How to get psychiatrist to prescribe xanax?

>see uni psychiatrist for treatment of PTSD and depression/anxiety from childhood abuse and other trauma
>be prescribed 3 different SSRI antidepressants, each eventually proving futile
>realize on my own that the issue is the anxiety, not serotonin

I'm happiest and most positive when around loving people, and anxiety is the barrier between me and those people. With a benzo like xanax or even something like buspirone, all which target anxiety, I could be more outgoing, which would help me make more friends, which in turn would lead to having more loving people in my life, making me a happier and more positive person.

How might I get my psychiatrist on board with this?

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Have you tried telling her exactly that?
Also keep in mind that any drug that affects your personality and emotions has secundary effects.

SSRIs are common therapy for long-term anxiety disorders. They're not used only for depression. Benzos could help you start breaking the ice if you have social phobia, though. Just ask him by telling him what you just told us.

If he has any reason to suspect that you might have an addictive personality, and he's worth his salt, he's going to be cautious about giving you benzos, though.

Xanax is honestly not a long-term solution. It can really fuck you up. Perhaps to break through some of your habits of isolating and stuff it might be helpful- like a way for you to kickstart yourself to healthier habits. Xanax is amazing and really makes you give no fucks- including not caring if you see anyone, so use with caution.

Xanax is incredibly addictive, so like said, they’ll likely be hesitant about prescribing if they’re any good.

Thank y'all for responses. The idea of switching med type came to me just today. I'll bring it up next visit.

I understand the risks associated with a drug like xanax, but my symptoms overall have gotten worse since starting on SSRIs (I was never really suicidal till after a few months of being on them). I'm desperate enough at this point to risk the addiction.

None of the meds they have are helpful. They don't really care about you or care about helping you. It is all a big lie, many of them even lie to themselves. Yes xanax helps anxiety but if you keep taking it you get fucked up. SSRI's don't work as you have discovered. Anti-pscyhotics literally lobotomize your brain and fuck anything else they come up with it will probably be even worse. Unfortunately they really don't care about helping you they just want to trick you. That is literally what they are thinking, if we can trick suicidal people into thinking these SSRI's do something then at least some of them won't kill themselves! What a great system!

>I was never really suicidal till after a few months of being on them
That is the fucking SSRIs doing that to you. Get the fuck out of the psychiatrists clutches now user. You are not safe with them please for your health. I know it is hard to have anxiety believe me I have it bad. But trust me it isn't worth it they won't help. You need to beat these demons on your own. Ask yourself what you need to accomplish that. For me a big thing in my life was moving somewhere far and starting over. Maybe you can't afford that but even something like separating from your parents or whatever you need personally. Ask the hard questions to yourself. Ask if the people in your life were really good to you or not. Forget about societies expectations just ask yourself honestly.

Okay I noticed you have childhood trauma too and you acknowledge it which is a great first step. You could try checking out this man's videos. He has good things to say. Maybe he will give you a different perspective on psychiatry.

I semi-agree with ol crazy here Finding a balance is important. A good psych will be wary of prescribing and will also push cognitive behavioral therapy; not a magic pill that fixes things with no introspection or work.

We agree on one thing though: TELL YOUR PSYCH IMMEDIATELY Athis is making you worse. Start weaning yourself ASAP now (not cold turkey).

I'm not crazy I just got forcibly hospitalized and basically threatened to take medication by doctors. It was pretty terrifying and understandably I am a bit on edge from it. I may come off a bit strong in my disgust but I have seen how nobody cares or believes anyone abused by psychiatrists.

I used to be vehemently suspicious of psychiatry, till I found myself crying every night, unable to do my homework or anything other than lying in my bed sulking.

I'm not saying psychiatry is perfect; I definitely have more respect for therapists. But when most of your formative years made you believe you were shit (that's YEARS of your brain accepting that), sometimes a brain-altering drug is a viable option.

Nonetheless, I agree that taking charge of issues is imperative and I'll definitely check that channel out. I've been collecting all the info I could get on trauma relief lately.

