I kissed a 17 year old girl I met online. I'm 30...

I kissed a 17 year old girl I met online. I'm 30. We also discussed having sex when she finally turns 18 in about 2 weeks. Is any of this illegal?

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As long as you properly wait out the 2 weeks i'd say you're fine.

Also, check her ID so you're 100% sure about her age.

if it backfires or ends badly and she is vindictive she could turn around and say that you were grooming her

Not only is right but also it's just straight up creepy. What are you doing dude? Is this where you saw your life going? Hitting up teenagers for sex over the internet like the internet pedo everyone warns their kids about? Go meet a nice girl your own age user, don't put your dick in a child.

go back reddit

Depending on where you are, waiting for 2 weeks might be necessary, but otherwise everything is legal. Go enjoy yourself, user.

dude rather than illegal you need to think about logistics. does she have her own place, a vehicle, a source of income and time. I don't just mean time lately, I mean does she plan to have time for you in the future. as a matter of fact do you have all these things? 21 is my limit just because little girls lie because as children there are no consequences for them. The simplest test of adulthood is if they can buy you a drink.

Depending on the laws of your imagination it may be legal or illegal.

Depends where you live and, largely, if you get caught by the wrong crowds
For instance if her mother is a new age feminist, you're fucked, and not in the get laid way
>everything I don't like is Reddit
very good
>little girls lie
More to the point, they discover a fuckton about themselves, their bodies, minds, peerage and the world around them, usually from that 16-21 gap, so it's more likely OP will put all his eggs in a young basket only to have her fuck off to someone else.
But, in all fairness that happens without girls being 19 or 17, some are 30 and still don't know how to not cheat, so OP's really on the cuff here as to whether or not he can stomach teens
I can't, lord knows they're fucking boring and vapid, but if he can tolerate vacuous pussy then all he needs to do is make sure local laws (by-laws) are obeyed, instead of asking Jow Forums for legal counsel

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maybe not but it's creepy and trashy as fuck regardless.


But also just check the age of consent laws where you live. It's 16 where I live unless you are a person of authority, like a police officer, teacher, judge, etc.

in Texas it's legal. I was 17 and my gf was 28. she wanted to make sure


It's really not. What is wrong with you?

She’s go gonna regret it and take you
To jail pervert go after girls your own age

I'm 30, a 16-17 year old was sending me 'fuck me' eyes across the room at a bar I was at this afternoon. I was initially flattered but then felt like 'please stop it, you're family is going to eventually see'

>he has to wait til she's 18
Lmao why is America so cucked?

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