Am I a trans gay man?

Hello everyone. I was born a woman, but never really identified with "girly things", and I was wondering if I'm somewhere on the gender spectrum that my body doesn't necessarily belong.

A few things about me:
1- I've never really internally felt like I aligned with 'woman' or 'man' so as to allow to govern my decisions.
2- I was born with female bits, but my brain frankly doesn't really seem to care one way or another about them.
3- I'm attracted to men
4- I have almost exclusively male friends
5- I was pretty much exclusively raised by my dad.

Is my brain a guys brain, and I just don't know it?

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holy shit this is what all this gay talk leads to
confused girls and boys go down an irreversible path because


Talk to a professional instead of asking the Chan, cause you'll get retarded boomers responding like said example

Jesus Christ, the transgender meme truly is destroying people's minds with their shitty propaganda. If you don't feel like being a caricature of a woman (lots of make up, being retarded, and such), it doesn't mean you are not a woman.

Don't do this, a friend of mine was "confused" and a "professional" convinced him he was actually a woman and hooked him on HRT. I wish I was joking.

I think your dad has a severe kind of complex.
He just wanted a boy, so he raised you like one. You need to mentally get away from him, then decide what you want.

I was the same way growing up. I just didn’t identify or connect with other women, despite wanting to. It was as if I was outside of my own gender, looking through a window to see what they were all up to.

You’re just atypical, and have the biological sex of female. Try to remove gender from the equation. It’s useless and silly and only serves to fuck with people’s heads such as yourself. I don’t really identify as a gender, and I’m comfortable in my own skin now. I hope this makes sense.

The same professionals that prescribe kids hormone blockers and advise for surgery? Yea naw. The "science" on this one is wrong.

These are much better responses and ideas i would much rather you go for the meme nonbinary than commit yourself to thinking you are a boy. It can ruin your life, its not cool or fun to be a tranny!

I think that you're just you. If you don't feel attracted to feminine things then don't do feminine things. That has nothing to do with you being a boy or a girl though. That just seems like your liking things you like and not liking things you dislike.

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OP, go kill yourself.

there are people roaming imageboard trying to get you to take hrt and cut off your body parts. they enjoy you making long term or permanent decisions which you would not have taken without them pushing you. Just saying friend, be careful and don't listen to online advice

idk but a great fault i see in this trans trend is to confuse gender with personality
yes there are statistics and you are more likely to be interested in certain subjects or prone to certain behaviour according to your gender, but - those are statistics

you are not (defined by) your gender, nor your sexuality and you do good to accept yourself the way you are

I generally agree, yet the answers from user so far were surprisingly thoughtful

No but you are proof that the transgender philosophy is abusive as fuck. Just because you aren't a normal girl doesn't mean you need to take fucking testosterone. Seriously this is sad I have seen how abusive you trans activists are you are not good people at all you say "nice" things to people who have toxic ideas in their head and then you poison them. You are not good people.

Even if your brain doesn't align with what sex organs you have, there's still no need to change them. Nobody cares, just bee urself.

You're a tomboy congrats, men will line up just for a chance to talk to you. Also stop consuming mainstream media.

Dysphoria typically involves hating your body. My trans friends are like this. This does not seem like you.

I believe the term is “tomboy”. I wouldn’t do anything permanent and if you’re attracted to men you are straight. You are the only you. Don’t put so much emphasis on the label, everyone’s into different things. As a father of a daughter I’m sure I impart certain “masculine” traits on mine like helping me chang oil in cars or fixing up the house but that’s because she enjoys it and that makes he unique not man brained or whatever. If u don’t have female role models you’re going to have less female mannerisms. Some dudes dig that in a chick

Doesn't make any difference. People hate their bodies because of abusive ideas they learned from their social experiences. The cure is never drugs it is to journey into your unconscious and accept yourself fully.

absolutely agree!! as a female im not thinking about my vaginas and tits all day.

