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All I want out of life is a solid routine and to be alone. Why is that so hard? Shouldn't it be easier?

I feel a little guilty that my leadership is giving me cool opportunities that my teammates aren't getting. I'm the least experienced person here, and yet I'm being given opportunities that people wait years to get, and I'm worried they might resent me for it.

Whoops just dropped my mixtape

I can't do this anymore.

I like taking orders from you, K

Any second now my life is going to become a living Hell again

>waiting for her to text or call me back about my shitty date proposal

I hate everything.

Come the fuck on. We work in the same building anyway so just fucking call me GOD FUCKING DAMN IT JUST CONTACT ME PLEASE


Just gotta let it go. A better life isn't for me I guess.

What I want to know is...

Are my parents really in the dark about it or did they know all along?


About what?

Did they know they were Illuminati or not.

I want to have sex with an alien

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nah. I'd only resent you if you were a fucking idiot

I feel so fucking dizzy that I can't focus on anything. Drinking black coffee just made me feel worse and more sleepy. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Today I had a dream that I had to suck a guy's dick with extreme phimosis
the odd part is that I actually remembered the name of the condition while dreaming

I never consented to this, do you realize that?

For all my followers and supporters i just wanted to say one thing.

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Fuck you.

I'm honestly intrigued by this. How was this edited together?

Lmao how did you do that


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You haven't won. You had to lie and cry like a bitch to get her back to you, but it's not over. You told her to stay away from me because you knew how much she cared for me despite her relationship with you.

She slept with me because I can give her what you can't. I live like you wish you could, and can give her what she truly needs in life. That's why you're afraid and why you mandated that she can't talk to me. But she will, because she hurts when she isn't around me.

If you cared about her, you would let her go and let things work out as needed. But you had to manipulate her to get her back, because you're a pathetic coward. If you lay a finger on her, or hurt her more than you already have, I will come and cripple you with my bare hands.

I'm counting the days when she calls me again.

Christ, guy. You okay?

You were watching me since I was a little girl.

No. I fell in love with a girl with a shitty boyfriend, and despite all the shit he has pulled with her and the fact that she also loves me, she is giving the relationship one last try. He is mad that I cucked him, and is advancing his abusive manipulation with her, and I know that shit escalates. I am powerless to stop it now, but I am confident in the outcome. I just hope he doesn't hurt her further

I win.

Was she still dating the guy when you slept with her? If so, you're not so noble yourself. You made the decision to fuck a girl with a shitty boyfriend. Now the boyfriend will be even shittier to her because of it. At the same time, you probably made her feel guilty and now she'll be even more tolerant of the boyfriend's abuse, because she'll think that she deserves it. Should have convinced her to leave him.

I can see into the emptiness and know that nothing will ever rebel against the power that corrupted it. I know you fail to see it but one day when you've tasted the same freedoms I have you'll be able to see through to the outside from the outside and know what I know deep within my the reaches of my brain that the light hasn't touched yet will never touch. Autumn comes near and soon your time will come, but not too soon before mine, because you are completely unaware I hold the cards.

Yes they were still dating, but before we slept together, she told me that right before her and I met he told her that he didn't think he could love her despite them dating a year and a half. I've tried for the past 2 months to convince her to leave him, but she is making big life changes and the nostalgia is a sort of secure comfort as she treks into uncharted waters.

The only reason I even went for sleeping with her was because the boyfriend was shitty. It was a combination of expressing how I felt about her and trying to get her to leave him. She doesn't feel bad about it either because recently he told her that he didn't take the relationship seriously over their entire dating life.

She was on the verge of leaving him this week, but he pulled some fake tears with her and pulled on her compassion to stay and "reset" things.

I never claimed to be noble. I know I'm not a good guy. But I've seen how good she is and I know she doesn't deserve what she's going through

>you are completely unaware I hold the cards.

What do you think this was all about from the start? You think I just liked wasting my time?

There was something that struck me once...something fighting against my shackles, I became useless to my captors.

Your captors were just suitors, or maybe more along the lines of a bed of roses lying in front of your rundown hours - promising an embrace but ready to prick and let the blood flow. And it did, and now that all you can see is crimson, you come back to me for a second round of desserts? You clearly haven't changed; monsoon season has passed, but the floods have simply trickled their way downstream carrying debris that will bury you. It was only right that I moved myself and everyone I cared about out of the way.

>You clearly haven't changed

You never really knew me at all.

I am you. And you are me. And you still fail to see this.

I never knew you, depart from me.

That's what I'm asking of you. Though I don't know it's possible. Can you split two sides of the same coin?

You aren't me, get lost.

I don't want anything to do with you, I'm not sure why you think I do. I really, really don't.

I don't like dark knights, I like white knights.

You really look comfy, bathing in your drama like a pig in fresh mud.
I think you don't want to understand that your words, all of your words, they don't mean a penny to me.