Wow I’m really sorry. I was half-joking. I didn’t think about how being called crazy would hurt someone like yourself. I agree the abuse is rampant and it’s the perfect storm for no one to believe you.

I think you’re barking up the right tree, you just went too far. Therapy and meds help a lot of people (as much as they just mask/turn others into zombies). Everything just needs balance and good doctors which are hard to sniff out.

>But when most of your formative years made you believe you were shit (that's YEARS of your brain accepting that)
Believe me I know what you mean. I'm not even saying this is right. I went to therapy too I wanted to believe that our society was that nice to offer services like this. Sadly it is not. I know it is probably ridiculously hard user just please hold out. I do think you can overcome it on your own, actually I think it is probably the only way although if you have a truly good therapist that would be ideal (sadly they are few and far between). Just keep holding out user and consider abandoning psychiatry. I actually found my experience with psychiatry to be very important and a huge moment of growth. I felt proud of myself again, I felt like I could believe in myself again when I realized it was a scam. So in a way I would be lying if I said it wasn't helpful at all I think it was necessary for me. Anyways just consider looking for alternatives if possible. I do think the channel I posted is very helpful he was so helpful to me. I go to his channel whenever I feel like I just need to hear someone caring talk about things I can relate to it gives me hope that people out there really do understand.

No worries I actually just feel proud when people call me crazy now.

I don't really agree with meds I think it is a consequence of not living in a society where people are empathetic enough. People tend to show empathy for small issues but anyone wiht serious issues like sexual abuse, hateful parents, physical abuse, or even just acting in a bizarre way is usually too much for most people to handle and it can be very difficult to find anyone who understands you. Imagine how that effects a person. I don't think drugs would be necessary in a world where people genuinely empathize with others more.

OP here, is not I. I've never been hospitalized or anything, although that was an option when I was really suicidal.

I went back home after summer session in uni and accidentally forgot my pills, so cold turkey it is.

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Oh I know that wasn’t you, I’ve kept everyone straight lol

Do some googling and make sure you won’t stroke out or something, OP. Just in case. Hopefully your shrink will hear you out

Not OP, but I experience a lot of anxiety problems too. This year has been the biggest struggle
>last year, my father died at the age of 50 due to heart issues, resulting in blood gushing out of his mouth
>before the incident, the emt were yelling at my father for not cooperating to wear the oxygen mask and my father replied "please sir, I can't breath, if you sadate me, I'll die!!"
>of course, I had no idea as to what was wrong with my father since he withheld info on what was wrong with him but I assumed the worse
> the medics asked me if I give permission to sadate him since it was a do or die scenario and made the wrong call in trusting them.
>by the time he shows up to the hospital, the sedation killed him.
Turns out he had fluid in the lung, bad pulse, and a bunch of other factors from a unhealthy lifestyle
>skip to January this year, been dealing with the first of many panic attacks.
>get flashbacks of the doc telling me "there's nothing we can do, I'm sorry."
I miss my dad and It's the hardest fucking thing to get over.

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That’s fucking horrifying.

You did the right thing though, OP. People in crisis will do and say all kinds of shit that’s harmful to themselves, and you were just trusting what was SUPPOSED to be the professionals. I think everyone would’ve made the same choice in that moment. I hope you find peace. I’ve had a friend really gain some calm form trauma support groups. Perhaps look into that.

Getting prescribed benzos doesn't really fix your problems but masks it. A good psych won't prescribe you Xanax. Ime they start you on something like Ativan or Valium and eventually something stronger like Klonopin.

>I understand the risks
Benzo withdrawals is a hell you can't comprehend trust me. Withdrawals can kill you too and you'll lay on the floor covered in piss and vomit wishing you were dead.
Heroin withdrawals are a fucking joke compared to benzos. And even if you get clean the cravings never fully leave. Living a sober life will become more and more unbearable after you've been on benzos long enough. Only use benzos short time, for certain situations. Don't take the risk.
>t. ex druggie

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What about beta blockers?