I need to lose all of my empathy permanently. What do I have to do to achieve this...

I need to lose all of my empathy permanently. What do I have to do to achieve this? I want to feel NOTHING for fellow human beings anymore.

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This is literally the defining characteristic of being a human person. Get some therapy, edgelord.

just be yourself

So you can go on a killing spree? Get the fuck out of here.

ssris will do this, unironically

Focus on yourself and only yourself. Believe in yourself and only yourself. Morality is overrated and morals are for idiots who enslave themselves to others. You are the universe and the universe is you. Everyone else can go die for all you care, because they're unimportant.

Bundy did not feel nothing for fellow humans. Quite the opposite. He had very strong emotions. These emotions drove him to murder because he could not control them.
If you felt nothing for humans, you certainly would not bother murdering them like bundy did.

>You are the universe and the universe is you
You don't know what your talking about. That'd mean OP had to recognize and connect with his environment. OP wants to willfully live in ignorance and a false sense of superiority to not deal with his environment. No one likes to be vulnurable, but shutting off your feelings will only result in misery. Stop wallowing in self pity and be the person you'd like to be friends with

go live out in the wilderness or something and just avoid them

>but shutting off your feelings will only result in misery. Stop wallowing in self pity
This is the complete opposite of what happened to me.
I remember being in bed for like 3 straight days and crying because I didn't get the girl I wanted. I spent about an hour maybe less praying and meditating to force myself to not have feelings anymore. May be I unlocked some sociopathic part of my personality. By the end of it the thought was comical to me that I was that sad over some bull shit. I honestly have not had feelings close to that hard since and that was about 10 years ago. OP there is no point in looking for happiness in other people. You have to bring it to them.

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Interesting point! I think this is the reason that there are a lot of peaceful psychopaths. Imagine the dread of being completely aware that you don't care about others, but had the deep wish to connect in a deeper level. You'd be perfectly able to fake through these relationships, completely aware that they lack any true meaning. Not feeling empathy for people doesn't mean you want to do them harm. Maybe you even wish you could experience the gift of true compassion, but deep down you know it's just a fluke. You feel guilty for misleading those close to you. Or maybe you question wether you feel a true and genuine love for those people. Maybe you are normal and it's just a warped understanding of what it means to love. A lack of communication? Do others feel the same and just pretend to have those strong emotions? What is your life worth when you can't share it? Seems like a nightmare. I'm rather glad to be able to emphasize with others!

I'm on SSRIs. Tough to say what my empathy levels are. Definitely not zero. Tough to say what the average is, I've been on them since I was pretty young and I'm not sure what it was like before. It's possible I'm way below average. But I can't tell from the inside.

Xanax every morning

Get your heartbroken. Really truly. There will be nothing left.

>ssris will do this, unironically
Lmfao I came here to recommend ketamine or pcp. That's what did it for me.

I want to elaborate on this user’s post. There are two types of empathy: cognitive and affective. Cognitive empathy is your ability to understand what other people are feeling and rationally consider their perspective. Affective empathy is the degree to which you actually mirror their emotions. Psychopaths possess cognitive empathy, but lack the affective component. In all likelihood, Bundy had an extremely high degree of cognitive empathy. This gets discussed at length by actual doctors on an episode of the psychiatry and psychotherapy podcast. They also have an episode on psychopathy where the host interviews Dr Cummings, who works in a hospital for the criminally insane. The main component of psychopathy that he emphasizes is the failure to react to shocking stimuli. Even as children, psychopaths do not feel fear. Images of violence and danger do not provoke a significant reaction in them. Pro-social psychopaths often find their way into high stress careers like active military duty and as bomb disposal technicians.

I know I’m not a psychopath because I do feel fear and anxiety. I have a penchant for borderline suicidal behaviours when it comes to my physical safety, but I’m a very conservative investor and highly socially inhibited. However, I do lack affective empathy and basically describes exactly how I feel on a daily basis.

Work in retail and in hospitality at the same time for like 3 years or something.

> I have a penchant for borderline suicidal behaviours when it comes to my physical safety, but I’m a very conservative investor.
I know this feels my dude. I cherish my real friendships and try to stack money like I plan on living forever. But I'll be the first one to try out a new taser on myself or jump off a bridge.

I'll only tell you if you will be peaceful and not harm anyone unlike your faggot in the pic. You don't need to be empathetic but you can't hurt people. I don't give a shit about anyone other than blood relatives, it's extremely easy.

kill yourself

Pay someone to torture you for like 6 months non stop, you’ll have no emotions after that.