Is there any actually realistic solution to the current incel and loneliness epidemic?

Is there any actually realistic solution to the current incel and loneliness epidemic?

Everyone says it's just the fault of entitled men, but without taking into account outside factors such as face, height, mental issues or abusive childhood or some horseshit like patriarchy and toxic masculinity despite the fact that modern men are extremely feminised and that masculinity is what women naturally find attractive.
And obviously women are never EVER at fault despite being the main sexual gatekeepers because they only act by their instincts so they feel no responsibility.

And things will only gets worse over time as feminists keep doubling down on men, the law will keep fully sliding in their favor, they will be able to accuse literally anyone of rape without proof and with zero consequences and ruin his life, bachelor tax will be introduced and 80/20 rule turns into 90/10.

In my opinion there are only three possible outcomes:
1. Sex robots and artificial wombs will become an alternative for lonely men but feminists will most likely ban them and they don't seem to come soon so other options are more likely.
2. Full matriarchal gynocracy, polyamory will be cokpletely legalised and women will have multiple partners, one for their sexual needs and 2-3 cucks for financial needs. majority of men will become enslaved. And like slavery the slaves will have no power to end it, only the masters do.
3. Another stronger more masculine culture takes over, most likely Islam and patriarchy is restored, but all of our previous knowledge disappears, so the cycle will repeat again. This is in my opinion the most probable thing to happen.

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>Is there any actually realistic solution to the current incel and loneliness epidemic?
Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Which I know is hard, because when you hate yourself and the world around you it's hard to want to get better. It doesn't help our health care system is awful and neglects most mental illness. Studies showing how depression can actually cause brain damage swept under the rug because 'just stop being sad' was the mantra of our parents. Our society treats it like a joke, rather than an epidemic, and educating the public and law makers to the real harm caused by social withdrawal is going to be a major factor going forward.

>In my opinion there are only three possible outcomes
Literally none of these. The fact that you think any of these things are even in the realm is a symptom of mental illness. I'm not trying to buzzword you, I'm telling you that your perception of reality has been skewed by altered brain chemistry and political extremists are preying upon you. Advocate for your own health.

Then what do you propose as the solution? Incels are the symptom of a fractured hyper individualist society, we see sex everywhere in pornography and TV so it ends up feeling less special so most people either lose interest or desperately crave it which makes them stuck in a vicious cycle.

And people will only become more radicalized in the future.

>the fact that modern men are extremely feminised
[Citation needed]

Men have become docile and comfortable and testoesterone levels and sperm counts are dropping.

[Citation needed]

Look it up lazy ass

>Mention "facts"
>Can't back it up
>"N-no, you're lazy"
Just admit you're making shit up.

There's no epidemic. Things are the same they've always been, the internet is just allowing losers to gather in groups and REE in unison.

If you really can't see how men become feminized compared to 50 years back I don't have anything to say

>I don't need data, it's just obvious
Stop making shit up, user, it's unhealthy.

>Things are the same they've always been
Except the fact that birth and marriage rates have fallen drastically while mental illness and depression is on the rise.

Have you noticed that most incels are under 25 years old? It's all young people giving up before their life even started. You can't call yourself an incel until you're over 30 and you've tried flirting with 0/10 girls such as grandmothers, deformed women or cripples.

Mental illness and depression are on the rise because psychiatry is evolving. That's like saying autism is on the rise when really we're just getting more diagnoses.

Birth and marriage rates just reflect the fact that society is becoming more secular and most people don't need 12 kids to work on their farm anymore.

Well, not to come across as a tradcath, but I think pornography does play a role. It normalizes a level of hypersexualization that just isn't natural, and the failure of reality to meet that expectation probably causes some of the depression and other issues that cause male social withdrawal. It's hard to say what we can do about it, as a society, without infringing on an individual's right to consume all the smut they want.

Like I said in my first post, I think that education and improving mental health resources is going to be a big factor. I think, like drug addicts, if we equip people with depression, porn addiction, etc with the ability to get quality care and treatment we'll see less social withdrawal on the whole as they're taught more effective and healthy coping mechanisms. It's not a full-proof or all-encompassing plan but it's definitely a first step and there has to be a first step in any plan.

