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I care you, T.

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Life is awesome!

I’m a Christian and I lied to my Muslim wife’s family about being a Muslim so that I could marry her without her being disowned. I kept away from my church because a member of the parish is my in-laws’ neighbour, and I fell out of practice with my religion. But recently the need to pray and receive Communion came back, and I went back to church. My priest and fellow parishioners were happy to see me back but I’m playing a dangerous game.

Pic related, me after the Final Judgement.

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Man, I just didn't have it in me to walk to the store tonight. Sucks cuz I really want some donuts :c

I sure hope she isn't getting bored of me. Fuck!

I love my gf a lot but I would love her even more if I didn't have this massive paranoia that I'm missing out on experiencing relationships with other women .

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If you had a lot of experience with other women you would wish you had remained faithful to one.

I can't stop feeling bad about a oneitis, thing is there was no falling out, we just haven't spoken in a while. I've been considering reaching out, but I've also been trying to focus on getting my shit together for the coming semester. I dunno, I just want to stop feeling bad about it.

I cheated on my gf with another woman and I never felt more alive when I did. Shes married too which makes it even better. We're planning on meeting again. I want to feel bad about it but I cant

better pick a side soon before the rapture

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God bless the life I lead till now, he have me all I wanted

Why don't you ask me anything?

Some lady just crashed into the back of my father's car because she got distracted by her phone while driving. In theory everything is fixable - he has a proper insurance and the lady admitted her fault to the police - but we have worked really hard to buy this car and took really good care of, so it just feels really sad and depressing to see it crashed by someone else's stupid mistake

You’re awfully happy with the possibility her husband might want blood for what you’ve done.

Learn from this

Because google

That's a good point. I dont want to cheat though. But I know that goes beyond simple fidelity stuff

Whatever you went off about and ranted on me, it's helped my side out tremendously. You really helped the good people pick my side. The dirtbags and losers still support you because you all are senpai and even R Kelly has supporters. But the ones I care about aligned with me. Thanks for showing everyone you the douche you are.

Right now i can take the first step for living a healthy lifestyle, But i don't know if i can actually commit to it.

Nice bait.

I’m hesitant to say that I mis u because I’m scared you might release your claws into me.

I'm a nomad

Where’s the gioyc pic? You suck at making threads.

Go for a vacation to the seaside with my brother and his fiancee so that I get a change of scenery and relax a bit. But so far it's me and bro walking on eggshells to please his fiancee which is basically impossible, her mood lighted up when mine started getting worse. I've already spent a whole day depressed doing nothing, today's gonna be prolly the same. And I can't talk to my friend(s) because I get the same reply "why are u depressed lol", or my parents because even though they mean well they just judge/lecture me and feel bad themselves. I just want for once in my life to be able to say to someone I consider close "I'm feeling like utter shit" and hear back "it's allright user, it's gonna be all right", instead being the one who's saying it.

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I have to wear L sized pants now.
I feel a bit chubby sometimes, but I didn't think I was fat my any means.

I can't keep hiding from my reality with nonstop daydreaming. Ill never magically end up living a comfy life in the Arctic wildness with a some cute girl and adopted children while having some sort of special power. Yet day after day I find myself escaping back to a dream that will never come true.



Fuck you!

can someone tell me please if this person tried suicide

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Still drunk. I'm just pissed I tried to socialize while being absolutely retardedly drunk. I wouldn't have tried some shit like that normally.

It’s alright, user. It’s gonna be alright.

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You’re gonna be alright too, just keep on going.

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Same here. But I got my life in order. The only thing that keeps me from reaching out is that I know I did the right thing about ending it. Long distance can't work and if someone moved, that person be unhappy.
But, God, she was perfect for me and I miss her.

I think you’re jealous. If you like me then tell me. I’m only interested in you. I won’t ever love anyone else because no one is like you. You’ve been acting like you want me to move on...

Thank you, this means a lot.

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i just met a really great girl had the best sex of my life with her, could talk with her for hours, she already calls me her bf she kissed me goodbye yesterday, now she's ghosting me or replying with two words. I feel sad.

I fucked up guys. i really fucked up. i had this awesome job i really liked doing, and now it's gone. I worked for this third party company that works for Verizon. everything about the job was nice and in my direction.

after 2 months though they fired me. I got my friend to get hired to and he got fired as well 2 months later to. They told us both the same thing "you're not completing jobs fast enough blah blah blah". this also happened to a bunch of other people they hired, and they're still hiring and firing like that today.

idk why they're doing this, but i miss that job now because now that i'm working in my backup job (retail), it really makes me wish that i still had that job.

I don't talk to you in evenings because I don't want to disturb you. This is where you actually should make impossible possible and message me first :D

Nice gaslighting. You’re giving them a reason to be jealous yet say you aren’t interested in anyone else. They don’t owe you shit.

