Mixed-raced, 23 year old male

>Mixed-raced, 23 year old male
>Autistic/Aspergers, can't socialize
>Can't overcome the hurdle of communication and race
>No friends, family barely wants to support me
>Girl from highschool told my mother that I have a "mental illness", and she was right

I don't know if I'll ever make any friends in life.
I just exist, alone, incapable of loving others. I have no desire for sex because I feel no sexual attraction to women.

My entire life is a boring, disappointing experience. I don't know how to change it. I don't think it's possible for it to change in any meaningful way. I am constantly sitting on my computer, playing video games and browsing the internet.

The only thing I have to offer anyone that's not my race is depression. I stare at the world, and I feel a deep nothingness for it. The only thing I find pleasure in is stealing, but, at the same time, I have too much awareness in my brain of myself to steal. I wouldn't mind if someone murdered me.

What would you do if you were me?
I don't believe I can ever financially handle making a family. It just feels like this is the end. I will never live a normal life.

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I'm even worse than you but we have the aspie and mixed race in common. But I'm also a natural Chad so I overcame my communication issues by analysing conversations and becoming funny. If you can't do that you're a low iq aspie and I can't help you, you're a genetic failure. Then learn to be good at 1-on-1 conversations and have fun talking with women.
Also you fail because you choose to fail
learn to do better faggot
you should know exactly what to do to Change it
analyse your life you massive retard listen to that voice inside your head

>I'm a natural chad
>But I'm also autistic

You can't be funny if you aren't born funny.
Most normal humor derives from what's in a person's face at the immediate moment.

Everything else is just like grabbing a calculator and saying 2x2 = 4 in front of another person.

It's not funny. It's not relevant to what's happening. Like telling a knock-knock joke. The women are only laughing because they're attracted to you.

>>I'm a natural chad
>>But I'm also autistic
>You can't be funny if you aren't born funny.
>Most normal humor derives from what's in a person's face at the immediate moment.

I think this is the most retarded thing I've read all day.

I'm showing you the conflict between the two sentences. You can't be a chad if you're autistic. Jews are not chad.

You can't be funny if you're not paying attention to your surroundings/the facial expressions of others/holding every imaginative thought in your brain all at once. You don't know where to step next if you can't see it. That's the true root of autism.

Life doesn't work like that.
You must be "aspie" in the lightest sense possible.

Since you’ve got nothing to lose, mind posting a pic?

Also you say have no sexual attraction to women- have you ever considered you’re gay and in denial?

How old are you?
What do you do for work?

If you’re really into games, do you play online? Good way to make friends even if you’re as autistic as you say.

It’s very possible he’s funny but not in the way he thinks/unintentionally. I work with an autistic angry weirdass Chad and he makes me laugh constantly, but not on purpose. His jokes are stilted and weird and unfunny, which makes them even funnier to me. He’s fascinating.

Homosexuality is a terrible evil. It's taking something that is alive and sentient and running it against 1.5 billion years of evolution toward domination and mastery. I would never engage in it.

It is only hurtful.

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Why is being mixed-race a bad thing? Other than that I'm just like OP, I literally never had a friend (if you dont count gfs). And I'm fucking myself over by dropping out of college more than twice now.

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It destroys white conscientiousness.
White people are only powerful because of prenatal estrogen remodeling their brain.

If you race-mix as a white male with a non-white female, you make people like Elliot Rodger.

>tfw have a chinese gf and we always memed that we'd get a soccer team amount as kids

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You can probably get her to take some estrogen while she's pregnant, and the kids will come out better than fine. Even if you don't, they'll have 120 IQ wiring if your Asian girlfriend is average for Asians. But I have grievous issues with 117, so be wary of that.

But they will come out frustrated with nothing to do in life. They will have no acceptance from any race.

Even if you don't expose them to any estrogen, you will make a David Renz that doesn't break the law/get arrested.

Honestly, child creation is evil anyway you look at it. You can make kids that are weaklings that are happy, but they'll get brutalized by the world.

You can make kids that are strong but fulfilled, but they'll get brutalized by their desires and careful thinking about life.

It's really for women and foolish men.
I, personally, would never have kids let alone race mix in the process.

The best route for you is to go white-to-white and keep your blood line pure. That is the only life with strength where your children can have happiness and acceptance.

Wow, you’re super cute.

Honestly, if you really buy into this retarded animalistic evolution shit... I got no advice for you. Like- do you want to be happy, or do you want to be on the “right” side of evolution?

Don’t complain your life is boring and shit sucks and you “don’t know how to change it” when you also have hard rules you follow like this.

I'd like to be happy, but I don't believe making people to suffer with me would make me happy.

I think it'd just be evil, regrettable more than anything else.

That's what women do.
They have kids when they shouldn't.

That's why you see all of those starving African children on TV. Their mothers did it to them.

Go to therapy and get off this website would be my first advice, surround yourself with some positivity (Jow Forums is clearly not the best place for that). You sound like you might be depressed and unfortunately nothing anyone can say here is going to help with that. If you can, get professional help. No shame in therapy. Also, autism isn't a mental disease, it's a developmental disorder. Not that different but sounds slightly less negative.