And as much as I hate to make it an issue of politics, the ones profiting from the epedemic (mainly far right) are also the ones imposing barriers to improving access to healthcare. I'd encourage people to think about that before hand waving me entirely.

Wild guess
You're a woman right?

This board is full of people under 20 complaining that life is too hard, getting a gf impossible, how to cope with the most normal situations and they can't go on.
Just fucking make an effort, you retards.

outcome #4: incels go prison gay and become trannies.

>most incels are under 25 years old?
Have you ever been to wizardchan or other communities? Being virgin at age over 20 is already a sign of mental issues

>flirting with 0/10 girls such as grandmothers, deformed women or cripples
Why the fuck would you do that?

Maybe, but it feels like every day the amount of dissatisfied people and especially men is rising because they lost their sense of purpose.

Yeah except all white countries and even the more conservative ones have birth rates below replacement which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have growth based economy and welfare state.

First of all, none of your 3 perceived outcomes will happen. The way it is right now, is probably how it will stay for decades to come. The reality is the deregulated sexual marketplace and the sexual liberation. That's the modern world and i don't see this changing in any significant way during our lifetimes. Subcultures like redpill and mgtow will probably always stay subcultures rather than the norm.

>how to better the situation?
I don't think there is anything we/you can do to better the sexual marketplace in general. The only thing you can do is change YOUR OWN position. You can't change our culture, but you can learn how to deal with it effectively so you get your much needed share of the benefits.

>Why the fuck would you do that?
To stop being an incel, retard.

True, I am sure there are many pornography addicts on this site and I myself am trying to recover by focusing on other things.

Education would be nice, but as you can see in the media most "experts" don't understand the incel phenomenon at all so only people who actually overcame the inceldom should have right to talk.

I don't get why the incel issue is so politicised when they have various values on political spectrum and are of various races.

All countries that aren't ass backwards have birth rates below replacement. What does that have to do with inceldom?

Being a virgin over age 20 is only a sign of mental issues if you give a shit about it until it becomes an obsession. You could theoretically be a socially well adjusted 40 year old virgin.

Inceldom is just a case of group hysteria over a problem that doesn't exist.

>Have you ever been to wizardchan or other communities? Being virgin at age over 20 is already a sign of mental issues
Wizardchan doesn't exist anymore and wizchan is just a place for larping teens who are feeling a little bit sad.

Are you implying things will get better with age? If you didn't get any mating experience in your early 20s it will only get harder from there because you didn't learn something most people already did.

Yeah I am convinced lots of trannies especially lesbian ones are just incels who betrayed their side and chose the easy way out, why do you think so many complain no one wants to date them?

Also I recommend watching this video

outcome #5: killing your sex drive through castration or drugs like HRT becomes the normal cure for inceldom.

Have you ever noticed how many older guys on incel forums have had girlfriends in the past? Like Nathan Larson who got married twice. So many people in the incel community are larpers.

Might as well buy a hooker.

Just the fact that those countries will face economic and demographic problems in the future.

Do you know any well adjusted people over 25 with no romantic experience? For most men love is a basic need which is becoming harder to achieve. There are exceptions but those are rare.

Whatever, you are just downplaying the problem.

No one wants to date trannies because they keep their cocks and usually go after cis-lesbians instead of their looksmatches. It's not uncommon to see ugly trannies dating other ugly trannies. Just do that.

You're a faggot, give the guy some proof if he's interested in the subject and a debate.

Also, you pull it out of your ass how men were 50 years ago or you're like 70 years old?

Number of virgins steadily decrease over time to almost zero at 30. Being a virgin at 20 is definitely not significant.

As a femaloid, I hope option 1 will become true. I don't think sexbots will be banned because women would also benefit from them-- real people=pigdogs and all that. Robochads > real guys.

That sounds bleak, I would rather accelerate the degradation process.

>Subcultures like redpill and mgtow will probably always stay subcultures rather than the norm.
Except more men are becoming aware every day that modern marriage is a scam and avoid long term relationships.

