Is there a more surefire way to kill your confidence and self esteem...

Is there a more surefire way to kill your confidence and self esteem? I was starting to feel pretty good about myself then after 2 weeks using it I'm again convinced there is literally no way I'll ever find a woman who likes me.

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lower your standards. im a 5'8 balding fat fuck and even i get matches. ofc it's with 300 pound landwhales with occasional 200 pound low-self esteem feminazi

but i get matches, i get convos, i talk to people who are actually attracted to me. if you're ugly match with ugly people user. it's not that hard

>lower your standards

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I have 50 matches with attractive women.
It doesn't matter because it's been a week and I haven't gotten any poon yet.
If this goes on for another week I'll be a sad lad

My problem with having this is not that I dont get matches, but that they don't lead anywhere
Has had it for about 2 months and have gotten about 60 or so matches. Its just that the conversation seems to not lead anywhere unless I take a risk and start flirting and then she stops responding.

well if you're below average or ugly what the fuck do you expect, user? to get matched with 8/10's+? not going to happen. tinder is a reality check for a lot of people. most people are fall between 4/10-6/10 and can't stand the fact they aren't getting matches with 8/10's+

my buddy looks like someone threw a brick at his face and wonders why he can only match with 3/10's. wake the fuck up you ugly bastards.

I guess we just need to stop being "nice guys" and start being jerks. Obviously that seems like what women are attracted to

I think you're totally right actually. I'm probably around a 4-5, I'm never gonna be able to be with a girl I'm actually attracted to.

How did people manage it before? I guess it's because we're bombared with 10/10 women so often it becomes impossible to get it up to anything except a perfect girl anymore.

It's easier to get girls in person than on tinder, at least for me. I suck at keeping up a convo while texting + my pictures are bad, so I get almost no matches and the few wont lead anywhere. Still, I've had a few romances in last months, all with girls that I met in person.

Only time I slept with a girl I met online, was when I met her on Omegle only text chat. We already had a good convo before even knowing what we look like and stayed talking later on facebook too.

So, my point is that girls who swipe left on you based on one picture from tinder, would give you a chance in person probably. Tinder doesn't really show your real value.

>I'm never gonna be able to be with a girl I'm actually attracted to.

lower your standards user. you're not attracted to these girls because you wired your brain that way. i wanted 8/10's for the longest time and anyone below that was just ugly to me. i lowered my standards, actually gave lesser looking girls the time of day and it's working out

find a 5/10 with a cute face, it's not impossible. your brain is wired to cut out average looking girls, rewire that shit user. nothing wrong with dating a 5/10.

Remember it's an app where you're almost solely judged based on your looks in a stack of 300 other males. Try other ways of meeting women in real life.

There isn't such a thing as a 5/10 with a cute face, if she has a cute face she's already above that.

It's not something I can rewire it's just that for the beauty of girls I can pull with my looks and charisma I'd rather not bother. Not like i would succeed anyway if I did bother.

the app is not designed to connect people otherwise they would lose all their customers

it's job is to give you enough hope so you keep coming back for more

go meet people in clubs, meetups, board cafes, comic cons or just talk to people in supermarket

>it's job is to give you enough hope so you keep coming back for more

shit they got me. it's fun using tinder plus to get matches. makes me feel like im worth something. what the fuck

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what does your bio say if anything? do you have a hat on in every picture? if your hair is starting to recede or already bald just own it in at least one picture. i have a picture of myself with no makeup/filter. i’m kind of turned off by shirtless pics, but to each their own i guess. also, i would say have more than one picture on there, and if group photos please specify who in bio or at least have a pic by yourself. maybe have a conversation starter in a picture, like a silly meme or involving a hobby of yours, something interesting. i have some of my portrait paintings/sketches for example. try to take pictures during the “golden hours” figure out your good angles.

i have 6.2k+ people who have swiped right on me that i have yet to respond to and 760 matches so far. i haven’t met anyone yet tho, kind of shy and slightly spooked about it.

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I hope you realise this is the most nice guy-statement you could've given.

Go to r/niceguys and have a read. If you don't get why it's being posted, you're most likely one of them.


You'll be banging her body, not the image of her body. It'll feel real good, even with stretch marks and muffin tops.

5/10 is average.
Cute is average. It's not abnormal for girls to be cute.

jokes aside
>it is always the same ideal, we look for

Follow my Pro Tops
>Be ideal/idealistic
>Take the courage/ Man up
>Either way, be tolerant and/or reliable
>and always take the courage and man up, or be emotional and adventurous

I aint faking advice but try different styles before you pick up a woman, mostly it aint about what she thinks about you but the whole aspect of impression towards a girl

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>woman giving tinder advice
This is like a NBA player giving Paralympics advice
Just jump bro

Cute is above average. Plain Jane is average, ugly is below average.
If a girl is cute to you she automatically is above 5.


Guys will boost up literal 7s to 10 if they find enough reasons to cash in. 5s can be cute. Cute isn't asking much. Cute isn't hot, beautiful or breathtaking. I've seen a lot of cute girls who have been leagues below some of my exes, and those exes haven't been above 8s. And 10s don't actually exist in society.

Cute is the lesser of compliments towards her physical appearances, save "pleasant-looking"

Cute is cute and in some occasions for me cute beats hot since cute seems more attainable. But I disagree that a 5 can be cute, a 5 is a whatever reaction. If you find her cute then by default she has to be more than a 5 for you.

