I just blocked my girlfriend because we had a fight about Hong Kong situation...

I just blocked my girlfriend because we had a fight about Hong Kong situation. She's a chink and convinced the Chinese government can do nothing wrong, and the whole situation is just American manipulation. I think bois should protest if they don't like something. Obviously the situation is more complicated than that, but she acts like a fucking child reeing whenever China is criticized.

How do I stop her being such a rabid nationalist ? I don't want to have kids with someone like this

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You dont deserve her, she is better than you. At least she has ingroup loyalty which you certainly dont.

Bruh you dodged a bullet.

>At least she has ingroup loyalty
You say that like that's a good thing.

>Dating chinese girls

Bad idea. I'm not being racist, but as a westerner the only Chinese people you're likely to come into contact with are these same middle/upper class types who are ultranationalist and narrow minded. It's not worth the hassle. If you're really fixated on the "asian look" try Koreans, Japanese, or second generation immigrant girls instead.

I had a chinese friend who thought that the chinese government should pay a bit of money to google so that google would bring their service to china.

>t. liberal scum

>t. Bootlicker

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This isn't loyality when your own people are getting 1984'ed by some pseudosocialist government. It's literal bugmen/sheep mentality. The government has to serve it's people and not vice versa.

Yeah you did it right as long as communication wasnt possible anymore. Wtf is wrong with this world? In the west nationalism is being shattered and in any other place of the world faggots are ravaging. Chinks are in 90% of all cases Erdoğanfags in Hidden mode. I've seen their faggotry at the RWTH campus in aachen.

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The best part about DPRK is that all of it's citizens are loyal.
North Career best Career.

I think part of it is because she's way older than me. She was the second child born during the one child policy. How can you be loyal to a government that literally tried to murder you for being born?

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Mainland Chinese have statistically the worst hygiene, worst manners, NO ethics, worst intelligence and worst physical health of almost any race on the planet. Why the fuck you wasting your time with a subhuman gook? Go date a Japanese goddess.

CIDF out in force today

>Chinese government
>thinking he can in any way seperate these entities
Either fuck it out of her or let her go, you can't change the programming of insects.

>Chinese secret service has arrived to make China look good again!
Elevator eating kids.

Abandon ship, matey.

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It raises the question...
What is the generalized difference between mainland Chinese gf and Hongkong gf?

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>Chinese indoctrination
There's no winning. You know their nationalism is practically genetic at this point. It's fearmongering at its worst, far worse than USA.

Just... you know.
Also just so we're clear, massacre of Tiananmen Square

Fun fact, most chinamen don't know about Tianamen Square massacre, unless they've traveled abroad. Even the people who lived through that time, unless they were directly involved, don't really know about it. That's how good the Chinese media blackout is, even back then

Kind of like the US CIA

Nice CIA thread, I'm just gonna continue fucking my chink gf' pussy

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People with clashing politics can still be a couple. Just agree to declare certain topics off limits for debate and build on what holds you together

I wish it was bait m8, but I'm having real problems. We were pretty close to having a kid, but I don't want my kid being a China shill because of her influence.

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She's a bootlicker. Never trust a bootlicker. You should dump her before she betrays you.

>No critical thinking skills whatsoever
>You should be proud for lack of absolutely basic skillset needed for contributing to democratic society in a positive way.
Nigga you what?

what's her stand on tiananmen square? I met a chink qt once who legit believed nothing happened there because that's what she'd been told in school

She knows it was terrible, she was in highschool when it happened. She had a teacher in college or some shit who was a protester in Tianamen, and because of that he could never get a promotion or change his job for the rest of his life. But now the same sort of shit is winding up to happen, and she doesn't see anything wrong with it. She thinks HK people are Chinese, so they should bow to China.

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We tried to warn you about racemixing. Asians will never be 'us'. Only we can be us user. Just be thankful you didn't already have a child that looks nothing like you and parrots foreigner propaganda just like his mommy.

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Hong Kongs get offended if you call them chinese. They have british values

It's a sad day in Alabama when mentally ill, mongoloid zoomers like you exist and walk among us. Try killing yourself, is my advice

Thanks user

She was never your girlfriend to begin with. Find a girl in real life, incel.

She has her political opinion, and it shouldn’t negatively impact your relationship. Is your relationship really impacted by foreign politics? There should be a mutual understanding that you can have different opinions.
If relationships are meant to last, they need to have a strong bond. If there is a single chink in the chain, the bond can break.

What kind of autism is this?

Politics are inherently expressions of a person's morals and world view. If they're fundamentally incompatible, then yes they should effect the relationship. It's just this one thing this time, but it's a symptom of an underlying problem, like mold. If you can talk about it like adults it doesn't need to be an ultimatum, but it sounds like OP's SO isn't open to discussion. In that instance you have to decide what means more to you, your morals or your relationship.

I would leave, because someone demanding I change what I fundamentally believe to be true and good in order to better align with their worldview is symptomatic of someone who doesn't want an equal relationship, they want a yesman.

I think he’s implying that OP’s girlfriend is an online girlfriend, who he has never met, which is understandable since OP used the word “blocked” as if that was a complete cut off of their relationship. If OP’s girlfriend is an online girlfriend, it’s understandable that the average person wouldn’t consider their relationship to be completely legitimate.
If that is the case, my advice to OP would be to take a step back and look at the relationship. If the relationship is online, meeting would be logistically difficult, and there are already petty arguments taking place, reconsider the relationship.

It was a complete cut off of our relationship seeing as we are in different countries. She is in NZ due to the requirements of a permanent resident visa and I'm in Australia making money.
We've been together for like 4 years now and been separated for almost 3 months. This is not our first big argument, but it's the first where she's just become this nationalist wall that has no give in her argument. Usually we can work things out

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If you’re in Australia, why do you even care what’s happening in China? Her opinion on Chinese politics or even most of your home country’s politics won’t affect either of your lives. Just let it go, and grow as a person.

PRC brainwashing goes deep and starts at a ridiculously young age. treat it like you would if it were her religion. If she acts on it dump her. If it isn't something you want to put up with dump her. otherwise just roll your eyes and carry on.

How could she even act on her Chinese interests outside of China? What’s a realistic thing she could act on?

social media bullshit

I mean if she went to a party and met someone from taipei or HK who was interested in their right to self determination would she chimp out? or do some radical shit in the name of the motherland. IDK you are probably safe on that front.