Should I call off the wedding?

I need advice, my fiancée just told me she’s been with atleast 40 guys through out college, some she can’t remember because she was drunk, but I’ve only been with 3 women my entire life including her (all long term relationships).

It’s making me feel very insecure and second guess the wedding.

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Yeah I saw it the first time bud, move along.

That's disgusting op gtfo asap

>marrying sluts

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I know that many people think that is a problem, but I don't really get why. So she was a slut, if she is faithful now and a positive addition to your life, why would you care.
Also I bet she is good at fucking with all that experience.

Why would people keep insisting about marrying a SO with a completely different moral and ethical worldview? Don't you understand that's a recipe for disaster?

I would get tested if i was in your shoes.
>40 fucking guys

Yes. Or you can get a likely divorce. Idk tho.

>she’s been with atleast 40 guys through out college, some she can’t remember because she was drunk
I would definitely postpone things, you don't want to jump into a situation that is statistically more likely to end in divorce.

Don't do it. They never change.

dont do it, she deserves better

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I dont understand why anyone says anything else

is she tested

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Tell her you have to work some shit out after this new information.

Talk to her about how she was feeling when she did it.

Discuss with her the complexities of how you feel.

She knows you think she's a slut.

Like, maybe she's just tired of it and is desperately hoping that she can rely on someone to promise that no matter how many dicks she's had, theirs is always available, and actually be the stable form of positive emotional support that she has been lacking her entire life.

You're making it sound like a monologue when it's supposed to be a dialogue.

You know - a conversation between two people.

Guys almost never have nearly as many sexual partners as females do.

Think about it - how many girls would you fuck compared to how many would fuck you?

You're not wrong. And they can do the same math, retard.

So talk to her.

Being married sure the fuck ain't gonna make it better, lol...


Dump her user

Did you buy a unicorn and ride It on a rainbow too?

Or actually talk to her about the issues you're dealing with, and at least begin to work through the fact that you feel like she has been able to fuck more or less whoever she wants, and there's a part of her who is telling you that you're absolutely correct to state that, because she's not beholden to you in any way.

And there's a part of you who says the same thing.

And you are neither both correct.

Because if everybody wins, then nobody does, and vice-versa.

In a row?

Dude, if you can afford the interest-rates on unicorns in this market, not to mention the toll-charges for riding one on a rainbow... man, you ballin'.

Good gorb.


If yes, then what response would you give?

If no, then what response would you give?

ignore this
it's a monologue
the only thing coming out of her mouth are 40+ dicks
she is a slut
dump the whore

>ignore this
>it's a monologue
>the only thing coming out of her mouth are 40+ dicks

It's funny. Like, it passes the test of whether it was worth saying to get a laugh.

But then what?

So you're saying you wouldn't have sex with someone who had 40+ dicks in their mouth?

Okay. You do you, boo-boo.

Bruh her past, like, doesn't matter dude. So she had lots of fun when she was young. So what? She loves you, dude, YOU. She got it all out of her system. You really think someone would do something now that they did in the past? Does history repeat? Wtf kind of worldview is that? I think you have problems

>Bruh her past, like, doesn't matter dude. So she had lots of fun when she was young. So what?

Well, like, if you didn't have lots of fun when you were young, then you're probably really jealous of her.

I mean, like, she's not really any more unattractive than you are to enough of the population that you consider her a physical superior.

You're a monster for thinking this, but you just don't care anymore.

So she loves you. You love her. You want to fuck about a million other women than her, but you still do love her because you know that she wants to fuck about a million other dudes.

And that's what equality looks like.

>She got it all out of her system.


And you believe this.

For years.

About fifteen of them.

And then she discovers someone who she falls in love with in ways that even if you were reborn a thousand-thousand times, you'd never happen upon in the way that they managed to.

The fact is that there's always going to be some asshole that you have to out-romanticize.

It's literally impossible to fight.

Some fucking asshole is going to be whatever ideal your lover has about their own, and you're not it unless you're like really unusual and good job for that.

But even if you were at some point, it doesn't last.

I could never kiss a girl who had 50 clocks is her mouth

I'd have sex with a slut, but I wouldn't be so fucking stupid as to marry one. Lmao are you a roastie?


Both of you should get tested. If you're both clean, then nothing's changed. She isn't anyone you didn't grow to love just because she sewed some wild oats. If anything, you're more likely to cheat on her than she is on you. She's had her fun, but your insecure ass might feel like sleeping around will put you at her level when you'll only be ruining your own relationship. Think about that.

