Can any girls here actually defend this?

Can any girls here actually defend this?

>Men are attracted to "nice" women, but women are not attracted to "nice" men

>Childhood bullies experience greater sexual success than non-bullies

>39% of hospitalized male psychopaths had consensual sex with female mental health staff

>Male serial killers, terrorists, and rapists receive thousands of love letters from women in prison

>Women are the largest consumers of porn where women are violently raped and abused

>Women are attracted to the Dark Triad - narcissism, manipulativeness, & psychopathy

>Men who exhibit antisocial behaviors reproduce more successfully

>Women desiring marriage and commitment are more attracted to narcissistic men

>High IQ men are more likely to remain a virgin longer

>Cluster-B personality disorders (narcissism, psychopathy, anti-social) lead to 3.5x as many sexual partners and more offspring

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Incel at his autisic rage again. Learn to how scientific studies are actually to be understood. I.e. they are no excuse for you not having a girldfriend.

And for starters, get a basic grip on social psychology befor refering to random specific studies. Because if you do you would know why your worldview is bullshit.

All your sources are of very dubious authority and credibility, and you lessen your credibility even further by taking what might be statistical pluralities as universals - that is, even if a study shows that something is true of many, you cannot leap to the conclusion it is true of all

Proves wamen have objectively trash taste.

I am absolutely not attracted to nice girls. I am attracted to back stabbing, bad mouthed, ill-mannered obnoxious, lying whores. It's one of the many reasons I'm single lmao. I know I'm not alone. Any dyel can easily pick up a nice ugly fat girl at any time but you choose not to. Go ahead make excuses

If you think this works why don't you adopt these behaviors then.
>b-but i'm a good man
Yeah and where has it lead you in life so far?

Nah. Get an actual textbook on social psychology. Don't fall for redpill-broscience spiced up with selective quotes out of poorly understood studies.


Got any good books recs?

Of course not. NYPA

Of course. "Nice" = weak. Weak = weak genes. Weak genes = unattractive.

It's not about making excuses, it's about fighting an uphill battle where the reward in the end is not even worth it when some guys don't have to put in any effort at all.

Social Psychology by Aronson, Wilson, et al. is a good start. Can acutally be understood without prior knowledge of psychology or social sciences. Will give you a more complete picture of human behavior in general.

Have sex incel. ------chad volcel

>some people have it easier than others and therefore I don't even have to try because that's unfair.
Totally not making up excuses there.

I have tried, probably more than you, but to no avail.

Now you are switching to self limiting beliefs. If you don't have any success it's either just bad luck or it has something to do with you.

Bad luck can't be helped but it hardly carries on through your whole life. One doesn't always have bad luck. And the things related to you can most often be changed. Social skills can be learned, an interesting personality can be developed and unfavorable circumstances can be left.

Elaborate. What do you want us to defend?

Let me try to follow your way of thinking. Female killers find partners, too. That must mean that you, as a man, would be in a relationship with her, too. That means you suck for some reason. Okay. Now what?

(Seconding Aronson's Social Psychology btw. Also includes topics you will like to get agitated about OP, such as cult leaders.)

Post your sources.

1st conclusion says men like intimacy.
2nd intro says bullies have more partners, not more sex.
You are not even reading the articles.

not a single post has refuted anything said in these studies, just vaguely doubted the studies authenticity and recommended a text book

fucking sad, you're not going to prove anything to anyone with "nuh uh go read this book it said something else I think"

Third only says that about 39% of malingerers.
You are shit posting.

Are you stupid or something? You want to discuss studies without having elemental knowledge of social psychology.

If you would have you would know that none of this studys supports your alternative facts. These are specific findings that need to be read in a larger context.

One point for starters. Most Incels don't even know what averages are. And without knowing this this discussion is moot.

That's one the most interesting parts of the book. Actual red pill for redpillers.

Even statisticians admit that sampling a small percentage of people out of the general population of a given group isn't enough to make definitive claims.

What? That's not what statisticians say at all

woah women are attracted to successful mating and survival strategies????? colour me surprised!!
seriously go kill yourself with your worthless statistics.
being a narcissist psychopath has always worked both on men and women
stop being a retard

If women are not attracted to nice intelligent men dumb assholes, how come incels exist?

