I feel so done with life

I’m a 21 year old girl. Live in a shitty 3rd world country with my family and I’m forced to share a room with my 16 year old sister who’s a massive cunt. My dad’s physically and verbally abusive to us. He’s also shitty to my mom but he’s not physically abusive to her. I live in a Muslim country so I can’t really do much about it and I’ve just learned to live with it. I don’t know, sometimes it just gets really frustrating and hard to deal with. I don’t have any options. I don’t have any money to go to a different country and honestly I’m not looking for solutions. I just need someone to tell me that it’s gonna be fine. I don’t really have friends because they’re extremist Muslim retards. I don’t think I’m ugly but guys here tend to go for the girls who are covered and who basically have no lives and sit at home. I’m not like that so yeah I think I’m gonna die alone. I considered offing myself but idk about that. Idk why I posted here but I guess it’s because I have nobody to talk to. Right now I’m just sitting on the bathroom floor crying because my dad got drunk and threatened to beat me up. It doesn’t bother me usually but Idk i just couldn’t take it anymore and I started crying after so many months. Sorry about the grammar btw, English is not my first language.

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Oh man, that sucks. I hope your situation gets better anonette.

Girl, it’s gonna get better. I promise life is worth living, you’re worth living for. You’re dad’s a cunt, don’t you wanna prove his ass wrong? My mom had a pretty similar situation growing up. She got pissed, struck out on her own, became a nurse to support herself and said Fuck You to her dad and plans to not even go to his funeral. You can do this Anonnette! Think how good it will feel to piss off everyone when you come out on the other side. Think of that awesome feeling you will get when you finally can rest on your own. We’re rooting for you!

>I just need someone to tell me that it’s gonna be fine.
I wish I could. But honestly, it's not going to be fine unless you and others fight for it. And things more often than not end horrible for freedom fighters and rebels.

You're not alone

>muslim country
False prophets worship reaps what it sows

Get out. Find a non Muslim man and escape

Depends on what country you're in and visa/passport restrictions but I'm sure there are people on the internet who would pool together money to fly you out of that shithole.

It will get better. You are going to be ok.
Keep looking for opportunities to get out, even when it seems impossible. Don’t lose hope


Try finding some foreigner and seducing him.

Seek asylum

Women have the most powerful weapon against occidental men wich is seduction, try to meet foreigners.
What's your country ? If its Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, then your situation IS FAR from shitty, these countries offer more than they seem to (in fact, if muslim countries governments werent so corrupt, these would be insanely rich countries especially Algeria), and have close relationships with europe.

If its shit like Indonesia, Malaysia idk how to help you.

Women need to know their place, at least muslims got that right and won’t end up like degenerate western countries

user your life is 100% worth living dont let people without the mental capability of having empathy towards others decide how you feel. It is human to empathize so just dont give a shit abt what ur dad or sister do or say, just awknowlegde their presence. Also have a goal to reach after. You say third world country so why dont you try getting a degree and getting a nice ass job so you can fly your coochie out of the 3rd world country and decide your own fate. Broski dont ever kill urself femanon.

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Seek an arranged marriage with a foreigner from a rich country

Your grammar is pretty good to tell you the truth, I didn’t have a hard time understanding anything. And everything WILL be ok. I can’t tell you how, but things get worse and worse and WORSE until they get better one day, out of the blue. You’ll never know when that day is if you off yourself. If it helps, keep talking to us and others and we’ll always be here to support.

Jobs, so it can distract you from your family problems, though idk what will happen to your mom.
Maybe work with your mom at the same place?
Choose a place where he usually dont go.

Study, so you can pick a uni at a far away place, but youre 21 so idk if youre already in one or not. Far away that it will make it a real hassle for him to go there, doesnt have to be another country(as the flight ticket prices) still idk what will happen to your mom if you do, not trying to guilt trip here.

Divorce, tell your mom to divorce him, sure its still verbal abuse now, but are you sure that gonna last forever and he never gonna hit your mom? Dont thinks so.
Record when he abuses your mom as a proof. But becareful with your sibling, as can you really trust them?

Connections, try making connections with your surroundings, how bad is the extremists? Will they harm you in anyway? Are they forcibly force down Islam in your throat? Ive met with muslims and they are really nice people. Im assuming you arent muslim, then are there some discrimination you received?
If not, theres still hope to make some connections, but if there is, dont give up, try changing their perspective on you. NEVER underestimate connections, if you be kind and be really close to someone they may introduce you to something for you to get out of there with your mom or to someone that does the that. With connections, your ways to get out of there with you loves one become endless.

Also relax with your lil sis, shes still 16, learning, try to be close to her or maybe even change her to be a better person, maybe shes going through bitch phase, or maybe because of your father she is like that. So she still have hope too.

Lastly, dont EVER give up and keep FIGHTING for your freedom, there will be no change to the circumstances unless you or your mom do something about it. Oofing yourself isnt the way to do it user.

I hope the best for you and for you to achive happiness and freedom.

No Oofing yourself ok?

quads confirm

>drunk father in muslim Country
also just fuck your sister let's be real it's allowed in your country and that would help the both of you. You can unleash frustration and she can finally have some sex.

Ayy bby want a green card?

Which country? And make it quick

Why are you actually crying for? That he only threatened to beat you up and he didn't? Get the fuck out of here, you whore