Yeah that's what I thought, the change has to come from the outside.

>you can't have a long term relationship without getting married
>implying prenups aren't a thing

lol ok

>women will be able to have real boyfriends to gain money and will be able to fuck Chad without officially cheating since sexbots don't count as people


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It's not just 'experts' I'm talking about, nor am I talking about focusing on only the issue of inceldom, but rather all mental illness. Depression, addiction, these are all factors that feed into it, but are on their own problems that also need to be addressed. We have research on how depression effects people, it's not just being extra sad, it's legitimately a chemical imbalance that will cause physical changes to your brain if not treated. That research needs to not just be hammered into the heads of law makers, but made widely available for ordinary people. Awareness of something helps people see it in each other and in themselves. Not stigmatizing it helps people in the process of seeking help. Making medication and treatment more accessible helps anyone with any illness get help. This results in a better, more stable, more functional, contributing member of society.

I try to shy away from politics and instead focus on actual problem/solutions, but in America where medicine is already hard to access it's stupid to pretend it isn't one side that's making it much harder for the people who need it. And when it's the same side who's extremist arm has convinced people that actually it's everyone ELSE that has deprived them of a normal life, it's hard not to connect the dots. I know Jow Forums loves a good conspiracy, which is why I say I encourage people to think about who's profiting off their suffering. Is it really a shadowy baby eating international cabal, or is it conservative senators who invest in insurance companies? Let's not be dishonest with ourselves.

I think that might happen combined with option two, most men will become mindless slaves with no drive.

True, they don't even take the effort to pass most of the time unlike actual gay trannies.

I speak from my grandfather's experience, boys were still allowed to be boys and they were generally not as overly emotional.

Probably because those men settle with some older women in their 30s looking for providers.

>implying prenups mean shit

The thing about incels is that they are ostracised by both people on the left and on the right

Stop making excuses.


I think AI and (Sex)robots will replace most human interactions. We are heading into some kind of Blade Runner/Judge Dredd dystopia.

We wish, instead we become Brave New World.

Feel free to call me a stupid commie or whatever, but I'm convinced that capitalists/billionaires WANT people to be isolated because that way, it's harder to organize against them and hold them accountable.

Churches and other religious organizations crumbled, and often for really good reasons, and nothing has really cropped up to replace them. There's nowhere to go and socialize in public to meet people anymore unless you want to drink alcohol, which I definitely HATE, and even then there's no way for families to go.

Incels are just a symptom of a greater societal problem that was created by the rich to oppress us. If we had communities, if we had people meeting each other and making friends and spending time together face to face, we'd have fewer lonely men who have 0 interpersonal contact to stabilize them mentally whatsoever. Trust me, if you guys were mentally healthy with good community connections, even if you stayed single it wouldn't hurt less. Capitalism is a sickness and you guys are just a glaring symptom.

Stop abusing young men. That is the answer that nobody will accept because it requires acknowledging your own sin. Instead people would rather view them as mere babies and absolve themselves of blame. It is easier that way isn't it?

>it's legitimately a chemical imbalance
Stopped reading there. It is not an imbalance this has been debunked hundreds of times.

Look it isn't capitalism it isn't the jews brainwashing. The real answer is your parents didn't actually love you. Your father was a piece of shit your mother too. And nobody understood you or what happened so you closed yourself off to the world. It isn't your fault it was their fault.

It's like in the mouse-utopia experiment

>your perception of reality has been skewed by altered brain chemistry
Nope. This is a pseuodo-scientific claim. Your perception is skewed by other people not by chemicals.

this fucking graph man! they only count the last year, fucking top kek. that's not an epidemic of anything. Out of those 28%, how many didn't have sex for 20+ years? probably

Nothing short of chemical castration, or willpower that is strong enough to overcome instinctual behavior, will work. Most men of reproductive age will always feel the urge to reproduce and have sex, and will also follow whatever societal/emotional tropes and thoughts come with that. Take away their ability to reproduce, the inherent need to do so, and you'll solve the problem.

It's related to society but I doubt the capitalists are behind this. Creating and controling such a machine is beyond their power. They just jump on the trend offering products that don't help you and make you buy more products.

