Scared to leave my girlfriend because she'd probably kill herself

Scared to leave my girlfriend because she'd probably kill herself.

-absolutely 0 friends or social life, pushes them all away
-terrible family situation
-only contacts with other people besides shitty family is me
-has tried killing herself before

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You don't control the actions of others. If you feel you need to intervene with her life post-breakup, call a social worker who would get paid. You'll look like a friendly asshole, but if you have proof that she is suicidal like cuts and shit, that's a slam dunk in the marketplace of new pussy mate.

This is more like blackmail. And your motivation isn't love but pity and guilt. If you really care about her get her professional help. In the end you can't save people from themselves.

I had a crazy redhead bipolar girl who was like that. Guess what, we broke up and she didn't do shit.

Emotional manipulation like this is not healthy and you should dump her. In order to make someone else happy, you have to be happy. She will never be enough for you, because she isn't even enough for herself

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We live in the Balkans social workers and therapy are a joke and basically non existent.

Once I called a suicide hotline just out of curiosity. Got an automated response saying how everything will be fine. Another time I did the same and go a woman picking up the phone just so it doesn't ring anymore, leaving it on the table or whatever and continuing to talk to her friend with me on the line

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But she has literally no one in her life, fuck man I'd kill myself if I was in her position and got dumped

Don't even know where the fuck that is honestly. If it's third world, why not either bring more chicks to the relationship or bury your current 6 ft deep?

My crazy ex was like her. She had no one, no friends, a crazy mother and a lazy dad and got apparently bullied in school.

She ghosted me and we broke up. A couple of weeks later she went to some festivals, added her ex back on insta and followed like 40+ random guys.

Dude these bitches are crazy and she will suck out your life essence

american education I tell ya

Buy her a ticket to Germany. If she acts suicidal there they will keep her for a time. Getting good aid can be hard at times, maybe check out the internet?

Anyway you are not obliged to sacrifice yourself for her. Doing what can be done to help her, you are. But giving up on your hapiness because of her you are not to.

She's sucking it out already alright, everyday she tells me about her shitty life and how she hates everyone and I just hate it, it brings me down.
She doesn't have exes

You caught me.

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Peninsula in Europe consisting of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria ans some other irrelevant countries.
Your first lady comes from here

Sounds like a good place for a missile or 2.

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I'm also a europoor, if I try something suicidal in Germany or other western country ,will they keep me there? How would I pay? I want help but the hospitals here are a joke and I'm afraid that I won't even be able to commit suicide.

Whats wrong with her, though? Depression, borderline, sociopath, bipolar, schizo?
Is she suicidal in general or only if you leave her? Because that is this .
Does she have anything else going on in her life except you? Career, school? Also how old are you?
I think EU part of Balkans has the suicide help a bit more developed than the non-eu ones.

There is an distinction between an emergency treatment and planned treatment. You show up or are brought to the hospital and they do a check up. After this they will decide if it's an emergency or planned treatment.

If it's an emergency, i.e. you are suicidal in an actue way and brought in by the police, they will keep you as long as your somewhat stabilized. Clinics are obliged to help even if they don't see any money. If you don't have an health insurance social welfare administration will step in.

If it's planned treatment rightaway or it turns into planned treatment after you are stabilised things will get messy. This is really complex and depends on many factors so no general advise can be given. From my knowledge the worst case is that they will refuse treatment and tell you to get it back home.

She'll only cause more issues to you in the future. Why care about her if you don't want to be with her? Are you using her to act out some savior fantasy? It's a simple choice between you and her.

Watch Midsommar and think about it and how the relationship between the two main characters has parallels to your own.

The director apparently went through a breakup that's kinda represented by the events in the film, and it's actually a fairly sincere and heartfelt representation of how a personal tragedy can destroy a couple.

A relationship is supposed to be about "helping," someone, but your girlfriend isn't the only one you're "helping", and you might want to break up with her because you're stretched thin and see her as the problem. And fair enough. Maybe she is. Make "sure" that's the case, though, because if it's something else, and that thing remains after you two have broken up, it's just going to continue straining every romantic relationship you have until you take care of is.
So in Midsommar, it was his friends. His friends kept taking him out for drug-heavy parties and then implied that his grieving girlfriend was why he couldn't finish his PHD. See how that works?

I knew a guy that took pity on a girl barely of age, banged her and knocked her up and only made everything worse for everyone around him because he couldn't even carry the weight of his own responsibilities. Whatever you do OP, don't make that mistake, if you can't own your problems avoid them.

Convince her to go to therapy OP, try but don't get involved with her too deeply to the point you'll find yourself obligated to be with her in her current state. She needs help.