Effect of penis size on vaginal tightness

Has anyone here slept with a woman who you know or suspect to have been with a bigger dick than yours? Slutty girls for example.

If so, did she still feel tight? Or do you think she might have been stretched by it?

Massive insecurity of mine. I always wonder have girls been stretched out by bigger guys, and it ruins sex for me. I have a girth of 5 inches.

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Damn who gives a shit seriously,the pussy didnt became a fucking 1 meter per 1 meter hole your dick will be felt just know how to use it and you will be a good partner for her

Nigga you’re fucking dumb as fuck. I’ve slept with women that have had multiple children and slept with women who haven’t had any and had few partners. They all feel so incredibly similar it’s not even worth thinking about, just fuck the hole dude.

Just always bothers me, thinking that it could have been tighter if she didn't fuck some other guy first. What's your experience of it, do big dicks have an effect on how tight vaginas feel?

>just fuck the hole dude

In general, have slutty girls felt loose? Or still tight as ever?

Wow no one can help this dude? HELLO HI YES IT IS ME, I HAVE HAD SEX BEFORE. So uh, on skinny girls that I know have slept around more, no not really barely a difference, labia might look a little worn. Fat girls? YOOOOUU BETCHA KIDDO. I've been with fat girls so fucking loose you could flop your arm around in there like a trout. Is it from them fucking around? Idk, but can they get super loose? Chyeah.

idk but i've been with a total player who barely had a dick anymore because all the girls squeezed him too hard

Vaginas don't work like that OP. Please work on your penis insecurity. Your girth is average.

No you faggot, that’s not how pussies work. It’s a meme. Don’t take our word for it, do some googling of basic anatomy.

Also pussy lips don’t turn to roast beef from use kek

please don't have sex. you have no idea how vaginas work

Statistically girls with narrower hips will have tighter vaginas. Get a girl with a tiny waist. Or get her to do kegel exercises.

It's just a (good) meme. Vaginas are all different in size, shape, etc. I don't think hips have something to do with tightness, but wider hips have always been associated with fertility hence why most men are attracted to women that have an hourglass figure.

I think it mostly has to do with muscle tone (the vagina is mostly muscle), but overall the feeling from one vagina to the next won't usually be noticeably different.

If you can fit your dick in, she is a WHORE

I dont think it does but I get where you're coming from. The prevalence of whores isn't good. Women who have more sexual partners are more likely to he unsatisfied with marriage and then leave you because they have more experiences to compare it to. Two virgins who have sex and grow together will always be happier than fornicators.

On the bright side, this sick society won't last. Find a girl who hasn't had more than 3 partners or better yet, dedicate yourself to killing modernity.

Does your mouth get loose when you eat hamburgers?

You know that if she’s super tight for you, it’s more likely to be painful or uncomfortable sex for her, right?

Does not work that way. The vagina is super elastic and no amount of dick is going to change its shape or size

Childbrith can though, but even then it will go back to its original size

t.guy who has a GF with a tight vagina who had a kid 1 year ago

Thanks dude. So she's still tight even after a kid?

the hymen can heal back after some time

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Anybody else?

Jeez fucking christ you never had sex ed. A vagina don’t become stretched and stay the size of the last dick or become lose. Granted a birth or two may fuck it up a bit, but usually nothing that is noticeable in size/tightness.
But! A big dick may do things and make her feel things than a smaller dick can’t. That’s just reality.

But like have you had sex with girls who have probably been with bigger guys and still have them feel tight to you?

It was looser at first, but she got a vaginal prolapse so sex was of the table anyway

Now though its back to how it was

Beyond the breaking of a hymen, penis size and penis numbers have nothing to do with vaginal size.

Think for a minute of a long balloon, the sort they make animals out of. Uninflated it is flat, the sides stuck together. Blow air in it and the sides expand.

The vagina is like that. At rest it is flat. When aroused it opens enough to hold whatever is put in it (including babies, remember/). And after it returns to its small flat state

Your only concern should be that your parents are related by blood.