Other than that, find a community around something that you like, whether it be games or music or whatever you're into and try to communicate with other people about your shared interest. You might learn something new from them, they might recommend a game or song that you'll like, you might even enjoy it.

I can understand how you might not have a natural inclination to engage socially if you're on the autistic spectrum, but you seem to not be happy with the fact that you don't have friends so you still might want to take more active steps if you want to improve that. Even if loving others is hard or seems impossible, that's not the only type of connection you can have with others. Relationships with others zon't have to be based on love, they can also be based on sharing interests and enjoying having in-depth conversations about those interests with someone. There's value in that, too, without needing to be best buddies with someone or feeling like you love them.
Unfortunately, you are the only person who can improve your life. People can try to help you and give you advice but that won't do anything unless you put in the work.
Sad thing is that you're not entitled to people's friendship, and if you offer them nothing, why would they want to be friends with you?

So focus on what you can offer people and once you make improvements there, people will get drawn to you more. Figure out how you want to improve, make it specific, and then work on improving those things.

I have nothing to offer outside of my imagination. Most people don't need something like that in their life.

My brain is totally worthless when it comes to socialization, one of the core tenets of being a human being .

What do you enjoy doing? If you had a day to spend any way that you liked, what would you do? (which games, websites, which foods would you eat etc.)

I play a lot of rainbow six: siege

But that's about it.
I draw too, but it's just something to do.

>muh appeal to nature
>implying natalism is good
>it is only hurtful
[citation needed]

Then you have two topics you can totally connect with other people over. Or the fact that you're on the spectrum, there's a bunch of autism forums where you can commisserate on ASD troubles with fellow aspies.

What kind of stuff do you like to draw? Would you be willing to share a drawing you made? I also like to draw and do other creative stuff so I'd love to see

Become a yogi or a monk, maybe join the clergy and become a priest.

Wtf are you talking about??

How is you being a fag going to effect anyone negatively?? Women having kids when they shouldn’t puts a strain on social services, and the kid themselves. Typically it’s also a cycle, teen moms make teen moms.

I noticed you didn’t say “no” to being a homo because you don’t like men. You said no because of a bunch of existential bullshit reasons. I don’t think you’re autistic, I think you’re religion brainwashed, self-hating, stupid AND in the closet.

Being lonely sucks, but playing games and fucking around online is going to keep you in the same mental state.

Figure out something you want to do, you want to be good at, then fucking pursue that like your life depended on it.

Competence is attractive. If you pursue a passion or goal (that isn't super weird/creepy), you'll find people drawn to you, even if you're awkward. Plus, you'll be able to make friends who you can just talk to about that shit anyway and avoid small talk.

I have some friends who started out like you and are doing great now. As much as it sucks for one of them, he's doing so well he's even gotten a stalker or two

>religion brainwashed

The religious members of society condemn what is unhealthy, evil, automatically.

They have a built in "This is sickening and wrong" radar.


That's a fantasy to me.
No human beings in real life have ever been attracted to me.

Expand your worldview. You seem to have some rigid and possibly quite niche ideas on right and wrong and being so judgemental on everything that doesn't adhere to your worldview is gonna turn people off. Either work really hard to find people with the same extreme worldview as you (you might never) or try to be more accepting of other people. Not everyone is gonna think the same things you are, that's part of the fun of interacting with people, they might teach you something.

You're very young and haven't yes seen a lot of the world, don't kid yourself in thinking you have it all figured out. The less you know, the more you think you know. Open up your mind to learning more outside of your comfort zone, it's the only way to grow as a person.

Also, you're really young. I know from experience that at your age things seme extremely final, like this is hoe things always will be. I can tell you that that is bullshit. Especially if you have autism, which as someone said is a developmental disorder, you'll need more time than the average person to develop into adulthood. I'm on the spectrum myself and it took me 28 years to fully figure out social interactions but when I was a teenager I also didn't think I ever would. Give it time, read lots of books about social interactions, learn to fake it, learn to imitate people, don't settle.

You may not have much to offer the world yet and that's fine. Few people your age do. But you can work on that, learn a skill, donate to charity, shovel the snow off of your neighbour's lawn. etc. From the interactions around such things can grow other connections.

Don't think you're special in your suffering. You're not, sorry. It's the same old stuff many people deal with and you like them will probably eventually grow out of it even if you can't see how right now. If you're willing to put in the work to grow as a person and take other people's advice (some advice on this page I'd take with a grain of salt though) you'll be fine

lol k

Enjoy being miserable, I’m going to go take my womanly ways out into the universe and ruin some lives, kek

How old are you?

This is probably the only real advice anyone ever gave to me.

But I can't help but remember that many people on this website never had anything get better for them. Thank you for reminding me that nothing comes from nothing.

22, about to be 23.

Actually, that was mean. I’m sorry. The way you speak so definitively as if you know-all while simultaneously asking for advice and saying you “dont know how to change” irritated me.

