Girl hitting me at a party

Went to a party and everyone was pretty drunk. I offered to draw on some girl's arm and jokingly said you can hit me if I draw a dick. I drew 'two eyes and a nose' and she starts smacking me around, even landing some light punches against my chest. Thankfully I'm pretty sturdy and didn't feel a thing, the worst it got being when she slapped me and my glasses almost fell off. She was laughing the whole time and probably thought it was just a joke.

It doesn't seem like she wanted to legitimately harm me but it was clear she thought there would be no consequences to physically harassing me and it's certainly ruined my view of her as a person and co-worker. No one else saw this take place but I'm wondering how I should approach this going forward, or if I should even mention it at all. I'm closer to the hosts than she is and could potentially get her uninvited to future get togethers but I still have to see her at RPG sessions in the future. Do I just give her a wide berth or do I treat her as if nothings happened?

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Don't be passive aggressive about it. If it bothers you that much then tell her face to face with noone around. She was drunk and maybe doesn't even remember it but that isn't an excuse

Seems like a no-win scenario, how would I even word that?

Was she drunk as well? She might've just unknowingly go too far.
I also don't mind if a girl hits me jokingly (playfully) since they've no power in their punches, but I understand, my glasses are also the thing that ticks me off (expensive as fuck).
Honestly I wouldn't try anything about getting them uninvited (it's petty), try to talk to her to see if she'll apologize or say anything about it.

>but it was clear she thought there would be no consequences to physically harassing me
well yes, it's a woman

She was completely drunk, probably the loudest drunk at the party too. Her hits were definitely not playful though

relax softee, you said she can hit you. That's an open invitation especially as a man where people take your word seriously. inb4 "i didn't draw a dick" to eye balls and anything inbetween looks like a dick to most people. She was drunk aka not in full control of her actions. Men are still expected to be strong ( i know, not fair for pussies like us), so she didn't realise wailing on you was too much. basically relax, learn that you don't people permission to do things you don't like, because they will often take it.

She thought them playful, but when you're drunk you lose that control. You think it's funny.
Don't worry about it, if there are no permanent injuries, you'll be ok. Don't be a bitch.
As said, you gave her permission, so my advice stays, don't try to uninvite her.
It is a no-win scenario. You got beaten by a girl (giving her permission) and you can either act like a little bitch about it or shut up.

You drew something that looked like a dick on her, after telling her that she could hit you if you drew a dick. What the fuck did you expect?

You told her she could hit you if you drew a dick what did you expect? Seriously why even say that if you would react like this to being hit?

Ok so bringing it up does seem like a bad idea, should I joke about it if it comes up in the future or just try to change the topic?

Feels emasculating man

>get real drunk and draw a penis on a woman's arm
>she hit you
>cry about it for days
what the fuck? grow up

if you talk about it
all the girls will realise you felt hurt because of it and thus since you're a male specimen getting emotionally distraught because of the physical attack of a female, they'd lose all respect for you and consider you a whiny bitch.
If you want to retain alpha status you should let it go and not care
if the same girl gets too close again, just grab her wrists and show her how much stronger you are because you're a man


Dude she wanted you to pin her down. And fuck her. How do you fuckers always miss the signals.... Fuck kys. No wonder you haven't had sex

>completely drunk
>doesnt want you drawing on her, you take advantage of her, and get her to agree, and say (suggest), she can even hit you if you draw a dick
>draw two eyes and a nose (looks like a dick)
>she sees a dick, and feels violated for taking advantage of her, and she said yes because she likes you
>trusts you, and so hits you, because maybe physical contact is what you wanted (or what she wanted)
>she hits you, to see if you are tough, before she is going to decide to allow you to fuck her
>come on Jow Forums and cry like a girl about it

you fookin muppet


How is hitting me supposed to test if I'm tough

You’re such a passive aggressive pussy piece of shit. You’re the same kind of person that would come here saying “he made a dirty joke to me, should I go to HR???? It’s just v inappropriate!!” Fuck off you male-Karen.

She was clearly joking, while she’s hammered, AND you opened the door to the whole “hitting” thing to begin with. Part of me wants you to try to confront her or get her disinvited so everyone will see what a petty little bitch you are, and you’ll become the pariah you deserve to be. This dumb drunk bitch probably has a crush on you, not knowing a a sniveling little twat you are. Stfu, look in the mirror and try to figure out why you’re such a fragile bitter twink.

>or do I treat her
Treat her like she wants to fuck, because she does.

>jokingly say you can hit me
>hits me while laughing and probably thought it was a joke
how could this hapen ???

Please explain how hitting anyone means you want to fuck them

>get real drunk and draw a penis on a man's arm
>he hit you
>cry about it for days

Let's not pretend she wouldn't have done the same

>just grab her wrists and show her how much stronger you are because you're a man

That's a good way to get jumped and curb stopped my an horde of angry white knights

>you can hit me
>gets hit
You're a faggot

She let you draw on her. An open invitation to grace her arm with a pen and open hand for stability. You basically got the green light then got offended. Sorry bro, but you didn't pass the test.