I like seeing animals tortured. Are there any sites I can visit for that?

I like seeing animals tortured. Are there any sites I can visit for that?

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Glad we can all agree that people like OP are the worst.

Can I honestly ask you why? I'm on the verge of just judging you, because while I don't mind animals being killed, getting pleasure from the suffering of others is truely offputting for me. Personally I have no respect for anyone who feels the need to put others down or indulge in the misfortune of others. Always seemed like a very weak and pathetic way to empower oneself. So please humor me and tell me I'm wrong

OP here, I've been on shit sites like bestgore.com but they feature only humans which is quite disappointing. Animals do the job better for me desu.

OP is impressively retarded, I vehemently loathe stupidity. I've seen more Gore than you ever have, kiddo

So it's a fetish or just morbid curiousity?

There are a lot of videos regarding animal torture in terms of unethical butchery etc

Personally I try to stay away from this content. I have to admit I want to kill, skin and gut an animal some day, but not because I enjoy it. Rather, I feel it's pretentious to eat meat if you're not able to do the deed yourself. So it would be more about appreciating the life that animal gave.

If you honestly enjoy seeing animals suffer, please consider seeing a doctor. Not for ethical reasons, but your own good. It's destructive and considering the society we live in, ultimately self destructive. Even as a sociapath you probably will be happier doing something more meaningful with your life

>I've seen more Gore than you ever have, kiddo
oh, the irony

Morally speaking I dont understand why people enjoy niggers getting dismembered but hate animal cruelty. Also, psychiatrist told me that nothing's wrong with it as long as I don't act on those impulses. Anyway, yeah it feels great seeing torture. Now, can I have some links?

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>Also, psychiatrist told me that nothing's wrong with it as long as I don't act on those impulses.
The one you saw was a bad one.

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What kinda We-Need-To-Talk-About-Kevin-ass kinda psychologist says it’s ok to watch as long as he doesn’t act? Lmaooooo

I hope she’s setting up a honeypot for OP and gets him committed kek

Edgy teen confirmed. If you're too dumb to find this content yourself open a thread on /gif/ or ask Jow Forums
Maybe watch Cannibal Holocaust. Good movie and the animal cruelty is real.

>being this edge

They're hard to find being that animal cruelty is like weed laws, it's ok but you're just not supposed to talk about it or let there be open proof that it's happening. Anyway, no the human gore sites are going to be the sites that also host those videos. However no historically Jow Forums is not your friend on this, this is the one thing that anons have dox'd and arrested people for, seriously, look it up. You'll be ok, maybe switch to a healthier version and watch small animals get fucked up by bigger animals on nature shows.

Whoever told you that is not a good psychoatrist. You shouldn't feed the crazy. That's like the most basic thing.

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You do realize this site was sold to glowniggers right? I doubt you even have a vpn, because if you did you wouldn’t be on the surface-net looking for crush porn.

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