>Incel at his autisic rage again. Learn to how scientific studies are actually to be understood. I.e. they are no excuse for you not having a girldfriend.

>guy posts unfavorable statistics without mentioning anything about himself
>instant personal attack
u couldn't've exposed yourself to be more seething than this even if u tried

Typical incel "debating" tactics. You spam tens of links, which are a mix of incel blogs and articles completely unrelated to your incel claims. And hours of youtube videos of incel vlogs. Then you say "go ahead prove me wrong".

Well let's prove you wrong. Pick one and just one of the links you posted. We will tell you why it doesn't support your evil death cult beliefs. Again, pick just one from the wall of text you spammed. If you dare. But we all know you won't because you would then be proven wrong. You are too chickenshit for this. Being an incel you are completely devoid of honesty or intelligence.

not my post, kid
i noticed u being a dishonest mong and couldn't contain my need of pointing out why :3

Neither the user you replied to original (me). The pattern just gets boring and you still have to point out one study.

Incels often "neglect" to mention that there are more healthy ways than emulating the behavior of predator types. Sure it gets the job done but it comes with a hefty price and do you truly want to be an asshole?

Proofs are used in logic. Statistics cannot by nature “prove” anything for certain.

>incel incel incel incel

t. incel

You are the dishonest one here OP. Why aren't you picking just one of the tens of links you posted? Because your incel faith is shaking?

If your posts are nothing more than repeating incel cultist mantras then yes you get called an incel deservedly.

It's getting boring.

Bc “nice” men is not a thing. Men only posture them selves as nice to get what they want and women know that. There’s always ulterior motives with men . They are sociopaths by nature and constantly switch characters when talking to their friends vs women while most women are true to themselves and stay the same character with everyone. A man that is honest about his nature is more appreciated.

Ok, I'll bite.
>Men are attracted to "nice" women, but women are not attracted to "nice" men
Men are looking for a good mother, while women are looking for a protector of the family. That's my guess.
>Childhood bullies experience greater sexual success than non-bullies
I've never been bullied and I've never had any sexual experience with a bully.
>39% of hospitalized male psychopaths had consensual sex with female mental health staff
Charismatic and manipulative personalities.
>Male serial killers, terrorists, and rapists receive thousands of love letters from women in prison
I'd love to send a letter to Saint BT, but I don't want to dox myself to the government. Mostly because of the cause and sacrifice he made,not the killing itself.
>Women are the largest consumers of porn where women are violently raped and abused
Vanilla porn makes me want to kill myself, because I've always been alone. I guess the hand holding meme took a hold of me.
>Women are attracted to the Dark Triad - narcissism, manipulativeness, & psychopathy
>tfw no qt3.14 yandere bf
>Men who exhibit antisocial behaviors reproduce more successfully
Probably the fact that they aren't dependent on others might be attractive to some women. They also might feel special, because he has to socialise with them somehow to have kids and a family.
>Women desiring marriage and commitment are more attracted to narcissistic men
I am a woman desiring marriage and I don't really care for narcissism, at least if it's not annoying.
>High IQ men are more likely to remain a virgin longer
Low IQ men might have trouble with planning for consequences, so they aren't so hesitant to confront girls. Or they might be manipulated by smarter women.
>Cluster-B personality disorders (narcissism, psychopathy, anti-social) lead to 3.5x as many sexual partners and more offspring
Yandere bf pls ;_:

lol why are you collecting this junk.

>>Men who exhibit antisocial behaviors reproduce more successfully

That makes no sense. A woman wouldn't be with a 'psychopath' because he could easily leave her during pregnancy for example. I could list many reasons why it's against reason to think this.

Why do you get this buttmad? Incels are an invading reddit cancer and the sooner they are kicked off the better.

what ways?