No action has been happening between you and me, and never one concrete gesture has been perpetuated, on any of our sides, in any mutual direction. And I'm talking about the era that has only ended last April.
That blabberish metaphorical crap and its masturbatory purpose make me barf.
If that's supposed to be communication, it rather sounds like two people choking themselves to death and faking it was the other one's hand that committed murder.
Come on, you must be better than that. Unfortunately, you're the only one able to write the official version of this fucked up one-sided theater bullshit. As far as I'm concerned, I nowadays don't give a damn about how insanely decaying the portrait you do me is.
Fact : you don't know what I'm doing.
You don't know my plans.
You don't know who I'm seeing.
You don't know what I think.
Same for me regarding you.

So drop the shithead drama and come to closure like a man, put aside the sexualising garbage, and explain yourself.
Or perhaps haven't you noticed that you've been playing chess alone for some time ?
Maybe there are moments when you're bored and need to come hitting the imaginary me in the head ? Dude, are you trying to reinvent dumb and dumber ??

Damn those eggrolls, I seriously crave them. Are they seasoned with crack?

I actually really, really hate it when girls show interest in me. I don't care for flirting or any of the other stupid crap either. It's just not enjoyable for me to have to deal with yet another person trying to get a piece of me, this time trying to manipulate and control me with sex. I do not have time for this. However people look at me like I'm crazy for not going along with letting someone use me at their leisure.

What a weird universe we live in eh

Damn are you ever planning on getting into a relationship?

Same. I pretty much despise men, they jump up and down trying to make me jealous of some girl they are with but I simply say things like "oh you're such a cute couple" and they shut right up. XD

If I'm honest, I have only used men for my cause. I was never dependent on one. I have absolutely no sexual desire, unless I will it.

Do you remember the pied piper approach?

I knew they were watching me. I made them dance like puppets.

Hillary's drunk pics.

Isn't it tiresome, how incredibly unique everyone of us tries to pretend being ?
We all have the same anxieties, more or less the same complicated personal problems, and yet this youthful brain spit has to look like we're some special snowflakes just shat out of some divinity's ass.
Oddly enough, all this crap is always sex involved in some way, with denial being the cherry on top of some disgusting cake.

Deep down, I hate no one. It's not in my system of beliefs....or morality to hate anyone. Even people who have really messed me up. The pedophile who broke me down mentally....I had to forgive.

Nah, I grew up in an Illuminati cult with abuse and mind control. You can't win this one. Don't assume everyone is the same. EVER. Some people, especially refugees, have been through absolute HORROR. You have no idea.

What kind of mind control?

Breh everyone thinks in different ways the sam emotion can be expressed in a bunch of different ways some people aren't aware of certain emotions or have barely experienced them

They demonstrated and showed us hypnosis in play, people were hypnotized. They were much smarter than me, at the time and used that to completely dehumanize me, criticize, without love. Today, I have certain blocks, I can't learn...I'm 'autistic' ....I have been diagnosed with PTSD and depression.


Those who need distinction by difference are simply reacting by opposition to a general idea they made themselves of a world they think they know.
Comparing each other's traumas a bit like a peeing contest does not make one's experience valuable. There's no closure or understanding in proning everybody's amazing in their own way. We all have our personal hell. Doesn't that make us somehow "the same" ?

They didn't care when people went crazy or died. All they cared about is the way they appeared to the public. This is hard for me to talk about because I was so devoted and loyal and silent.

There is a difference.

A kid who is upset that he was circumcised and forced to play the piano is not the same trauma as a child who saw their parents killed by bombs. Sorry, you just don't get it because you've never seen misery.

I need some actual fucking advice
It's about my dad. Particularly something that happened yesterday that always happens again and again.

I had to go to work, but I was in the middle of using a ladder. So, I set the ladder to the side when I was done and asked my dad to move it back to it's original place when he had the time. No big deal if he couldn't. Well, I came home to see the ladder still there, and apparently (so my mom says) he didn't do anything all day. All he did was smoke weed and watch porn all day.

I bugged him about it when I got home but instead of being an adult he got into an emotional hissy fit and kept whining and crying about how "I never get a break" and "you guys are always bugging me". He ended up doing it but reluctantly and at a high price for the rest of the day. For the rest of the day he was in a pissy attitude and to make things worse the dinner my mom made wasn't something he liked so he complained and cried about that to.

I guess I'm trying to say is, my dad can't act like an adult. Hell, I act like more of an adult sometimes than him, but I still feel like there's a perspective I'm missing. But I feel like I don't fully understand his personality or habits. Why he's so cranky all the time, why he smokes pot and watches porn whenever he's free, or why he's so damn sensitive. He did have a very very rough childhood after all.

Idk. I just want our family to be happy and nice and smiling but dad never talks at the dinner table and he always has his head down. He never talks and he never asks you how your day was. (He's been like this since forever) I do ask him, but sometimes he just doesn't respond. Kind of scared desu. After shit like that, he tends to get passive aggressive and do something to me like mention something very embarrassing about me in front of everyone or mock me or even walk into my room and go through my stuff without asking me.

Maybe I should just ignore him? I hate seeing him like this. It kills the mood

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Hurrr durrr look who's almighty and always right !
Ok my little snowflake, you can be different and special, assuming your preconceived shit over people's life stories.