If they’re all sluts, shouldn’t they be putting out? Sounds like you have a personality problem

Why? Been there, done that. Stopped messaging first bc I’ve moved on.

Now my life is gonna be shitty. They're just gonna fuck with me and fuck with me and fuck with me and fuck with me

Ok I'm a shitty person etc, just leave me alone dammit


I moved across the entire country twice to support you and your career, now you're acting like it's absurd that I want regular quality time with you when you've forced us to live in the middle of nowhere. I wanted a place closer to the city to avoid this loneliness, but you refused.

Yes, I WILL move back home if you want to work 80hrs a week and leave me stuck alone in this huge house in the middle of nowhere without ever talking to me.

No, coworking spaces and therapy do not fulfill my needs for companionship. I moved here for you, it's not absurd to want to have a conversation once in a while.

Show some damn effort every once in a while. You used to write me letters, play songs for me, and get me presents. Now you do fuck-all aside from following along after you require me to plan every fucking detail of any date we have.

And clean up your own fucking shit once in a while. I'm not your damn maid and I even pay a larger share of our financial costs than you, I shouldn't have to go scrub your private toilet because it's such a terrifying mess that your friend make a comment about it when he was visiting.

If you really do, you have to show it...

You don't even ask about me. What am I to think?

I’m not interested in anyone else. I’ve told him I love him and he says nothing in return. If we’re just friends then he shouldn’t be jealous but if he likes me then why can’t he admit it? I’m going to assume that he doesn’t and act accordingly. It’s not like we could ever be together either. If it were possible I would ask to be with him, he’s my oneitis.

So you’re a deluded stalkerish “friend” then. Carry on with your one-sided misery.

>I’ve moved on
no, you don't. put it back on its place!

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Thank you

Dammit why tf can't I get what I want? I can usually figure it out and make it work. But fucking everything is getting fucked up lately. This can't be my fault since it's worked for so long.

If they really do what?

I don’t stalk anyone. I may be deluded but I’m pretty aware and accepting. Why do you say I’m deluded?

>I’ve told him I love him and he says nothing in return
>he says nothing in return
>nothing in return

Not op & I'm in a good place but had to stop and reply that you're awesome. Thanks for doing what you're doing.

You’re probably right ;_;
I don’t know what to do.

I hope she can learn to be happy with him. I think I'll always love her somewhere in my heart. I need her to tell me how to let go because I don't know. I've never felt like this, like I actually need someone in my life. She said she'd help me find a girlfriend after I went through some therapy and had enought time to try and move on but I think it's always going to be there. I hope she and I can turn this into a very powerful friendship, but the tenderness I feel for her will never fade. I just want to be with her, but I can't. It's like asking her to choose between a prince and a pauper. I'd rather she be with the prince. I just hope she can learn to love him again and let go of me.

im so fucked up

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Maybe you’re afraid of intimacy and focus on someone who you know will never return feelings. It’s not threatening. That’s my issue... could it be yours? Therapy is a good idea.

lowest of the low

What’s wrong, user?

I don't know how to be intimate appropriately. The thing is, she does have feelings for me. She told me herself when I gave her my letter to try and let go then she told me again after I told her that I'm having difficulties letting my feelings for her die. Every fiber is telling me to fight for her but I don't want to ruin her life. She deserves better. I think part of it is fear of intimacy but I think the rest is that selfloathing. Due to shit in my childhood I feel like I'm thouroughly rotten and undeserving of love. I think that might by why I self-destruct in a relationship. How do I get confortable with a therapist in order to talk about stuff like this

I saw mine at work yesterday, all I did was say "Hi" & "Bye" like a fucking goober, and did my job. I wish I talked, or something other than that.

You know what to do- you just don’t want to do it. Yet. One day you will have nothing left to give, realize you deserve someone who feels as crazy about you in return, and will begin to move on.
That’s usually when they will suddenly start reaching out to you. And you’ll waiver between moving on and getting sucked back into their web. Until they finally give up and set you free.

You’re so much like me. Just open up to the therapist, that’s what they are there for. You can do it. Do you have discord? I made one but never added anyone.

I do, hang on let me get it. I'm about to head off to work so if you want to message me throughout the day I'm cool with it.


Did you have to do it? Are you over them? You’re absolutely correct but I really want him as a friend. Friends don’t have to be “crazy about you”

I’ll try to do it.


It worked!

Got it, thanks dude.

Work out at the gym, brother. My most shameful moment was when I had to go with my father through 5-10 stores in order to finally find the one pair of jeans that could fit my fat lazy ass. 2 years later, I am in the best shape ever and wear slim fit shit. You can make it.

Why do you want him as a friend? He doesn’t even respect you enough to be honest and upfront with you. He could let you down gently, he could blow you off completely, or if he liked you, he could ask you out. He hasn’t done any of those things. That is not a quality of a good friend.

