Is it normal to hug female colleagues as a guy?

Is it normal to hug female colleagues as a guy?

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No it is very very gay

But i have a gf

That's pretty gay.

It's not unnormal but since you work with them i suggest you don't. Sexual harrasment can really stump you career. As a matter of fact I suggest not even speaking to them unless absolutely nesasary

Depends. In Sweden it wouldn't be unusual, but in Saudi Arabia it's rare.

Really depends on your relationship and the general culture at the office. I’m a higher up in finances in corporate, but it’s the most hippie laid back of the big financial institutions. A lot of my coworkers I look at as a second family, and we’re very close/comfy with each other. I hug a lot of them but only if I haven’t seen them in awhile or something like that.

Depends on the guy, some guys do it alot and some guys don't.
The guy also affects how the girl reacts to it. One girl I know talks about a guy who does it behind his back saying he's creepy for doing it, but she doesn't care when more attractive guys do it.

Female here....If I like a guy i would want him to hug me, or if we are close friends I don't mind, but if he's just a coworker and we aren't really close then it's weird and would be unwelcomed.

Considering the current Me too movement I would say keep your hands to yourself. You can sit be friendly and gentlemanly with a nice hello and a smile.

No not unless they tell you they want a hug or initiate first. Men arent supposed to initiate a hug.

My female boss gave me a hug the other day. She asked for permission before going in for the hug.

Your girlfriend is getting fucked on the side by one of her coworkers. Do with this piece of rellevation what you will

That is rather unfair, so women are allowed to hug men but not the other way around?

>Men aren't supposed to initiate hugs


Varies by person, some people are just more friendly by nature. But on the whole I would say it is not a typical thing to do, no

It's mostly people with a spanish background that do this at my work.


Even gayer.

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Not typically. You are larger and stronger than them and you are putting yourself in a position of power over them by constraining their body. Even if it's friendly with all the best intentions, the odds of freaking a woman out are very high, and a freaked out woman will avoid you or call HR. Just stick to a handshake, it's nice and professional. If a woman wants to hug, she should initiate it/be the hugger because then if she's uncomfortable she can opt out.

>Wow why do women make it so hard? It's just a hug!

I mean, would you rather hug a gorilla or be hugged by a gorilla? Something that can rip your arms off and beat you to death with them completely enveloping you with its own arms is scary. You can be the most friendly non-threatening guy on earth, but you're still constraining a person when you hug them.


My God you're onto something