A big penis does not stretch the vagina. It doesn't work that way. I don't know what morons you listen to, but you should stop. Get your facts from school instead.

No, but the shape and size of a mouth tend to be reinforced by the bones and cartilage that shape it.

Also, pussies don't chew dicks into smaller pieces for the cervix to swallow.

In spite of the seeming stupidity of the question, it's a legitimate one.

If a dick can be stretched over time by outward pulling, it's not much of a leap to consider that a pussy may also loosen from inward pushing.

Bear in mind that the average fake dick is often larger than the average real dick regardless of what it feels like.

>Also, pussies don't chew dicks into smaller pieces for the cervix to swallow.
how do u know that
i'm sorry but i'm kindascared ofthese thigns i haven't had sex before

>If a dick can be stretched over time by outward pulling
It can't.
>It's not much of a leap to consider that a pussy may also loosen from inward pushing.
It is. Dicks and vaginas have nothing in common biologically speaking, trying to compare what can be done with one and the other is absolutely ridiculous.

>nothing in common biologically

They are flesh.

Flesh can stretch. Perhaps not much visibly, but it can and does.

It also sags and loosens. Perhaps not always, but it can and does.

This isn't exactly the type of thing anyone wants to test, but that's not enough to say it doesn't or can't happen for whatever reason.

The lack of sex education here is astounding.


>Also, pussies don't chew dicks into smaller pieces for the cervix to swallow.
Maybe yours doesn't because you don't control/exercise your pelvic floor.

>t. fake article written by roastie women and coping beta men
it CAN stretch which generally happens with fat people
BUT most girls are atleast active enough that their hip muscles are strong
that means that their vaginal muscle will be strong enough to go back to their original positions after sex
but if she's fat or a real slob and doesn't train at all
then having a dick pound her messes up her physique and muscles because they're untrained and just sacks of flesh at that point

>fake article
That's the official Planned Parenthood Organization website's Q&A, you autistic cryptid.

>The organisation who thinks it is not only reasonable but completely acceptable to murder unborn children be absolutely refuses to accept that maybe flesh can become stretched
How surprising...
Guess there's nothing to say, since fetuses under the age of 9 months are literal heaps of cells to be thrown away like trash, and since flesh and muscles can't stretch
thanks for properly informing me about the truth I need to obey. Kill fetuses.

You'd think that with all the fetuses they've encountered, they'd know if flesh stretches. But by all means, you're allowed to never touch women ever again because you like being retarded.

Luckily I just call my women whores, and retards and whores can touch, because they don't give eachother the gay.

nah man I fucked uni's most delicious whore and she felt tight like a noose, which has lead me to believe it's more about her general size (height mostly) since she's super short
I fucked this really shy and cute but fat classmate and, apart of not being able to lift her up or toss her around, my dick felt like if it was inside a rolled up steak when she got dilated and wet
I felt like the littlest tiny man on earth

>good partner for her

Nowhere does OP imply he is asking this because he's worried about the girl's pleasure.

That's promising to hear. You're not massively hung yourself are you? Like odds are some of those guys the uni whore was with had thicker dinks? And she still felt tight af?

nah I'm a pretty average guy
and it's an engineering school so it's like 95% so she most probably has had some much bigger dicks
so don't go for girls your height
and even less if they are fat unless you are super fit

Babies come out of there, dumbass, it's not like post-partum chicks are walking round with caves between their legs years later. Tha vag is a muscle as well, you can make her do kegels and get her to rip your cock off..Chad's weewee honestly probably wasn't much bigger than yours.

Hoes mad

>Or do you think she might have been stretched by it?
You have to be 18+ to post here, OP.

Had a ons with a single mother and she was one of the tightest pussies I'd ever fucked.

The only time you are going to encounter a gaping pussy is if she is just naturally lose or she consistently shoves extra large dragon sized dildos every fucking day.