Does PUA work?

Does pick up artist advice, aka game, work to pick up chicks? and if so, what books/channel should I read?

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Yeah. It’s best to develop your own mind of game though. Game is just talking to woman without fear of rejection, PUS don’t do anything special that the average man can’t figure out on their own.

What’s really going to help you in increasing my money, looks and status which most PUAs already have or work on. I have never seen a successful ugly PUA, maybe expect RSD Tyler but even in his younger years he wasn’t that bad looking, and apparently he has a lay count around 200ish, which is good for a bald autist.

Literally any dating advice aimed at men are labelled PUA

The term have become completely meaningless

Maybe use a site like ok Cupid or tender (tho I suggest the former if your looking for an actual partner, but if ur looking just to fuck that’s ok too)

Just be honest with what u want, pick up lines suck and never work.

Also be yourself! No girl wants someone who has been pretending to be nice just to get in there pants,

>No girl wants someone who has been pretending to be nice just to get in there pants,

Women throw these accusations around all the time (usually because they refuse to be honest about their hate towards men). It hardly means anything nowadays

It has become meaningless. I don’t like PUA shit and a lot of it is aimed at the kind of women you wouldn’t want anyway, but EVERYTHING is labeled as PUA now.

OP, rather than asking if it works, why don’t you tell us what it is you’re looking for? Hookup? Relationship? Where do you stand as far as looks, personality, status go? All of this will give you a better chance of getting accurate answers

I'm a guy with a lot of female friends, and PUA-type guys hitting on them just make them cringe unless it's done by hot guys, in which case it's annoying but forgiven. I think that the only good thing about PUA is that it makes you feel like you have a strategy and a plan, so you end up feeling more comfortable approaching women.

I don't know. I've gotten pretty far just being a (drunk) person.

If a hot girl comes up and starts trash talking you it's because she's horny.

There are certain types of women who are into it. If you do those things to them, they suck it up. Outside of that I think that most of PUA is decent advice that got taken way too far and made way too specific.

You should 1 PUA book/guide. PUA as a community is lame but there is one useful bit they share Not some magic pickup line that'll make girls wet, but "game" helps break the over-romanticism and idealism to sex/dating.

Yes and no.
I would generally stay away from such methods. Better spend your time becoming your best self for the sake of you. Without any ulterior motives.
The problem is that the methods taught by PUA are very shallow and self indulgent and prone to lead to a very vain and unreflected life style. To break it down
Good: Learning to be open and get out there
Bad: Seeing potential mates as "game" and basing your self worth on your quota

Yes, but it's a be careful what you wish for kind of deal. A deal with the devil, if you prefer.

You will basically subvert your personality to get some chick who's in love with the guy you're pretending to be into bed, she'll be looking at you thinking you're that guy, you'll be thrusting into an empty vessel after weeks and years worth of "practice". Do realize the "top" PUA guys all share a similar story that when they first found it, they starting going out to pick up women every night for a few years. That's a theme you hear time and time again from those guys.

t. read the shit out of PUA books and blogs in college

Redpills you a bit. Iois are cool.

The anons above are right.

it only works if your convinced it works in your head.
in general if your looking for more than one nighters forget this bullshit.
>>there is no PERFECT person the PUA only seeks the best looking gazelles and doesnt really care about anything inbetween.

dont waste your time with this bullshit.

>it only works if your convinced it works in your head
This is why Owen from RSD has become a kind of Tony Robbins type guru. He probably got sick of coaching guys who couldn't fool themselves into thinking this was a normal thing to do. Too hard a sell. Now he just appeals to the "true believers"

Basically PUA is turning yourself into a fag to bang broads who would like to fuck gay men if they could. It's no coincidence a lot of them seem much more bi than an average dude, even more than a typical fratbro. I could get into the whole oedipal complex stuff but it doesn't need to get that deep

Yeah the best way to get a one night stand is to make yourself look high status and put yourself somewhere that whores congregate (clubs, bars, parties) and don’t be a try hard.

Literally just be yourself but your best self and go outside.

Pua artist shit works in that it gets you to leave your house and try. After that it is just numbers.

You could write a book about the position of the moon and magic Crystal's and if it got you to leave your house a d talk to girls, it would eventually work for someone.

Yes it works, I've seen some shit I would never thought possible.
Guys constantly complain about how girls never ask guys out, every girl that i've gotten past the social hookpoint and pulled a number from on tinder, has asked me out. They haven't all shown up to the date, flaking is still an issue even when the girl asks you out. And they definitely haven't all lead to sex, or even successful dates, but women act completely differently when i'm running game and sticking to the principles, and when i'm just "being myself".
I've had grils straight up tell me i'm an asshole and they don't know why they're messaging me because they are never going to meet me, Then have them match me again a week or two later and give me their number. That's happened twice at least.
You can believe be or not, i really don't care. But I encourage you to study this stuff and field test it yourself. Don't pay money for books and programs, there's plenty of free content that will teach you the basics. Just try it, i'm telling you.

How old are you and how attractive are you? Do you make decent pay? Most girls will ignore or leave actually leave mid conversation once they find out I don't have a well paying job. It has really hurt me.

Ever heard of lying you fucking idiot?

As a woman, yes, but only if you look ok/good

I read some of that stuff online and the advice that basically says: Dress nice, groom yourself and improve yourself then become confident does work

Confidence is sexy, but so is good looks, so a man who looks good and knows it will be naturally confident

The guys who fake confidence though and try these stupid mindgames might work on young idiots, but 95% of women will see right through that bullshit. You cant really fake confidence and manipulating people will only get you so far.

For relationships looks are of course important, but so is personality. For one night stand and such, you can have the personality of a potato, but as long as you are handsome you will probably get laid.

When i was single and out on town, i was probably hit on more or less every single time, but i only went to bed with the guys who i found really attractive. If i am going to bother with a one night stand and all the awkwardness and hassle that comes along, the guy has to be worth it looks wise

27, make 15 an hour
I like to tell girls I live in my moms basement. Jeffy, of of the RSD coaches used to tell women when they asked what he did that he sucked his own dick behind the convenience store. You have to learn how not to give a fuck and stop trying to impress women and chasing them.
Not that attractive, it's a real hurdle actually when pulling from tinder since the initial match is based so much on photos. None of that maters though if she sees you displaying the right behavior traits. That;s really what the core of game is. Avoiding bad or "beta" behavior traits, and maximizing good or "alpha" behavior traits
Basically, WWCD.

this guy gets it. Even if you are just starting out, your new "character traits" will get you pussy.
But once you take a second to reflect on what you are actually doing, it really hurts.
People suck up to a fake personality. They don't care about the real you, they only care about what you can "give" them (the feelings).
If you are like me, you'll feel disgusted by women soon enough. You'll feel resentment for the world. Why aren't you good enough as you? Why do you need all those other additions to your personality?
Is sex really that important? Or would you rather have someone that likes you for who you are?

On a sidenote, some things are helpful for your development, even if you don't fully commit to the "pua" scene. Stuff like, "just go for it", "have confidence", "those are the signs she's into you", "this is how you evoke emotions", etc. are good to have, and don't need you to put on an act.

The game was a book about applying psychology to dating in order to get laid, namely what's called the confidence game, and the author was not very good at either and did some unbelievably messed up things.

Marylin Manson has a book called the hard long road out of hell; it's a good compliment to read.

The suggestion I have to you is, some people have an urge to be in a relationship with someone and figure it out, and some people don't. It depends on who you are and what you are looking out for in life. Never look for perfection, look for someone you can enjoy being with that you find attractive and stick with them. You end up training each other in the things you both like and growing together and it turns out to be awesome.