>Vanilla porn makes me want to kill myself,

stop this

>Can any girls here actually defend this?
Why do you even care? What good is reading this shit if you ever want to be happy? It's like if you read about flesh eating bacteria in lakes for weeks when you have a boating trip coming up, or when you read about the signs of brain cancer whenever you get a headache. This is classic OCD hypochondriac behavior, all it is is compulsive gathering of information to fuel your anxiety to prevent positive outcomes. Stop reading it, just close your eyes nigga. Stop obsessive compulsively reading shit that feeds your demons and warps your mind.

>t. chick with severe OCD

>chick with severe OCD

my ex was like this, they are always 'psychopaths'

There you go I was just gonna say these 'nice' people are r/nicegirls and r/niceguys and not actually nice people, so it's not like it really matters in the end

But cant we be better in the western civilization than to be
>a narcissist psychopath
to ensure our survival?

I mean, psychopath isn't even a respected term in modern psychology, but your criticism sucks. OCD is a mental disorder, not a personality disorder like ASPD. Usually, however, people with personality disorders don't brandish the actual names because they make manipulation harder.

I mean, narcissistic psycopaths are a very small minority, but most people breed succesfully at least once in their lives. So yes, there's lots of things people can and do.

fair enough, maybe i'm wrong, didn't mean to brandish you like that but i feel like it might step into relationship territory and that could be a problem

>Men who exhibit antisocial behaviors reproduce more successfully
I call BS on that one

I like how incel has become the new buzzword of white knights and npcs

>there are more healthy ways
Like what?

All mental health disorders step into relationship territory and will be a possible problem. That's true of most personality traits, too. Problems are a constant possible reality in relationships.

Yeah, that's why I don't deal with people in general. I myself am bipolar and cause problems. I just wouldn't want to date a girl with BPD or whatever because my mental health already sucks. Maybe ocd is safe

I'm a dude and I'm not defending anything, just a question: If you know you don't act correctly, why don't you change your actions to be more desirable?

Perhaps unlike you, I learned that you need to adapt your tactics and change yourself to suit what you want out of society. I was a geeky metalhead in highschool, then I wanted to get laid. So I changed myself to be more of what would today be called an alt-chad (no more long hair, working out, better fitting clothes, acting less elitist about muh music, talking to grills), and got laid. Later still I got a job where your image is pretty important and I put away the band shirts and boots so I could be successful. Success has been coming. Still a bit of an edgelord but I don't look like one.

It seems like you're clinging desperately to some BS your mom or Mr Rogers told you about being loved "just the way you are". You don't know how to let that lie go, so all you know to do is impotently point out how little people care about you just the way you are, as if it's somehow unjust. idk how to help you, but that's just how it seems to me.

I work very hard to keep my mental health under control. I don't date people with equal or worse mental health than me, as it can feed into one another and make a toxic environment. That's my own choice, though.

Let's establish one thing. Being nice isn't a virtue. It's just etiquette dressed up as morality. You can see this in our fictional depictions too. Jotaro Kujo is not "nice", and he has a lot of flaws like being an absent parent and horrible son, but he's easily what is considered a man's man, because while he gets angry often, it only comes with destruction in the face of evil. Josuke Higashkita often IS nice, but you don't see that as his manly side. He's manly when someone pisses him off by either hurting his friends or making fun of his hair.

Confirmation bias is one hell of a thing.

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>I'm a dude and I'm not defending anything, just a question: If you know you don't act correctly, why don't you change your actions to be more desirable?
Because he's not a sociopathic chameleon without a sense of self?

>I keep using words I don't know meanings of to sound smart

Good choice, shows self-awareness

I like watching cuckold porn but I'd rather kill myslef than do shit like that. That's what porn is for.

Narcissists and psychopaths are often acquiring high status in society, and women are primarily attracted to status.

You can be high status without being psycho, you will be seen as attractive too.

There are cases of male guards and wards sleeping with female inmates as well.

Overall dangerous men as seen as mysterious and romantic and fucking dangerous beast is more wild and dramatic than fucking office wagecuck. Some girls are into extreme stuff more than lovely dovely.

Just as nice guys always falling for "bad girls" getting used and cucked. I also used to prefer psycho chicks to boring ones, mostly because psychos were actually approaching and engaging with me, getting my attention. Nice girls sit quite in the second row, but maybe some of them are hidden gems, I will never know.