40 is alright. Dosent really matter, specially since you can’t tell. Ever.

>I'd have sex with a slut, but I wouldn't be so fucking stupid as to marry one. Lmao are you a roastie?

I mean, there's a chance that marrying a slut might allow you to activate those slut-powers at whatever point they determined you had been enough of a slut.

It's just too bad that people never figured out how to be each other's sluts.

Check ignition, and may god's love be with you.

If it bothers you now it will eat at you forever. I would drop her asap.

Sleep with 40 guys so you can call it even.

>If it bothers you now it will eat at you forever.

Nice trips.

And yeah. No durr.

But if it bothers you now, it bothers you now.

It's not like you can play secretary to what bothers you.

You don't really have a choice, lol.

The fact you need to ask this is a sad reflection of where men are at in our society.

She is a whore.
You don’t marry whores.
You fuck them. Just as the 40 men she banged before you did.
You will never respect yourself if you marry or remain in a relationship with her.

>The fact you need to ask this is a sad reflection of where men are at in our society.

The fact that you think there is a need to ask this is a sad reflection of where me are at in our society.

That's how reflections work.

Fuck off you reddit spacing cunt

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You're so predictable.

It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Okay, maybe it's both.

Did you just assume my gender?

She's pretty hot, though, you gotta admit.

Telling her that is the worst thing you can do though.

Because then you've told her that you think she's a her, which she also agrees with, but how fucking dare you.

No she’s not you soiboy. She looks like a Chucky Doll, only Chucky looks marginally better.

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You're gay.

wow dude, please don't call me predictable, how will I ever recover

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Well those 40 other guys didn’t have to figure out her inner slut. I’m sure a few of them had to work for it a bit, but for the most part considering it was college and she was drunk she willingly gave her body and best sexual years to a bunch of asshole college fuckboys, and now her pussy is tired and she wants to settle down with OP so he can kiss it and rub it for the rest of his life. He will never be able to satisfy her the way those prime 20 year old cocks did, he’ll she probably fucked guys way older than her too, those would be the guys that sexually imprint her for life. She’d always be secretly chasing that cock in her mind whenever she “has sex” with OP, as opposed to those fuckboys that she let fuck get brains out and cum down her throat on random weekends.

Like even if the past didn’t matter like you suggest, and she truly is changed and ready to settle down, why the fuck would you marry a woman who has sucked 40+ dicks as opposed to maybe finding a younger woman whose not in college that has been with way less? Holy shit even if you can’t id rather be fucking alone then having dick breathe in my face every night for the rest of my life. Fuck that. Your part does matter, and there are plenty of women with self respect to marry, sluts that want to “have the college experience” or “have fun while young” or any other excuse they use to basically say they want to suck a bunch of fuckboy dick ain’t the ones you marry under any circumstances, you’ll 100% be better off alone.

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Look at this samefagging cunt

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I know. Like, omg what if we were predictable.

Like, how would any of us ever recover

because insecurity isn't all that easy to cure and most people here are full of it

Lol. You seem angry. Are you an incel?

If you'll be 100% better off alone, then why do you have anything to say at all, you fucking hypocrite?


Keep talking.

Sex, yes, relationship no.

Well, yes, I am. Very nice job

And you're still gay, so here we are.

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What girl would put 50 clocks in her mouth?

>literally replying to yourself

cringe compilation

Lol... you think you're special.

Bless your heart.

All the statistics in the world point towards the absolute opposite of what you said, brainlet.

To be fair, she had a lot of time on her hands.

I did manage to do this actually. Only problem with the story is that she was someone else's GF. Fantastic sex though, first girl that didn't freak out when I grabbed her hair and facefucked her.

redditor go back

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Oh no, not the cringe. Anything but the cringe. Dear god, how do I avoid being cringe? Should I commit self slaughter? Should I dissolve into the void? How do I avoid this terrible curse of being cringe? Jesus save me.

I don't think I'm special at all, and there was nothing to give that indication. Why would you think that? Sex but no relationship is the answer most men will give.

>first girl that didn't freak out when I grabbed her hair and facefucked her.

That's interesting. I have no idea why you'd want to do that, but I guess you had a good time, and she was okay with it, so like I have no fucking opinion about any of this. You all do whatever the fuck freaky shit you want to do, and I'll just quietly die in a corner. Good job tho. I'm really happy for you.