I should’ve had a more empathetic approach like Heed this person’s advice.

I think what happened to you is you underwent brain death, your IQ dropped, and you became more vigilant to your surroundings.

You started to realize other peoples and the way they thought because you had no more disconnection, and your autism died with your IQ.

So you became more social as time passed by you.

I think I'm going to experience the same life, but I don't believe it will ever get better.

Glad you think my advice is useful, I kinda felt bad for OP after seeing that first idiotic reply and wanted to provide something a bit more constructive.
I'm also a woman btw, sup, this is literally my first time on Jow Forums. Apparently we women are quite the evil bunch!

Welcome sister. There’s going to be a lot of blanket statements about women (and men) that will make you fuckin facepalm into the next galaxy. As someone who’s been here over a decade, try not to take it personal

I tend to avoid mentioning gender, unless it tickles me like OP here saying I’m going to make some unfit babies, hah.

You can be an autistic Chad. You're born a Chad and you're born autistic, you can easily be both once you overcome your natural tendencies with social queues
Lots of ways to integrate your own autism with your jokes and make yourself appear socially dominant even when you have no idea what you're doing
I'm not sure if I want to agree to being born funny. I want to, because I was born funnily (my umbilical cord gave me my choking fetish), but honestly I doubt it. you gotta learn how to read cues like more and better than an ordinary human. They don't think about their social cues, they just act like automatons on alot of things. Honestly I would have suicidal tendencies as a normie because they literally cannot think thr way we do. Learn to read social cues better than others, watch every little facial expression
but the fact is that you've never done this and never took the effort to fix that
so why would you now? you won't, because you're naturally born a beta who blames his autism for his own failures.
analysing is literally all you need to you fucking aspie

>Apparently we women are quite the evil bunch!
>Welcome sister.
I-is this the power of boomer women?

Well, your first problem is that you seem to have an external locus of control- meaning that you believe your circumstance is holding you back.
In reality, the main thing standing in your way is yourself. You obviously have external obstacles to overcome, but the key thing to understand is that you DO have control over it. You CAN change things that seem unchangeable, like your humor, likability, interpersonal skills, etc. It’s just difficult- and it’s easier to retreat to something like playing video games than to struggle.

Do you like to read OP? There are a lot of good novels about how to change your attitude/perspective, and consequently your actions/behavior.

Lol nah man I’m 25. Her enthusiasm is cute and I want her to stick around

>a nice hair cut
>clean shave
>something fashionable

man, i was thinking you are abomination goblino de la oscuridad but you just looks like the average /mx/ user if not better, you should think to live in Mexico. by the way who is white? your mom or dad? and what race is the nonwhite

I don't believe people are their body language.
They think too carefully and reveal only what they want you to know.

Furthermore I get 88% on a psychologytoday quiz on body language, but in real life, I can't do it in real time.

It's too difficult.

Yeah might as well just die bro, I got nothing for you.
I was gonna offer you words of advice as a fellow aspie, but I think you're too far gone.

Uh, try joining the military. That's all I got for you, senpai.

>Might as well die
This is the high quality advice people come to Jow Forums for, jesus christ.
OP don't listen to some of these fuckwads. Please don't kys. Also don't buy a gun and kill other people please thanks

Take control of your life. Find something with purpode to do. It's t hat fatalist victim mentality that will keep you where you are because it prevents you from taking action to make changes. Get off your ass, remove the most addicting games from your pc, get a sketchbook and go outside to draw. Go to a museum and get some inspiration. Figure out what you would like to be doing and how you can make money to sustain the lifestyle you want.

Be around other people IRL. You sound like you've lived under a rock for too long but if you want to re-aquaint yourself with social interactions you gotta get outside, every day, otherwise it's not gonna happen. Get off your ass. Stop thinking you're a victim, because you seem to be doing a lot of what makes you unhappy to yourself. Take a shower, get some fresh air, clean your place and go volunteer somewhere or something.

It's easier to think you have nothing to offer than to get off your ass and do the work. Read books. Practice conversation scenarios. If you're bad at talking, become a good listener. Watch movies/series and learn from the charismatic characters, try to emulate their behavior. And then go outside actually doing the things you're learning, fail a couple times, eventually you'll get it right.

Listen to these people ^

Yeah nope I'm 30. Although I do knit so maybe I'm a boomer at heart.

Not sure if I'll stick around actually, I get that people want to be anonymous but I like feeling a connection with the people I talk to and on Jow Forums you're never sure if you're still talking to the person you were talking to before. Nor do I think you'll ever find out that I wrote this message to you unless you actively seek out this thread again to check (or at least I think that's how that works?)

I've mostly been on reddit and I quite enjoy it there but I've been curious about Jow Forums for a while. A lot of my friends were Jow Forums users for a long time but many of them switched to reddit around 6 years ago.
I get wanting to ask for anonymous advice but I think it's also kind of fun to have an online identity. Jow Forums seems a bit too fleeting for my liking but who knows, I'll look around some more and give it a real chance first.