Any lawyers here?

Any lawyers here?

I own a house and my gf lives with me and I suspect she is cheating.

The house is in my name. Am I allowed to immediately kick out my gf and the guy cucking me if I catch them?

I just want to cover myself legally.

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Just hang up a bunch of secret cameras
once you film it
contact a lawyer and kick her out
I think you can even throw her out now because it's on your name

yeah, BUT
don't get visibly violent, if you start a fight you are going to get in trouble (you have to pay a 35usd fine here for starting a fight)
just ask them to leave and never contact you again, but have a pepper spray ready because the guy is probably bigger and stronger and more handsome than you so if he gets violent take it out and DON'T SPRAY UNLESS HE GETS NEAR YOU

but a much better solution would be to just take all of her shit out in he street and tell her to fuck off forever

How sure are you that she's cheating? I'd give her notice anyway

Cameras probably
Put some outside too so you can say it was for security and not for catching them shagging

You didn't bother posting where you live, so no one knows your local law. Even if you're letting them stay without a lease, you're still a landlord and they're still tenants. It's highly likely that throwing them out without notice would be an illegal eviction and can cause problems for you.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to evict immediately for deliberate damage to your property or for engaging in illegal activity.

You can also probably ask them to voluntarily leave.

If you want to talk to a lawyer, go see a lawyer that is licensed to practice law where you live. It can cost you way more than the few hundred bucks if you do things improperly.

Probably not legally. There are provisions in the law (varies state to state, country to country) that gives her common law rights to stay there.

You are better off trying to get her to leave on her own. A "trial separation" that you make permanent as soon as she leaves.

Just change your lock when she's gone, pin a letter to her name on your door and leave her stuff in some consign. Do give her the key to get it back while you're at it

How long has she lived there with you? Is anything there in her name at all? Does she pay for anything?

I had a friend sleeping on my couch long term, because we were good buddies, but he wouldn't pay for shit and didn't contribute. After a couple months I told him I couldn't afford the lease without a roommate who paid rent, and when he made no attempt to pay shit I just had another guy put on the lease and moved other guy's shit out. He couldn't do anything because he wasn't on the lease. I don't know how owning a place complicates it though, and long term relationships can be especially complicated with common law.

Only $35?

Holy shit I can’t believe he terrible advice here. This isn’t about what’s right/wrong and what she deserves. He’s asking legally.

OP, you are in a BAD spot.
How long as she lived there?
Did she sign a lease with you?

Either way, you have to go through an eviction process to legally remove her if she refuses to voluntarily, which I think would be at the very least 30 days. Additionally, I would be concerned about her claiming domestic violence. It’s not hard to do, little proof is needed, and she could have you removed from your own home because of it.

Look up whether or not you’re in a 2-party state for recording laws. Record everything if you can. If she’s cheating, do NOT confront her while the dude is there, you’ll be putting yourself in legal danger. Start separating finances/changing passwords and saving money for legal help low just in case she wants to fight being evicted.

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Best advice: talk to lawyer.

Good advice: change locks, break up with girl. Tell her and guy she's cucking you with to hit the bricks. Have all the trusted backup you can (friends and family) there as witnesses and to help move all of their possessions on the front lawn for them to retrieve.

Check the eviction laws in your state. You will have to give her some kind of written notice.

depends on the state I think

Gf isn’t official relationship status as far as i know. I’ve never seen a document with that option.

In some states your relationship status doesn't even matter, if someone's been living in your house for a couple months and they can prove that you knew this and allowed it, then they receive certain legal protections like a regular tenant even if they're not paying rent. In some states anyways

If you have no lease or contract with her, you can kick her out of your property at any time, What you gotta watch out for is that common law shit. Research that in your state,

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Don't consult with her and write off a part of your property to one/ both of your parents's names. (Last case emergency)

Don't charge her rent because of the "De Facto" relationship factor which may screw you over with it.
Make her pay the bills but don't keep proof of it. You could still lose your assets if she invested in it.

Search for any proof in her computer, phone, personal files, etc. And hire a private investigator for it. In most of the cases, if you suspect someone of cheating, then they are most likely doing it.

You own that shit

Kick her out

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