I see you as a friend

>I see you as a friend
How to deal with this shit? Really tired of having no woman to romantically be interested in me. I don't feel ugly or insecure, I just want to have a relationship ffs

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Also I got rejected rn, so ask me anything

whenever that happens to me i just go 'kthxbai' and keep it pushing. if they were really interested in being 'just friends' they will contact you afterwards to be friends and to hang out and shit. usually what happens is if you don't hit them up the 'relationship' dies.

she is not interested in you and you need to keep it pushing man, there is nothing to be gained by continuing. on the other hand you need to see the difference between them testing you and not being intersted in you. you must neither be to loose nor too clingy, can you dig it?

if you really want to know the truth, it's a numbers game. if you carry yourself respectably you can play the numbers game and someone will turn up eventually, it's inevitable.
don't bullshit yourself, you can always put in some work

Verify that this is a real and valid friendship and you aren’t being used. Do you each contribute equally? Do you vent to her and vice verso? Offer each other advice? Do favors equally?
If so, this is a rare valuable thing, and be glad you’ve found it.

That said, have you tried dating without being friends first? Is that when this is happening? How old are you? I need a little more context to offer any insight.

What you mean keep it pushing? Asking other girls out?
Well, I never go for, I like you let's go date approach. I start with complements and common talk, just to make a conversation, then for a hey let's go *insert some activity here*. 25 yo, btw

Don't act like a friend.

Also, I always want to know a person better, that I like, before asking for relationship

>What you mean keep it pushing? Asking other girls out?
yeah, you done goofed. ask out someone else. also this show CLEAR interest right from the start

Elaborate difference between acting friendly vs seeking relationship

Ask her out before you can become "friends."

Well, that's just seems really depressing. Eather I ask someone out who looks and behaves how I like, ooor when I figure out that I really like this person, that will be too late. Relationship is a Russian Roulette, yeah?

Wow, look at the digits, I really getting something

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>Relationship is a Russian Roulette, yeah?
you don't have to marry every single person that you make moves on. if you date a girl you need to set the date and the conversation up in such a way that you will test the things that are important to you. obviously you won't be 100% sure if she will stick around in case you hit on hard times but you won't find out if you don't take a chance. to any profitable venture there is an inherent risk

ahh you need the crash course. here's a quick measure " would I do this with my buddy?" combine that with "how can I get closer to her?" for instance getting coffee together is buddy stuff, until you flirt with her. now flirting isn't just random physical compliments, it's a friendly game of pushing the boundries. "wow you look great" is just a compliment until you add "would you turn around for me?" it's okay to make misteps just don't focus on them.

Thanks for legit advice, man

don't worry about it. i take it that you are still young. enjoy it and try pushing some boundaries, trying out new things. just keep your head on your shoulder and know yourself. we are all gonna make it

You live in a society that still mostly believes in monogamy. That means one man for every woman, which means Chad can't take all of them for himself. You also live in a time where said monogamy is breaking down in womens favor and they put out sex far more often than ever. There is no excuse to not being able to get laid in this day and age.

The problem is you. Improve yourself and you will see results. Stand up straight, look people in the eyes when you talk to them, workout, be active, and it will all turn around before you know it.
You can do it OP!

Stay friends, get closer to them, ask if they have any friends who are single. Its all about expanding your connections.

why not go on a dating app?

well, if you don't want to be friends with her (hint: if you want to fuck someone, than you are not really friends) just tell her that you already have enough friends and that you aren't interested in being friends with her, or simply ghost her and move on to other girls.

Look man, unless you are a chad dating is a numbers game. Just keep trying with other girls and you will get one in time,and in the meantime work on yourself, that's all there is to it really.

Are you comfortable with yourself? Do you want just any woman?

You need to deal with any personal problems you have before you try to get a woman. They dont exist to fix you or to make your life easier. Plus, why would anyone take on a partner whom is more work for them?

Most people will be rejected by the people they are interested in, I think probably around 90%. What you need to is love yourself, have the mentality that it is their loss, not yours, because you are a catch. If you dont think so why not? Are you a miserable neet? If so, change that and then come back to dating. If youre not a miserable neet and you have alot to offer, then stop being a bitch.

Getting a girlfriend is the last thing to worry about. Remember relationships are about giving. If youre going into it to have a girlfriend, youre doing it wrong.

If you don’t want friends, be clear about it and move on. Also improve yourself.

Dating app don't look like a solid option, don't have fb or ig too, case it feels like a waste of time
I know that having woman will not fix my problems. But usually I am the one who fixes them myself. My real motivation here is too have relationship experience, too discover something new. I think about it like an adventure.
Also some girls who where interested in me, rejected me cause they had strong relationship with bfs. That's the girls I adore, case they loyal