You can't turn a whore into a wife. This is something all men should know.

I'll say it again if I've ever said it before: I fucking never go on reddit.

I could give less than a shit about it.

I have no idea why people keep saying that.

I don't think you believe me, but it's true.

Thank you. That was a great and sexually intoxicating experience for me, yes, and I still have the recording on my phone.

Refer to this post for proof of what I’m saying that OP’s girl is a digesting slut that should never be trusted
Then go choke and die on your wife’s Bull’s cock you stupid insufferable fucking cuck.

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It depends- was it ethical sluttery?

As in: no leading people on, being upfront about what she wanted, no cheating, no mind games or manipulations, still respectful/honest toward partners? If she was ethical about it, I think you should still postpone the wedding, but the issue is YOU. Her being a slut in the past is irrelevant and says nothing about her character. Whether or not she was an asshole bitch about being slutty does say a lot about her character.

>don't think I'm special at all, and there was nothing to give that indication.

You think that being in a "relationship" with someone who has sucked forty dicks is different than having sex with them, and thus you are saying you would have sex with someone in that situation yet withhold any meaningful relationship with them, and that seems inherently fucked up and wrong to me.


>never go on reddit
>constantly reddit spacing
You are literally retarded. Incurably

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So you're skipping straight to that weird point where you seem to make threats about things that you're bluffing about?

Because you sound like you're desperate and full of shit.

There is no recording on your phone.

I don't actually know what "sexually intoxicating" means to you.

I think you are mistaking abuse for love.

What you call reddit spacing existed on Jow Forums before reddit. Or before you were born you teenager edgelord.

Repeat after me: Alpha fucks, Beta bucks. Learn your place beta male.

I get what you’re getting at, but that’s a very simplified idealistic male view of the situation. Women don’t think about shit at all, this is why they are capable of having 100s of one night stands and act like they never happened. So even if they were “ethical” slut outings you’d never know and it’s way for her to sort through them either.

Ultimately best way to look at it is that during those years she probably had tons of decent guys willing to comment clawing for her attention, but she spurted out with the fuckboy assholes, let herself be used like a community toilet for various bodily fluids and ethical or not she still had very little respect for herself or her body if she has a body count in the 40+ and she did it while drunk most of the time. Not ideal for a life partner and OP has every right to have second thoughts.

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Ooh, you got dubs with that drivel.

Whose slut is digesting what and who is OP and literally who the fuck is their "girl?"

You're so full of angry labels, yet you sound like you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about.

>go choke and die on your wife's Bull's cock

So, that makes literally no sense.

I was married for a long time, and my wife never had a cock. She had a very nice vagina, actually. Because she was my wife. And I'm a dude. And she was a lady. Hence: wife.

I mean, you think you have to explain things to people, but then you find yourself in situations where you're telling people what literally it means to have a penis and vagina.

I mean, maybe you don't know, but like we have the fucking internet now, so why am I the one to have to explain this to you?

Why is that fucked up? It's perfectly fine to be friends with a fat woman, but not many would want a gf like that. Because being fat is a sign of no discipline and low intelligence. It doesn't have to be the case, but it most likely is.
And the exact same applies to a woman that has slept with 40 guys. It is a sign of poor discriminatory ability, lack of discipline, different moral system (which is fine if you like it that way but not everyone does), and lack of loyalty. To me, that seems like things that would not matter at all in a sex encounter, but would matter a great deal on a relationship. Hence, sex yes but relationship no seems perfectly reasonable.

Fucking literal cringe

Weak bait, or literal retard; the verdict ain't gonna be in your favor either way

Where was the threat you fucking autist

What threats? It was all consensual and deeply satisfying.

Second, how is it possible to confuse abuse and love? Those two are very different.

Wrong, fucking gay cunt

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You are so desperate for attention

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Of course, literally the pairing of the vagina isn't the penis; it's the clitoris.

Because biology.

I'm so tired of explaining this.

If you're a human, you're first female.

Sometimes you become male to some degree, and if you go all the way, then your clit turns into a dick and your vulva fuses, and your ovaries turn into testes.

There's all sorts of steps between these that I know nothing about other than reading stuff.

Personally, I have a dick.

If I didn't, then I guess I wouldn't, but I do.

if you thought she was worth marrying prior to this info I don't see a problem.