Since I know what I'm posting doesn't deserve it's own thread let me ask for advice in yours, it's somewhat related. I was born a dude, I still am. But I have never been able to relate to anything that women associate with. Not a virgin but barley have any sexual experiences and have never had a legit gf. But I've also never had a girl best friend and I've had like 20 dude best friends. I would say I'm average looking from the outside but I have a weird dick, man boobs(and I'm not even fat) fucked up teeth and my family is known around here for being certified dirty white trash. But from a distance wearing a shirt with my mouth closed I'm tall muscular and have a good looking face.idk what the point of this blog post was anymore. Help

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There is NOTHING wrong with you. I come from a home with 3 sisters. Everyone of us is different. One loves sports, loves playing them, now that she's older she wears dresses more and such. When I was younger I couldn't for the life of me understand why Barbie was every girls dream toy...she so damn Boring and she doesn't actually walk like the commercials!! You are ALL WOMAN and have your own likes and that's what makes you you. There's nothing to be confused about.

Lol that really went off the rails there.

First you were saying you’re a man and you don’t relate to women... which isn’t odd considering... you’re a man. Then it got into love life... then your body.... wtf are you trying to ask?

The point was you want someone to uplift you.

Get yourself a decent job, get some medical, fix your teeth, your man boobs...well I know Jack about that but Google might have some solutions. No sense in feeling sorry for yourself, and you have plenty of time to find girls to fuck around with. You don't seem too happy with yourself so work on you first.

user you're not trans you're Joe-kin. Don't confuse genders with sexuality you patriarchal cishet

There’s no need to be confused.

You’re a woman. Being a woman doesn’t mean you need to wear dresses or be friends with women or talk/act a certain way. You can act just like a guy and still be a woman. Just because lots of other women like girly things doesn’t mean that you have to. You don’t need to look physically like a man just because you feel more like a man mentally.

For someone to tell me I'm not fucked. Which is basically what the other user did. But Christ it's so hard to work like a slave to confront financially unrealistic goals at least for the near future. And live life suffering in self concious doubt and feeling unworthy of happiness and acceptance.
What do you guys think it would be like if volountery assisted suicide was made legal worldwide?

I'll repeat what someone else has already said in this thread: if you don't have gender dysphoria, then you're not trans. Not being able to relate to your assigned gender does not mean you have gender dysphoria.


You are a woman who identifies with traditionally masculine roles because growing up you only had a paternal figure to identify with. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, and you can choose to live your life happily as you are without need of change.

Gender is not a spectrum. There are two genders, they’re determined by number of chromosomes. Some people have body dysphoria, which is an ailment where their brain tells them their mind doesn’t fit their body. People who have real body dysphoria usually have a lot of other symptoms, like extreme anxiety and personality disorders I’ve known a couple of them in my life and I empathize greatly. But the thing is, the “treatment” that some psychotherapists suggest to this problem, mutilating your genitalia, changing your cosmetic look and jacking your body up with external hormones does NOT change your gender. You are still a man/woman, just one with mutilated genitalia. And often, this ‘change’ doesn’t lead to the mental peace that these people hoped for. There are alot of sex change casualties who have got their lives ruined.

There is an agenda pushing a story to young people that “gender is a spectrum and can be changed” and that there is a problem in the relation between your mind and your body if you are a woman and don’t identify with traditionally feminine activities/roles or viceversa. It’s bullshit. You are completely fine as you are, OP.

Your points:
1. Most people don’t go and internally align their decisions narrowly with gender roles. There’s nothing odd about you.
2. Most people don’t obsess over their bits. If you actively felt like your bits were making your life a living hell, I’d probably tell you to go see a therapist.
3. Ok
4. Again, you’ve probably identified with things traditionally more masculine because you identified with your father growing up. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS
5. See above.

Don’t go there OP, it’s a mess.

You sound like a normal guy, desu. What’s the perceived problem?

Being female and appearing masculine is fine, you are still a female. The way you act or appear yourself to be doesn’t have anything to do with your sex. Having a lot of the friends of the opposite sex does not determine your sex either. You are probably a cis female who is masculine and it’s fine. Not being transgender and not experiencing dysphoria is normal. Not fitting into a stereotype doesn’t mean you’re any less of what you are

>I was wondering
If you were trans you'd know

Just this.

1 - literally all that means is that you don’t follow gender roles (ex. girls like pink, boys like blue), which are social constructs.
2 - ok? no one does.
3 - you’re a heterosexual female, yes
4 - ok?
5 - ok?

None of these things make you a man. You have XX chromosomes and therefore you are a woman and will always be a woman. “Gender” is a social construct; just because a girl likes the color blue doesn’t mean she’s a boy... just because you don’t follow gender roles (most people don’t follow them to a T), doesn’t mean you have to start mutilating your body. why are trannies so stupid?