I need to destroy a home

I am living with the most horrible people. I Need to destroy this house, i want to fuck up their outlets, their drains, fill it with roaches.

I need to do this without getting caught,

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Move out. Less effort, less trauma for you, more opportunities.

Be upfront and honest about it and take responsibility.

I am moving out, and I did speak with them. they are just shitty awful selfish people.

Good. Ignoring them is more hurtful than roaches. You can't bugspray loneliness.

since they are a couple who stay in their room shit talking me, just agreeing with eachother and not listening to a word I say, not really. this is actually hurting me a ton more than its hurting them.

people I trusted, but couples will always trust eachother over an outsider

Well, good. Leave them alone, if they see no difference after you're gone, you're happy they won't bother you, they're happy with each other, everyone is happy. (though you'll be surprised at how much they'll miss you, because it sounds like they're taking your presence for granted)

see, normally I would agree with you. I have spent my life forgiving people and letting people be shitty to me because in the grand scale it doesn't matter

I'v spent my life being the reasonable one, the empathetic person who would do anything for anyone because I believe the world would be better if we helped each other.

but I'm sick of getting betrayed all the time. I'm sick of having people abuse their power over me. I'm sick of shitty people getting away with it and turning everyone against me.

I am going to do something. SO! if anyone has any good ideas

When my company rotated out of deployment and complete retards we couldn't stand were set to move into our barracks, we hid some open cans of spam and unwashed protein bottles.

Wish I could've seen how it turned out.

There probably isn't a way to do it without getting caught, except by sheer dumb luck. Just the fact that you are associated with the intended victims will make you a primary suspect in any competent follow up investigation.

Maybe you can just pour sugar into the house vents? It might attract bugs and it won't smell like spoiled food will, so it will probably take a while to recognize

yeah, I think something with sugar would be a good idea. you cant really smell it.

this house is already covered in ants from all the cat food.

oh yeah, they have 5 cats, cats that piss all over the place

When I say "leave", I don't mean "forgive", I'm not saying "be reasonable", I'm not saying "have empathy".

I'm saying, be as irrational, as unreasonable, as unforgiving and as shitty as possible and leave without ever contacting them again. Let your absence weigh them down. If their house is a pigsty already, cockroaches won't make it any worse, only your absence will. Trust me. Leave and never look back, stand on your own feet, that's the best kind of vengeance for people like these.

they work at the same place i do :') I see them all the time ahahaha, really fucking with my head, being around people like this. yeesh
and they have eachother. thats the bad part. im the one whos suffering now lol. I'm the one getting shafted because they have all the power, and they have eachother. the land lord is their uncle and i learned they have been shit talking me so this is just a lose lose situation for me

I didnt sign the lease because i fully trusted them. I gave up a lot because i trusted them. this keeps happening to me! hahaha

I keep believing in the best in people. I really need to learn a lesson.

Is it difficult for you to find a different job and a different place to stay? Do you have any other acquaintances outside of that pair (are they your parents?)

I'm not getting a diferent job because of these assholes. I moved a year ago and I dont really have anyone around me anymore. my plan now is to smooth things over with them so that we get along at work and fuck up their shitty house. see how they like being kicked out of their home

Not gonna lie, OP, you sound unhinged, and not in the way of someone who’s just fed up from getting fucked over.

I’m all about not being the “bigger person”, that shit is overrated. However, considering you work with them, I really think this will come back to fuck you over. Maybe you can go subtle... psychological warfare. I remember an episode of Always Sunny where Dennis turned Mac and Charlie against each other by simply asking “hey how come Mac always gets to be in charge of the radio?” Start thinking in THOSE terms. Be smart about this.

By forgetting about it and listening to papa roach

yeah, psychological warfare is good. I'm thinking about breaking up their marriage. the husband is WAAAY better looking than the wife so dropping little clues that hes cheating on her wouldnt be tough.

now, that sounds pretty bad. but.... whatever. I just dont care anymore!

Go for it OP, shitty people deserve bad things to happen to them. Catfishing them might be fun and you probably wouldn't get caught.

Glad my advice was helpful

I like where is going. Think about it; let’s say you catfish the husband and he’s sexting and sending nudes and shit. What have you really done wrong? You just put the bait out there, HE’S the one that bit. If he wasn’t a POS, then you’d have no luck. It’s a win win. You get to ruin these people all while still being (slightly) morally superior.

people who talk about karma piss me off. there is no balance in this world. no justice. people with power will abuse it. people are selfish fucks

catfishing! thats interesting, I'll look into it. this dudes is dumb as fuck so it'll probably work

I just want you to know I've been fucked over by terrible people because I trusted them too OP. You're a good person. You're much better than they are. Kind people exist out there and I hope you find them because you deserve them.

thank you. I honestly wish the same for everyone. I'm just constantly amazed by how horrible people are to eachother. I say while trying to ruin peoples lives.

I really should be using this anger and energy to ... take down shitty corperations or something haha, but thats not really something one person can do... ahhhh

I'm honestly just loosing my mind over this. completely losing it. and I'm sick of letting people get away with it

It's totally normal to be furious over it. You'll probably feel angry for a long time. It's been almost a year since I got out of my situation and I still get angry, but it's slowly getting better.

Honestly the best thing we can probably do is just be the most impressive people we can be, but revenge can happen at the same time.

put out some mousetraps and hide dead mice in the vents

I just realized after making this post that there are no vents in this shit house. no AC! real great place

I almost want to kill their cats, which.... is extreme. feed it some chocolate or something but... I dunno. i dont like hurting animals

OP don’t become the kind of trash that they are. Then you’ll be just another piece of shit in the world that deserves some karma.

Go with the catfishing angle. Deeply damaging, super humiliating for them, and moral high horse. Win win win.

Hide a raw chicken/milk mix in a jar somewhere. Let that shit ferment/explode. Worst smell imaginable.

Yeah, don't hurt the kitties OP. They're victims in all of this.

raw chicken milk. ok, i will try that

and yeah, I think the cat fishing is the best angle. thanks guys!

The need to fuck up their stuff comes from your low self-esteem. You leaving should be considered their loss, but no, you want to be remembered by shitty awful people as the person who left a disgusting mess out of revenge?

Grow a spirit.

You suggested that in your own thread?
Arse hole.

OP don’t do anything to the house, trust me. You’ll look like a loon and then even more people will be on their side

yeah dude don't hurt the cats

nah the first post was me. he meant "seeing"

>Mail order termite colony
>use razzors on feces or inclean surface to give infection when shaving
>wafflestomp shower every odd day
>plant drugs and call police
>get you and some friends to make domestic abuse calls
>make anonymous tips on illegal shit they do

Limitless ideas op

100% true. I tried the loon approach since they threatened me and I am the crazy one.