Gf got in a Facebook group full of incels who keep on mocking her while she tries to convert them out the redpill or to...

Gf got in a Facebook group full of incels who keep on mocking her while she tries to convert them out the redpill or to actually become friends with them, without understanding their behavior and the fact they're not "memeing", but plain mocking her.
It's however the only place gf now can freely talk after a pretty bad anxiety episode, as she hasn't been writing on SNs for months now, so I don't know if outright telling her can help/ What do I do?

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Why would a female help incels? She just does it to mock them. Why does she hate these people so much?
That's their argument and if neither you nor your gf can understand that, you need to leave that place behind because you're too much of a normie to grasp their autistic anger.
Your gf is so attention hungry that she needs it from incels on Facebook?

She genuinely wants to help them, without ulterior motives (she always had issues understanding the true nature of people which often led to her developing very toxic friendships that lasted years). I know that shit fully well, and the only reason I'm in that group too is to check on gf's well being, as I hate the living shit out of all of them and just reading their posts makes me literally sick

Just somewhat talked to her, and she thinks one of the main posters there is only being ironic

GF is a sweet summer child. Thinks she can rescue people that need years of mental help with some Facebook chats.

user is right, your gf is nice but don't let her continue to talk to these retarded fucks. They will impose threats and whatnot, they're not exactly caring...

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This most of these folks do not want to be saved and she cannot help them. They will collectively try to undermine her happiness as a way to show her that they're right all along. Don't let them destroy her.

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It's the main reason I don't want to cause a shitstorm in there or anything. I just want to leave silently without anybody noticing.
Right now she only thinks they're joking, which is why I don't know how to break it down to her. I'm afraid she might have another anxiety attack and that her trust issues might worsen

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Tell her to sign up for 7cups of tea instead of talking to people on facebook that don't want help.

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