to people with PhDs
>I don't think I'm superior!
Feed it to someone else, this is Jow Forums-- we're clearly not going to buy the lie no matter how many Pepes you post

I just feel sorry for you dude. I thought like you when I was like 7? Got my ass kicked a few times and realized other people are alive and have feelings too. I grew up... I can't help you and I genuinely believe you don't want any advice.

I'm not better than the guy that can die in a terrible way and not feel too upset about it.

I just think differently from him.
If anything, I have nothing but respect for their strength and ability. I deeply admire NPCs.

nah, I don't hate others.

It just feel so empty to go to family reunions and see they talking about boring gossip, drama, what they saw on TV, what they relatives travelled to some river, some dumb joke without a strong punch, the same old memories they repeat the same time.

It's 99% of the time the same boring shit they repeat time and time again.

They don't have an interest in learning new things.

What am I supposed to do?
To fake interest in listening the same story about how a cousin stole my aunt husband that I've listened since I was five?

But honestly, I don't agree that universe is a simulation.

There is no way for life to become that intelligent. I've found that evolution just does the bare minimum for reproduction and nothing more.

If modern man can't simulate the universe, nothing can.

But they do, you just don't interact with people. Tons of people love to learn. An electrician I work with learned about the vape industry. My brother got a degree in design and ended up in the agriculture industry so he's learnt all sorts of fun and new shit.

The problem here is that they didn't learn about urban mining so they're simpletons to you, because they didn't meet YOUR specifications. Then again, I'm also curious how many people you even met to draw this conclusion; I'm willing to bet you stopped around 20, figuring that was a "big number." Have you actually stopped to talk to someone with a PhD at great length?

I think your problem is you're afraid to admit the world is fucking huge and the amount of shit to learn between inarguable logic of the world versus malleable man-made concepts leaves anyone even remotely interested in learning with an absolute plethora of options, from the mundane like "how is bread made?" up to "what IS the human concept of honour?"

But no. Instead of actively pursuing thought or learning or literally anything but whacking your own dick on Jow Forums, you're here on Jow Forums shitting on people for being "simpletons" as if you've met them all, as if you've heard it all from them.
In fact, maybe the reason you don't actually hear a lot of interest from people is 'cuz they don't actually want you around. You seem at large to be one of maybe three posters in the thread who feels this problem exists.
Everyone else agrees pretty readily that it's a harebrained conclusion to jump to and there's no real, true way you could know if someone's opening up about what they've learned or if they're just shooting off a vacuous, one-word answer to get you to shut up and fuck off. Lord knows at least one poster can agree with having done this, and it wouldn't be the first time it's happened-- nor would you be the first one to have been ignored for this exact attitude.

most PHD only knows about their PHD field and specialize.

I'm a generalist, not a specialist.

Not insecure. Just not sure why you posted this here. It’s like a humblebrag that your worldview is superior to others. You even stated people learn new things in the OP but it’s just not the random factoids that you like instead.
You wanna talk about orthodontics? I’m you’re guy. We’ll hold a 3 day conference and sit and chat about it non stop. You wanna discuss the origins of the red solo cup or how many pennies it takes to build a sculpture of a hippo? I will walk away mid sentence.
Point is, people are different and you don’t seem to understand that all too well. Don’t mock others for their beliefs.

Again, read again the thread.

Not saying others are inferior.
Asking why people have so narrow worldviews.

Sure, I'll be open to watch the most I can about orthodontics, maybe image myself making a game about orthodontics.

I'm open to most topics because I like to learn.
I even force myself to learn things I don't like like math.

How do you know that? You haven't talked to any of them beyond maybe few enough to count on one hand.
Some PhDs start in one thing and end up in their doctorate. My great aunt started in phys Ed and ended up as a published geneticist.

Have you talked to her? Or her colleagues? Or anyone beyond one or two professors from one school?
How do you manage to hold your viewpoints and not see how absolutely narrow you're being, especially as a self-proclaimed generalist?

Or is this "Le Ebin Bait Replies Out of Jow Forums" thread? Because that's like stealing candy from a baby. Jow Forums doesn't not reply to threads.

But yours IS the narrow worldview here. Everyone else is saying there's no way they could meet enough people to realistically say this. YOU'RE the human who thinks they've met enough people on Earth to say "most are simpletons," based strictly on that they won't talk to you about "generalist" topics.

I'm 100% sure she doesn't know nothing about humanities, or religion.

most CS PHD guys wont tell you nothing about the history of the roman empire or literature.

from research, around 75 to 80% of people lack a soul, this is research done by ayy lmao new age guys doing hypnotic regression.

only 25% of humans have a soul.

Okay that’s more specific than what i got out of this. I believe most people have narrow world views because they don’t have to expand them. I can revolve my entire life around dogs, cookies, and family. Nothing would ever matter to me past those things because I don’t have to involve them. I can ignore politics, higher education, higher thought, because the internet means there’s 8 trillion hours worth of info on my favorite subjects.
This is also a matter of you not appreciating others viewpoints or interests. It’s your fault if you surround yourself with people who don’t think like you. Go find that dream thought-provoking circlejerk you crave.

What is any of this? Also, she has fantastic views on religion and the humanities considering she's literally traveled the world. I'm sure the countries she's not been to wouldn't fill a ruled page even halfway. We had an absolutely touching conversation about death and the nature of life and getting old. My girlfriend cried, my great aunt cried, my heart stopped in my chest because I was told my great aunt cried, it was a good time for everyone.

You sound like a dude on Jow Forums who had a point originally but lost it halfway through his thread really hard and kept going for (You)s. I'ma give you one more because I feel really, really bad for you. I imagine your social life is woefully lacking at its very Sunday best, and if it's not, I've got no idea why you chose to come to Jow Forums to wax obvious generalizations about people you've never, ever met even once in your life based on pseudoscience despite allegedly being an academic.

Good bye and good luck, OP. Someone has to wish you well in this world, because if this is the state you're in, not nearly enough are doing so.

again, read the thread properly.

Not saying others are inferior, asking if people with high openess are rare, and why is so uncommon to find them.

Your issue is that everyone doesn’t know everything? It’s boring. You have likes and dislikes, they have likes and dislikes. But you dislike them for their likes and dislikes because they don’t match yours. Appreciate others viewpoints. You’re not better than your aunt who travels to rivers. You’re a cynical boy.

I am positively surrounded by people from whom I learn new things constantly. Politics, industries, principles, schools of thought. Name a subject, I've probably heard about it from a friend.

If you find people around you uninteresting, it's because you're uninteresting. That's just a patent fact, or else my life and everyone's life I know is a wild exception to an apparently established rule.