People change and so what she fucked a whole army and you was too shy and only fucked 3. WHO CARES.

Dicks are dicks period. All the same. She chose you so u got the best dick of all. How about that? You WON the dick competition. Be proud. Marry her.

Males are plenty capable of slutting around, hurting/ignoring those who truly care, riding the carousel without a second thought in the world. I personally don’t behave that way, but who are your friends if you haven’t seen this before??

I disagree with what you said, but I get it. I’d view her slutting around and being a community toilet as disrespecting herself if she let them treat her like shit during. Even still, that would just make me find her pathetic, not necessarily unworthy of me. A person in general who doesnt have shit character is sadly a rarity.

As far as OP goes, I wouldn’t want to be with someone who thought less of me for XYZ, so it seems like it might be best for both OP and his slutty fiancé to get with more compatible partners. Though I do think he’s got some maturing to do and focus on things that actually matter, I also think he has a right to his feelings and a right to get someone who’s values align more with his own. Same with slut fiancé, she has a right to a partner who doesn’t think less of her for (if it was ethical/respectful) harmless things from her past.

>Because being fat is a sign of no discipline and low intelligence. It doesn't have to be the case, but it most likely is.

Oh. Well, if you wanted to tell me you were a retard, you could have just told me "by the way, I'm a fucking retard," and that would have saved a lot of time. I thought we were having an actual conversation. You're fucking incapable of that, though, it would appear.

I'd say I'm disappointed, but it's so fucking boring that I'm not. It's just fucking boring. It's not even a disappointment. How do you even be so predictable? It's actually impressive.

The simplest advice I can give is don't marry man. Marriage is a scam anyways and not worth the risk of divorce and expenses like buying rings and paying for the church to host the wedding. Just lover as she is and don't worry about the wedding, trust me. Divorce will absolutly DESTROY a man, especially if you have children. What honestly compels you to get married anyways?

You need to stop smoking so much glue.

Oh... god. Oh, dear sweet literal baby Jesus who suckles from the teat of Mother Mary.

Not cringe.

Not *literal* cringe.

That's the worst kind of cringe.

Oh, sweet magnus mysterium, if there is any fate that would save me from this "cringe" that I keep getting threatened with, please allow me to avoid it.

Dear god and sweet jesus in heaven, it must be so terrible to be cringe.

Just let me plunge into the railroad of fate before I find it.

Just let me fall backwards off of a ladder before cracking my head open.

Because cringe means so much.

Like, your whole reputation might be damaged.

Oh, no. What would you do?

Golly gee willikers.

Fuck you.

I agree with what he's saying in that post. FWB takes little more than a pretty face and a vagina. A relationship needs far more than that. Do you have anything more substantial than just saying *yawn*?

t. landwhale

>the verdict

To what judge do you defer?

I'm honestly curious.

Jesus Christ it never ends with you

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>and I still have the recording on my phone.

I mean... how else is one supposed to take that statement?

Would you care to contextualize it or explain it? Because out of context... well, what would you call it?

>how is it possible to confuse abuse and love?

I wish there were an easy answer to that. I have loved many, and I have watched them all fall to abuse.

I guess abuse is easier. I don't know.

Yeah, probably. You caught me.

Why marry her after she's old and had her fun? Why not just go for younger women who haven't had 50+ partners

>harmless things from her past

Again why would any man marry a woman that has slept with a ridiculous amount of guys when there are women that have slept with few or none?

You’re right, she is pathetic. She’s a disgusting used up whore. Not saying she doesn’t ever deserve love, but marriage? Too big of a risk and you’ll be forever known as that guy that had to marry the slut to keep her used up pussy a million over guys got for free or way way less. Marriage is for the most valuable woman, not the beat up cum dumpster. As a man you’re taking a huge risk marrying a thot, a huge financial and emotional risk. She cheats on you 5 or 10 years down the line and you’re finished. Best to just drop the thot and date a decent respectable woman.

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>You WON the dick competition. Be proud. Marry her.

Lol... yeah. Until she finds another dick she wants more.

It doesn't matter how many years.

It doesn't matter how many dicks.

There will be one who is better than yours.

And when she finds it, it doesn't mean that the commitments you've made will make a difference.

You'll still be held to them, because fuck you.

And she won't, because also fuck you.

And that's pretty much how it goes.

Good luck.