Maybe he's got a problem that keeps him from fully expressing himself.

my butthole leaky

If i had a choice between my ex who hurt me a lot and literrally the perfect girl/waifu i honestly cant say i could choose the latter
I miss her so much and i hate it, i hate having no shoulder to cry on and no one to really talk to. Theres no one here

s a m e

Why couldn’t you cry on a “perfect waifu” shoulders?

I genuinely like and respect him. I enjoy his company. He’s my favorite friend and has been for years.

Tough shit. Then that’s a personal problem he should be working on. Not an excuse for his behavior.
If someone says I love you and there’s not even an acknowledgement response, they are rejecting the speaker. Life is not a romcom.

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K. See
Now quit trolling and text your friend.

Yes but him not saying anything to me speaks volumes...

I don’t think he has a problem. He just doesn’t love me.

I wan 2 haf sezks but i kno no men ;

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No it's not, fuck you.

I never expected that I could get where I am right now and I can see I can go higher. I hope this won't stop.

Recognize your worth and find someone who does. Just because he doesn't say it doesn't mean it's true. I had a hard time with that with my last girlfriend. She constantly wanted that validation whereas I though I was giving that through my actions.

Did you know that if I google search your email a whole bunch of comments show up on porn sites? Since it’s a variant of your name, I’m beginning to think you might have a problem.

I understand your ex. I just want the words once. I feel appreciated but I can’t trust my feelings.

I wanna fuck J :(

Dear Anonymous Girly Friend,

I’m an annoying little shit bag filled with tons of sarcasm and grief. I try to be a decent person to you, and I truly do care for you. My main problem is—you just don’t return the favor. Always bitchen to me, and put yea hands on me...and not in the good way. Now, maybe, just maybe, it’s cause I’m a annoying little shit bag filled with tons of sarcasm and grief due to you. Anywhooo, I know you sorta like me, and I sorta like you. Take care—don’t die.

Love, user

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I found a "personality chip" I made when I was younger.
It basically had everything about my personality on it.
It's weird reading it all because other than the way I dress, it contained practically my entire personality even up to now except half of the card is literally me writing the name of my favorite TV show over and over but in different colors.
One weird thing though is that it lists "Carbine, MP5, Scout Tactical" which I don't know what that means. I was about 11 writing it and I'm also a chick.

i pooped

I'm still hurt from the things you did.
I was an idiot, coming back into a relationship with a toxic, unstable, schizophrenic girl like you. I thought us getting back together would be different. I changed, and I thought you did.

I hate that night, where you snuck me into your room, where we cuddled and alter fucked.
I hate how you made me feel insecure, and told me to swallow it. How you told me that what I feared was never going to happen.
I hated how when I told you I see a pattern of you being over defensive, you say I'm crossing my bounds. But how could I not want to know more when you give me nothing?

I trusted you with heart and soul. I swallowed my insecurities and silenced my screaming instincts just so I could be with you. I knew in my head that I didn't want to be with you, that I wouldn't work. But fuck, I didn't think it would go this way.

You said you were going to get food so I waited. An hour passed by and you were not home. I called you on the phone, only to see you in a car angry at me, telling me you were outside getting food with your friend.

I told you to come back, you came back only two hours later.

A week after that you cried, and I comforted you, and when I asked why you told me you hate how you feel so confused when you saw one of your one night stands with another girl. And you were angry that I didn't want to care or console you after that.

I had to ask your friend, only for her to tell me that you lied to me. You cheated on me, and thought I was going to be ok. You manipulated me for emotional stability while you got dicked, and again and again told me I was being unreasonable. Fuck you.


A few weeks now, and I'm abit better. It stings alot to know after a week you're with another dude, but I'm better off without you.
I'm closer to my friends. And it makes me happy. I accept that I have feelings for you and you will continue to not. I accept that these emotions will wash on me. I accept that this will hurt. But I will be better in the end. I forgive you. Because I'm sick of thinking what you did. Because I want you out of my mind. Because I don't want any part of you, in my head space. Because I know that you were toxic. Though I think of you with him not even caring about me sometimes, I will deal with it.

Because in the end, all I want is for this pain to end. All I want is to move on and no longer hurt from this. It hurts to know someone you love doesn't care about you. I hate how you make me break down and destroy whatever joy I'm feeling. How you make me hurt over little things. How I'm still here haunted by you.

I stayed when shit hit the fan, I stayed when you said you were going to die from lupus
lmao lying whore

I thought writing a post here, a place you hated, would atleast make me feel better. And honestly, it does.

I do hate that I'm starting to have feels for a close friend of mine. But I'm not going to act on it. Not while I'm emotionally unstable. Not when I don't have my shit together.

But until then, I'll just wait for the good times now.

sorry for long post just wanted to get it off.

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My mother insists that I do errands for her today. I'm having one of my worst days with depression today, but she can't see it. Is it okay if I refuse?

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She doesnt exist user