I'd agree it is a product of an changing society and problems adapting to it. But the causes can be found on multiple levels ranging from outdated gender roles many incels were raised on to the break down of traditional middle class families.

Yeah, if the culture were to have no sex until marriage, women would grow standards back and it would even the playing field. This is why this standard existed. Not everyone may have followed it, but it's why it was thought up.

The 'incel epidemic' is caused by the sexual revolution of the 60s.

>chemical castration
can you do this? like go somewhere and get castrated. How long does that last? Is it expensive? Does it have side effects like having low test because of it?

Are you writing a manifesto or asking for advice? The real world is so far from this.

I think someone will just develop a hormone that removes men's sex drive

>The real world is so far from this
Prove it

Teach incels to rape overt feminists and or start executing feminists once the economy crashes and the government heavily weakens. The government is what made things like this by giving women preferential treatment and coddling them. Remove the government and women will be extremely insecure and will need men again. Women can't stand on their own or compete with men on a truly, natural level playing field.

Go outside. Now you prove me wrong.

women aren't obligated to fuck you dude. Work on yourself.

If women had to wait until marriage the picking order would go to the extremes. It would backfire. And it’s not an epidemic. But i guess it feels like the end of the world when you haven’t sex yet.

The first thing you have to understand are the factors that led to this happening. First was feminism's "sexual revolution" with the birth control pill, condoms, and the "free love" movement of the 1960's. The institution of marriage was severely weakened. This lead to the now over 50% divorce rate that we now see with a large portion of the population now being raised in single parent households (almost exclusively by single mothers). The result of this is that there is no male authority figure in most households. No male authority figure equals no transmission of moral standards (including cultural societal norms) from one generation to the next. The only possible way this can be reversed is by re-instating the missing link of transmission of morality and socialization, within each individual. Sex robots are only a symptom of the problem that will get us further away from the ideal of fully integrated males within society. Males need new authority figures and role models (GOOD role models who exhibit individual virtues, not identity politicians). Masculinity has to be re-valued as not inherently toxic. Chastity and fidelity have to be upheld as moral ideals (males control 50% of reproduction). Females are not the only gatekeepers, and males have to raise their standards. Pornography and masturbation are also contributing to the decline and sexual confusion we see in modern times. Things WILL change sooner or later as society becomes increasingly destabilized, especially as the birth rate continues to drop below replacement. There still may be some hope that this can all be prevented, but it's becoming more of a longshot everyday and would require basically a grassroots moral revolution on a worldwide scale (aka a miracle).

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Nice strawman

Yes, chads being allowed to cull them, as nature intended. It's the final solution for incels.

women aren't obligated to fuck anyone, but then they shouldn't be surprised when humanity goes extinct

Humanity isn't going to go extinct without you dude.

Have you guys all watched the same shitty YouTube documentary?

The lower test thing is completely true. It has to do with how much food is processed these days, as well as increasing use of plastic to store shit, which leaks xenoestrogens into the food.

That doesn't work because by culling the bottom males they will just be replaced by someone else, you don't understand how hypergamy works

That was an extreme scenario, the point is that until artificial wombs we have to rely on women even if they don't want to have children in their most fertile age anymore

No it wouldn't. If they were taught to wait till marriage they would learn to be picker based on STABILITY (can this man PROVIDE for me, is he not just a pretty boy, is he intelligent does he earn a good living). If women were shamed into waiting till marriage, it'd be much more evened out and incels could have that sweet average girl they always bemoan about on here.

Face it, the sexual revolution was a mistake. And it is an epidemic, I speak as someone in an LTR; the levels of sexual partner disparity between the sexes is at an all time high, and that means that if you do the math, the numbers of lonely, single men are increasing over the decades.

>American spelling
>Complains about incels
>3 very bad solutions which try to provide a short term fix
OP just shoot up a mall already

And you need to dilate

Just because you don't see the problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist

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Just because you haven’t had sex and found a small angry incel minority group online does not mean society is at the brink of collapse.