I knew you would respond like that. How? Am I a psychic almighty 'right' person? No. I just know people and you are actually the pussy snowflake that whines about small shit. You're never grateful. Some refugee that has had their loved ones blood splattered all over their face....they know what to cherish what's important. You're a useless pile of shit that whines about every little inconvenience in life.

He isn't real, he is an actor...I know it :(

She is too. :(

I wanted there to be someone like desperately.

that's rough user. you're not the first person to have a deadbeat dad and you won't be the last. sounds like he's got some self-hatred he's dealing with through escapism. a rough childhood can seriously skew a person's perspective...

there's nothing for you to really do about this, except learn to live with it. cherish the good memories that you do have with him. wish I had some better advice.


We used to roast each other..that is an illuminati thing to do.

got discord? I'll be up for another half hour.


HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's wrong?

They are going to kill me. Please help.


I grew up in an illuminati cult FUCK YOU

you'll be fine my dude

No I wont - You dont understand.

They act you out in public. I swear on my kid's life. They do this.

Thanks. I wish I could change him and make him smile, but he never smiles. All he does is that shit. Just a short rundown of his shitty childhood (what she only mentions very rarely)

He was an orphan, raised in a small family orphanage. His mother and father were drunks and he never got to see what they look like. One of his brothers was taken in front of him by kidnappers, he spent his 20's and 30's smoking pot, taking lots of drugs, and eventually became a drunk. He met my mom, cleaned up, and here he is today.

He's tried therapy before but we can't afford it anymore. Idk if I should let my future kids get too much exposure with him. I don't want them to be tainted like him, even if he is a victim.

I've always wondered why I was so emotionally unstable (can't process emotions properly, not emotionally mature, very introverted, trust issues, etc) and I think it's because of my dad. Thanks again though, I think that's all I really can do. I kind of feel like confronting him about the weed thing though. He tries to hide it and all my life has never admitted to smoking it, even though it's obvious. He smokes around everyone else but me. That hurts me. I wish he could just be honest with me, but I'm afraid that if I confront him, he'll lash out and attack me verbally like he always does when he's confronted.

They act out your private life ( that you don't know is under surveillance) in public to make you shut up. It's actually the plot for movies and songs.

They send out helicopters into the middle of huge parks to find you.

Alright who do I gotta kill
(Everything I state in this website is satire and purely meant for comedic expression)

because you don't know the actual truth yet.

Aite nvm then

>can't process emotions properly

this honestly just takes practice. next time you're hit with emotion, take some time afterward to think about exactly what you were feeling and why. if you always ignore your emotions you won't gain any understanding.

regarding your dad smoking weed around everyone but you--it seems to me that he probably does this because he cares about you, and cares about how you see him (alternatively, he just thinks it's a bad influence?). probably more self-hatred tied up in there too.

frankly, he knows better than you how he should be acting, and knows a hell of a lot better than you why he doesn't act that way. if you confront him about this, don't make it accusatory because he'll fight back. you might try having a conversation about role models. let him know you're worried about your future and ask if he has any advice for how to live a satisfying life. this gives him the opportunity to bring out the best in himself.

have you tried talking with your mom about your dad? she might be able to help too.

this is some pretty classic schizophrenia right here

At long last I finally have a gf

The more you talk about it the sadder it gets. Even I can see that what happened to him is tragic and sad, and to top it all off he's still fighting it all and trying to be a good dad. He doesn't open up often, but I want to give him the opportunity to sometime. He's usually very hard to open up because of the self-hatred, stress, escapism, etc. You must have so much going on in his mind on any given moment. I still have to wonder why he doesn't act the way he knows he should be acting, but I don't think I'll ever find that out. His life story is just so tragic though, I think he told me one thing before that was kind of advice, "don't end up like me".

Also, I've tried talking about it to my mom but she acts like she doesn't know he smokes weed. That hurts me even more. I know I shouldn't smoke it. I'm not an idiot. Why can't they just be honest? They wonder why I have trust issues when I live in a house of smoke and mirrors.

About the emotional processing, I think I'll try that practice you mentioned. I'm not the best with emotions and it shows in my dating and friend life especially (both lacking considerably).


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Congrats bro. Now all you gotta do is not fuck it up for the rest of your life.

Will do my dude. She's worth it.

Fuck i'm tired

Why does it feel like I'm finally at the end of the road? I don't even know how to function normally anymore, and I feel like I'm slipping away from life itself. God, please help me. I want to be with everyone, but it doesn't seem that I can keep up with people nowadays. I feel guilty for becoming so distance and for slowly sabotaging my relationship with them, especially him, because of detachment.

If you say so, then it's true.
Kind words from a kind person much.

You don't know that's why you dismiss it as schizophrenia. Fuck you, I know the truth. kys please

Your advice sucks by the way, you shouldn't be trying to diagnose people or play therapist after processing emotions when you're a stupid cunt. Fuck you.


>frankly, he knows better than you how he should be acting, and knows a hell of a lot better than you why he doesn't act that way

You don't know anything about that person. kys