Made up the word "gosherooney" as an exclamation of surprise when I was a kid

>made up the word "gosherooney" as an exclamation of surprise when I was a kid
>girl I'm dating now looked at me like I'm an alien whenever I said that a few times on our first date
>says it's a dorky term and I should never use it
>tfw gosherooney is a defining part of who I am and I don't want to give it up but I also really like this girl

What do

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Find a better girl. You don't want to be with someone so stuck up.

That’s some autism shit op, but I guess if she can’t take your autism dip

Use it any chance you get.

That’s hilarious and so pure
Maybe she said it jokingly? Don’t stop using it tho and if she makes a big deal about it stop dating her

Looks like the kind of word pic related would use

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Who's that? :o


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Are you fucking gay?

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>tfw gosherooney is a defining part of who I am and I don't want to give it up
What's it like living with autism OP
Also this it sounds like it could have been a joke if she called it dorky, dorky is usually an affectionate term

Posting in an epic bread :DDDD Include me in the screenshot :)

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Is that a jewish Lastname?

Vary up your speech op, gosharooney is fine but it's only cute once a day.

Fuck off. Don't bully OP just because you're more cynical than he is.

This chick is 100% worth 0% of your time

Become a streamer, and market the term on t shirts, and mugs, start a pardon, and watch the gold diggers come rushing.

El stranger thing...

Shes lame and you sound like a religious child.

Fucking ned flanders God damn mother fucker.

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Just don't give a fuck. What we say accounts for around 10% of what is perceived anyways. The rest is language and intonation, etc.
Don't let the semen demon control you!

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>heh god isn't real... Stupid sheep..... *tips fedora* ..... God didn't give me a gf, so he doesn't exist

That's cool OP. I made up the world Laffatable which is literally "Laugh at able" as in it is funny enough to warrant laughing at.

You all are welcome to use it now that you know about it.

Tell her she's being a massive bitch and she should shut up and never say to never use it. Don't let her waltz over your personality, just hit her back. She's being a bitch about a term you invented, tell her it means that apparently she thinks you're dorky and should be a bitch about you. With women you need to play to psychological games to torture them until they break and say sorry. Honestly there's no better way as far as I know.

OP wouldn't be making up retarded words if he was able to talk to women like that.

Google "gosharoonie"

Trademark this shit OP and when a bitch complain put a gasherooney branded 17inches dildo inside her ass.
You're great.
But serious, maybe you're using it too much. It's like any other word, if you use it too much is weird. In this case, sadly, you can use even less because it's your made-up word. So a thing that is dorky and cute when used sparingly become cringey and creepy when used too much

What the fuck, OP didn't even come up with it. What a liar.


Or you can just not be an incel and leave her to be someone else's problem instead of wasting your time trying to turn a bitch into a housewife because she's the only pussy you can MAYBE pull

I'm... kind of shattered by this. I thought it was my own unique word. Something that I made up all by myself in 2001 when I was four years old.

I won't stop using the word. But this knowledge has definitely left a wound on my psyche.

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wtf you mickey mouse mfer

You're awesome OP, don't let them change you.

Just shout NIGGERS like a boring adult

i-is this projection? I am currently hunting a cute 18 year old twink who will suck my dick before the month is over :^)

OP, you are gay. Do you realize that? 100% gay. Should say faggarooney instead.

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i'd be in love with someone who said gosherooney, be yourself no matter what! you only want someone who loves you for you. i'm sure it won't bother her that seriously, it'd be silly if it did.