>1. Sex robots and artificial wombs will become an alternative for lonely men
This will happen in the distant future. Eventually even pregnancy will disappear because if a machine can do what a vag can, but better, why not use it?
>feminists will most likely ban them
This wont happen.
Wont happen either. Even if cucks and betas run most stuff for them, female-led societies dont last.
>3. Another stronger more masculine culture takes over, most likely Islam and patriarchy is restored
This one will happen. Islam is already spreading faster than any other religion and right wing extremism has seen a resurgence in the past couple decades. Although, its worth noting that a change in culture doesnt have to be destructive; our societies might change to remedy the situation. For example, Flirting 101 might become a class taught in schools to teach men female psychology and how to ask girls out. These sort of classes are already done informally by so called "pickup artists", so maybe they'll become more mainstream.
>but all of our previous knowledge disappears, so the cycle will repeat again
Not necessarily. It's entirely possible that the past will be remembered and society strengthened to the point that this problem wont happen again. Fascism was basically an attempt at keeping men strong, when modern civilization weakens them. Pic related.

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>small minority
Except the numbers keep growing idiot

Doesn't matter if they're replaced, their numbers will be too small to be significant. Now we have thousands of little dudes whining about not finding sexual partners. That wouldn't be the case if alpha men were permitted to act as nature intended, i. e. rip the incel's face off for daring to even look at his potential mate.

>Replacing women with artificial wombs
Because after the pregnancy, what bonding does a human child and a robot have? Do you think the child bonds with the incubator in the hospital? It's clearly obvious that the mother (and father) play a vital role into the well-being of the child. Glossing over it doesn't make it any more viable unless you're doing large scale cloning.

>Masculine culture will come back
Has it left? Just because someone who lives in a basement and has an abnormally skewed view on the world doesn't mean it's true. If anyone took what CC, incel forums and Jow Forums took as genuine, we'd have a very backwards world in which staying isolated with a firearm is the only way to live

Social awkwardness is just the modern day version of natural selection. Incels won't be able to pass their genes along so the future generations will become more and more extroverted and chadlike, which increases the chance of human survival by increasing cooperation and eliminating weird creepy loners

Genuinely hoping for artifical wombs desu. Because if the men are off playing daddy to the kids, who is going to replace them and their higher positions in the worker's market? Literally most complaints by feminists would be solved, from power imbalance to less pay.

no joke i think this is the problem. We are isolated by technology and the internet as well. There isn't really a place to meet people especially in adolescence (outside of school).

So you literally want us to return to primitive barbaric roots? Excellent.

That's why marriage has existed for so long to keep most men satisfied, but now with marriage destroyed and female nature unleashed many beta males can't find purpose.

Look, you want a quick fix, that's the best you're gonna get.

what documentary?

>appeal to nature
Brainlet post

Yeah. No place to meet. Except online where you have access to people all over the planet on a scale never before possible. It’s never been easier to connect with someone. It’s never been easier to find a community that likes the exact same thing as you. We aren’t isolated, we are in abundance of connections.

This whole thread keeps blaming women following their nature. The easy response here is to follow male nature in turn. You're just iffy about it because you'd be killed off.

That doesn't feel the same at all, Have you seen how social media destroyed human interactions?

I just don't think that you can achieve the same kind of connection over the internet as you can face to face.

Trouble is that people on the internet tend to show their true, and often worst side of themselves. And once that doesn't make them any friends they come to places like Jow Forums to whine about it.

Men are able to control their nature unlike women, which is why they made basically all scientific and artistic contributions to the world.

that sounds pretty kek. So like follow the path of dominance or some shit?

No, women's nature is pretty straight forward, men are generally just too dumb to handle it. Also lmao'ing at your wannabe argument of science and art when women were kept from pursuing them for centuries.

CS:GO but against incels.

In case ya'll are to socially dense, the actual solution is increasing the minimum wage so people can afford luxuries to even participate in courtship activities outside their job, as well as afford mental healthcare to figure out what they are doing/thinking wrongly about their unworkable methods and ideals.


>increasing minimum wage
>in capitalism

Yeah, I think OP's are more likely than that.