Primarily we are socialized and can put our low dark desires in safe zone without affirming crime and violence. Some people have hard time doing this and then wee can see that deep down we are not disneyborn.

>I like watching cuckold porn

kick the habit

once a month, why not

mostly I refrain from using porn

Its obvious that OP has gone to great lengths to hunt down evidence that confirm his worldview. He even bothers posting them then asking random women on the internet to justify the results of the cherry picked surveys he found. Did you think "confirmation bias" was that intricate or of a concept or were you just shitposting?

Incel is and has always been the word to describe those like you who identify as incels and believe incel religion. This scares incels more than anything and they are desperately trying to dilute the word. But the only truth remains, "incel" means someone who is part of an incel community and identifies as one.

i think cuckold porn is bad for your mental health regardless

Dumb women and young women are attracted to dominance. Once women get older they learn to make this less important in their decisions.

That said, there will always be dumb women who are slaves to their primitive brain. Just like there will always be dumb men

And you are an NPC who has learned the word after Toronto shooting

The word was originally used by the community to show support, but has turned into an insult

>Once women get older they learn to make this less important in their decisions
Yeah once they are used up they will look for a sugar daddy to take care of them

I think porn overall is bad for your health, no matter the genre.

It's like arguing over cigs if menthol ones are better.

No that’s still dumb women. How many “sugars daddies” do you think there are out of a percentage of all men? 1%?

If you don't like the definition of the word incel then you have no one to blame for but your community. Incels want to be incels and want to be part or a likeminded thoughtless community.

Men outnumber women 10 to 1 according to incel math so it checks out

yeah but watching cuck porn is like chainsmoking

No wtf lol. I can’t speak for these other broads, why should I?

I know that’s not how I operate in the least and that’s all that matters. I don’t reallt give a fuck about those statistics. I’m sure I could pull stats about how asshole cheating psycho women have more marriage proposals than pious good girls or have husbands that are more faithful than average.

The bottom line is- people are hypocritical manipulative self-serving trash, and if you find someone who’s not, you should hang on for dear life.

Proves your just a weak man. Unable to fuck hard enough or even force me to submit to you willingly. Faggot mabye a twink would be able to be your new cute gf

you have no foresight and a lacking sense of preservation. you'll end up alone and miserable at age 35-40 asking where all the good men are because you're ready to settle down now that your worthless worn out husk of an ejaculate repository is no longer attractive.

I can continue to hire prostitutes in their 20s and empty my balls in tight twat well into my 50s and it will still cost less than actually getting married and putting up with the modern day wannabee princesses called women. I was interested in love and all that, but it looks like it's just not meant to happen in this climate where women's judgment of men boils down do DO HE FUKC HARD DO HE DOMINATE THAT PUSSY YEH GURL

It's true though, if you can't even dominate a woman, what kind of a pathetic excuse for a man are you? How will you ever dominate other men and succeed in life?

All women? Like I said how will they even do this if very few men are “sugar daddies”.

You people have no clue about fucking reality.

Yes women have a primitive desire to be dominated, it varies in percentage as to how strong it is on an individual basis.

What's your definition of successful exactly? I have no debt, own a 35 acre property, making ~80k/yr give or take a few extra thousand year to year based on bonuses, and that's in a rural flyover state not some urban shithole where i'd barely be above the poverty line. I feel pretty successful, but that's just my opinion I guess.

So you're some backwoods hillbilly in the middle of nowhere and you're wondering why you can't get a "gf" for your rape basement?

>be me
see u later,virgins

But OP never mentioned incels in his post. It is hilarious how upset you get though, did mean incels hurt your feefees again? :)

Yes, most women prefer a direct and confident approach. Many are actually quite prone to spread their legs for someone with those traits regardless of whether or not that dude is worth a long term relationship.
And most guys are down to fuck any reasonably attractive sloot regardless of whether or not that chick is worth a long term relationship and would do so if asked. Both genders have a caveman brain.

This isn't to say that you can't get a gf if you're shy. But you should probably learn how to be forward when you need to be as a tool for dealing with people in general.