Either way I digress, the girls I find cute are firmly out of my league because my brain is fried from porn and being bombarded with beautiful women 24/7.

>cute beats hot since cute seems more attainable
>10 = 1
>9 = 2
>8 = 3
>7 = 4
>6 > 5
Your logic, and you didn't get the memo that this retarded system isn't meant to be subjective.

It is subjective though. Or are you implying you could make an objective ranking of beauty of every woman in the world?

You can give an approximate rating but you cant strictly say a 10 for you is a 10 for me since our tastes might differ.

As a healthy person with a stable job, no debt and decent savings, and improving career prospects I at least want someone healthy physically and mentally, or at least capable of improving and willing, age 18-34.

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Tinder is the epitome of cancer of online dating, women only use it for self esteem boost and only fuck with Chads the average guy on tinder is fucked, get off it now.

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I'm suggesting that everyone isn't right in their estimate. Some women who according to the majority of men fall between 6 and 8 will be deemed 10 by a a lot of other guys, mostly likely due to infatuation or cognitive bias. What follows is that some women who fall between 4 and 6 will definitely rank as cute by a lot of men. Below 5 isn't ugly, it's simply on the homely side of average, and looks can be improved upon with make-up - which your 8s and 9s utilise as well. A 2 is a very different creature than a 4.

Some people genuinely think that 6s and 7s are 'average', and that they'll only go for 9s and 10s - which in reality are more likely to be literal 6s and 7s. The attainability argument is what'll make you leave out actual 9s and 10s. You can't see yourself ever getting to date one, so you bump them out of the rankings all together, in turn bumping 'cute face' up to at least a 6, when they can as likely be 5s when you take the rest of her body into consideration.

Or to put it simply:
It's fair that my 6 can be your 7, but my 6 shouldn't be your 9. Some parameters are arguably coherent enough that we can state what is average and what isn't with certain accuracy. The same should be true for those that rank very high and very low.

Obviously people with a certain amount of beauty can look very different, and what doesn't work for me might be exactly your thing, which makes it difficult to quantify, but to some extent it should be possible for anyone to acknowledge the limits of someone's looks. No shame in admitting that my lovely girlfriend isn't higher than a 7, even if I love looking at her. I just won't tell it to her face.

Most people can become atleast a 7 if they aren't disfigured / super manlets. If you're fit, keep good dental hygiene, dress well and have some form of confidence you're already doing great. I've never even been called good looking and I've easily slept with over 100 women. And while most of them weren't what I would consider 8/10 or higher I didnt even fuck a single fat girl or someone I would actually consider ugly. I don't use tinder tho because I despise all forms of normie social media. Fuck your defeatism shit. Low self esteem and defeatism are the least attractive traits a person can have.

I'm fit, well dressed and groomed and I have never managed to push things any further than a first date.

I don't know how you people do it but knowing girls find the overwhelming majority of men not attractive and that basically there is the same chance of finding a girl you like that is actually attracted to you as there is of winning the lottery depressed me. Yes, technically I could find a girlfriend, but since I'm not much of a looker she isn't going to be attracted to me and is going to be with me more out of convenience than anything else.

Go to a nude park, you'll feel better.

>He paid for tinder plus
Bruh moment

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>6.2k people

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Must be nice to be charming.
I have the charisma of a blobfish wearing a Kit Harrington mask.

>i have 6.2k+ people who have swiped right on me that i have yet to respond to and 760 matches so far. i haven’t met anyone yet tho, kind of shy and slightly spooked about it.
Lol that's because you're a woman. You could put zero effort into your profile and still get thousands of right swipes. Just try putting a single selfie with no bio in there and see for yourself.

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>delude yourself
I mean, I get that that's the normie modus operandi but please kill yourself

Tinder Plus give you a bit more privacy bcs girls that you like get to see your profile.

Tinder gold is literally scam.

Just curious. What's a 4/10 both male and female? Post pics pls

Never used this and live in a small place. Wanna try this and lovoo some nice beginner tips?

Reinstalled maybe 3 weeks ago. I've gotten some matches but I usually don't get a response when I message them. I've been talking to one girl for a bit but I think she's losing interest in me.

Didn't mean to quote you there my bad

This is what I'd consider a 5.

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Depends on body

See I thought that was funny. Being funny makes you automatically more likeable / charismatic in my opinion. You just have to avoid falling into these negative thought patterns like "they won't find me attractive anyways" or "I'll never be good / tall / rich enough". Even if that was actually true defeatism will always prevent you from succeeding no matter what. Thinking like this will always spiral out of control and get worse and worse. You shouldn't look away from the bad but you have to stop focusing on it. It may sound cliche but keep your head up and stop acting like you're a loser. You accept defeat when you're about to die, everything else is just giving up early.

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I think if she was fit, wore her hair open, knew how to use makeup and knew how to smile for a Pic she could easily be a 8/10 for most guys. A lot of women that are considered hot just know how to present themselves on social media / around guys. Most of them actually aren't some kind of mythical being that is blessed with godlike looks. Natural 10 /10 are so rare you won't really meet any in your life and if you do it will mostly be out of subjective reasons, I.e her personality fits yours really well and you like her demeanor. People seriously underestimate how much physical attraction can be influenced by several non genetic factors.

>be mixed
>only super like asians
>6/10 like me back
>3/6 reply to my message
>usually 1 or 2 give me their number
>usually only meet up with 1

Wish I was white desu

The 80/20 rule is in full effect, average guys everywhere are completely fucked and have to settle for absolute landwhale ogres who live under the bridge.