Trauma from viewing snuff films

So I was on a porn board trying to jack off when I stumbled on a gore thread. Out of morbid curiosity I ended up watching a bunch of snuff videos recorded by serial killers. Now I have a lot more anxiety and it's harder for me to be in a cheerful mood. How do I get this feeling to go away?

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As someone that has gone through this... It''s going to stick. And it's going to weigh on you for a long time.

Best advice? Don't suppress it or minimize what you saw. Breath. With time, it gets easier. It gets easier because you need time to process what you saw.

>snuff videos recorded by serial killers
no you didn't you fucking idiot.

Get a psychologist and report that site to the police. Dont delete your browser history or you can get in more trouble

some serial killers do film themselves.
Like the ChristChurch shooter, mexican narcos and ISIS.
>How do I get this feeling to go away?
There's nothing to do and trying to distract yourself will just make you more miserable.
Embrace your nightmares, be miserable for some weeks.
On the good side, when something horrible happens in real life, you probably won't faint and you'll be able to keep your senses while reacting accordingly.

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I just forget i watch those videos after 5 minutes and if they were really crazy maybe 10 minutes hahahha,but just dont think much about it,bad happens all the time in the world

>I just forget i watch those videos after 5 minutes
Not op, but shit like that can stick with me for years and years.

Snuff films recorded by serial killers are pretty common on the internet. Search 3 guys 1 hammer and you'll find the full film that was played in their court trial on the first page of google.

Get over it, learn that the world isn’t as safe as you thought and get passed it. Most people have seen shit that haunts them, you’re not the only one. I remember when 2girls 1cup as the worst.

>Most people have seen shit that haunts them, you’re not the only one.
This really doesn't make anything better.

Dunno if this is applicable but I got done with my second year of medschool so I already had my dissection courses for anatomy and autopsies for pathology.

Dealing with corpses changes you. It puts a lot of stuff into perspective because otherwise it would mess with you too much.
I guess with what you saw being videos of murder it's a tad different since you weren't really rummaging around in the people but you saw attrocities being commited.

Talk about it. Make up some story of why you found it. If it gets too hard, seek professional help.

I'm pretty sure the average person hasn't seen a man literally being skinned alive in hd quality. Or a man walking up to random drunks passed out on park benches and stabbing them to death. Or a man riding his bike being pulled into rhe woods to get smashrd up by hammers and and gutted while still alive.

Not trying to make you feel better, you know you shouldn’t let that evil into your mind. You know exactly what you’re doing out of morbid curiosity. None of us should feel good about what we’ve seen.

did it just hit you that people get killed? are you fucking 9 years old?

You don’t have to be so straight to the point kek

You’d be shocked, there was a vid of a child molester getting his face blown off by a shotgun. It was passed around social media like cat memes. Regular “npcs” as these simpletons on this site call them, are just as mentally deranged as the edgiest edge-lord you think you are.

Retard, there's obviously a big difference between knowing people get murdered and seeing it with your own eyes. Are you gonna tell a war veteran for example that he should stop having ptsd because you read about the war in a paper and are fine?

ok but OP watched a fucking snuff film. i could go on a rekt thread on /b/, click 2 random webms and already be far more traumatized than this veteren

>Show that site to the police
Eh....Jow Forums?

You shouldn't have watched it m8. Go to a psychologist or talk with somebody about it. This content has been made by sick fucks for sick fucks who have been thru a lot. You must be a dead child to not get impressed out of it.

>Watch traumatizing stuff
>Complain about being traumatized
Welcome to the club, let that be a lesson for you. Leave that abyss behind and never look back.
Take a walk and call a friend or family member. Don't think about it anymore.

Don’t even try to compare passively watching real gore and serving in the military. There’s no bridge between the two, aside from awareness of how evil and horrific people can be. Even with the most desensitized amongst us, we still can’t watch animals getting tortured without it hitting hard. Even if I don’t like cats, watching someone hurt an innocent being pisses me off worse than the shit happening in Brazil and Africa.

huh. that's it? I've seen much worse on here.

>do not fuck with the cartels

It'll be with you forever op. You're a halfway decent person if it bugs you this much. you'll have to learn to live with it. and take joy in your time on earth. you've just faced your own mortality.

You learned what 90% of the world is like outside of your first world country. This stuff is a regular occurrence in the world. Congratulations, you are initiated out of normalfagdom. You will now spend your whole life in constant misery that will subside sometimes, but always return as bad as before.

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oof. i just watched that and jerked off at the stomach stabbing part. im contemplating my existence now LOL

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based user. You recognize how.shitty humans are.

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Holy shit is this the kind of poeple that visit this site now? Live with it you weak fuck.

>look at me guise! am i one of the cool kids now! im fitting in!
go away cuckold

I was pretty desensitized to violence when I was younger and started browsing/b/. As the years have gone by and I have stopped consuming gore, I have noticed that I am more disgusted by it than I was when I was younger. My problem is with pornography, interracial porn that is. I don't like it and it makes me feel uncomfortable, yet the feeling of fear, shame, and sex makes a much more intense experience despite it being a negative one. I recognize that this fetish is only an extension of a verticality fetish that I developed, which in itself is a symptom of my deeper problems. I am weak in body and soul. A strong mind can only live within a strong body so I'm working on developing both right now.

*Bestiality fetish

>Child molestor getting his face blown off by a shotgun
Kek I remember showing this vid to a friend during a break in highschool, and some stacey walked up to see what we we're watching right as the guy got btfo

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Motherfucking auto correct. You get the point.

go to church.

>self proclaimed gay nigger can't feel empathy
What a surprise


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I watched that stuff as a child with a friend. It definitely changed me for the rest of my life. I think we coped by laughing at it. Sometimes I can get a sick feeling in my stomach like when I see normies treating the world like nothing bad can ever happen. Its not the end of the world having this 'trauma' though, I can still enjoy life and thinking about those things doesn't really ruin my day. I can get pretty anxious sometimes though, but I learned to deal with it by meditating. The most permanent effect on me is probably my inability to be to bothered by mediocre leveled things, I'm too desensitized. I think my humor has become sick too which is actually somewhat fun once you get a good taste of sociopathic humor.

As a warning though, know that there is stuff out there that is way worse. There is stuff that is worse than these snuff films. I know it doesn't seem that way but you would be surprised. I once watched something that made it hard to sleep and then the next day I had a panic attack from thinking about it. That was nothing compared to some stuff I've seen since then. Sorry if this entices you or makes you curious, but I promise the curiosity is better left unsatisfied. You might get a hint for what some of those things are, but please, if an opportunity arises to view such material remember this: DO NOT WATCH IT.

So basically
>be thankful you learned your lesson for trying to satisfy unhealthy curiosity, because it can become worse if you keep feeding it
>don't watch any more of it, find something else you're curious about
>meditate to deal with your anxiety
>learn to laugh at sick jokes. Don't feel bad about having a laugh. Its healthy because it will help you separate the bad stuff in the world from having an emotional effect on you
>also be aware that as you desensitize, you're going to shock people with your new worldview

Good luck and as said, you are initiated out of normalfagdom. Welcome.

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May I ask you what the shit was that let you have a panic attack?