Does anyone here have experience dating a Jow Forums girl?

Does anyone here have experience dating a Jow Forums girl?

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Yes, don't do it. She was retarded and vomited her Jow Forums crap on everyone. She gave the finger to the homeless we passed and was so insecure that any conversation would end up mired in defensive posturing. Do not date a Jow Forums girl.

>Do not date a Jow Forums girl.
user, she's a literal tittycow. I don't think i could ever live with myself if i turned her down.

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Kind of. It was when I was a teenager, before Jow Forums was a board and we just had /b/. She was a /b/tard from my local wargaming scene though, but she played Nazis.

It was okay for a while, she was cute and smart and was really interested in that domestic life shit, which I was into. But she would also cram politics into everything and anything, even stuff that wasn't, it was really awkward. I couldn't take her anywhere or introduce her to anyone because she didn't know how to turn it off. I confronted her about it a few times and tried to tell her she made people uncomfortable by talking about how medical ethics are roadblocks of progress and the live vivisection of jewish prisoners by Nazis produced the best advancements in medicine of the last century. I don't know if that's true or not, I'm sure there's a nugget of truth to it, but it's just not something you say at Starbucks to a guy complaining about his Chron's. She wasn't interested in hearing it, and when we went to college it just got worse.

She actually broke up with me because I couldn't afford to buy her an expensive dress she wanted, about a week after I'd already given her $200. In retrospect I dodged a bullet, a nazi and a gold digger.

Just bang and bounce bro, she isn't wife or mom material she is either a nut or an attention whore. Looks don't last.

you sound like a decent person, sorry you made that mistake

>live vivisection of jewish prisoners by Nazis produced the best advancements in medicine of the last century
Medfag here, Nazi experiments were completely useless.

>Jow Forums girl
If you think girls have political views you are retarded. I once convinced a belarusisan commie girl that hitler did nothing wrong in like 45 minutes.

No. I don't date trannies.

That proves literally nothing. So how retarded are you?

>Tumblr image name
>Proud antifeminist
We really back in the 1920s

how do i become a Jow Forums girl no memes pls

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Only pol girl I knew was always stoned, unemployed because she punched her boss twice.

>always stoned

Aren't she what pol would call, a 'degenerate'

Tradthots are the worst
It's better idea to date a feminist and fuck her brains out

Idk but she hated blacks so she was basically pol.

>It's better to stick your dick in crazy
No, it's not unless you're prepared to move far away when she inevitably has a meltdown.

I dated a commie girl before, she was actually really based and we laughed at the Christchurch shooting together

The dream: everyone's on Jow Forums because they're outcasts by ulterior design; misunderstood and cast out from the light, they're less 'evil' and simply more those who learned to live in the dark

The reality: most of them are just sick in the head; those who are only nominally sick join the inexorably bored in consequence-free-whatever-posting, and rather than some misunderstood outcasts, people are either trolls of their own making, or trolls because they simply chafe with people that hard.

You can gamble on being an exception... But at that rate, why not just go to Tinder?
But if you wanna fug a tiddymonster go for it. Don't say we didn't warn you if it goes south

Watch Lana Lokteff and Marie Cachet. Stop being fat. Stop watching porn. Learn to garden, identify wild edible plants, and take care of animals. Be a good wife to a racist white man. Homeschool your kids.

>fell for the Asian meme
jesus christ user

I don’t think staying with a pol girl would be good but having one as a friend or gf would be nice as fuck

Tits with time stamp or fuck off

most of pol is what pol would call degenerates, they just larp as le yte man

>be girl
>be racist
It's not hard.

hung out/fucked one for awhile and i can say that i genuinely miss her.

there's been two women ever in my life who i actually enjoyed talking to: her, and a classmate who i was great friends with in college but she was way outta my league.

BUT: if a woman is deep into Jow Forums shit, SHE IS FUCKED UP. PERIOD. any girl who is 'extremely online' is an attention deprived whore. this girl came from an extremely fucked up, abusive household. she had been browsing Jow Forums since she was 12. she was also incredibly hot and funny. most woman are unfunny and cannot hold a conversation to save their lives. i gave up on her because she was too Jow Forums even for me. she'd say 'nigga' out in public with no reservation at all. she was asian (asian father, white mother), and we know how fucked up hapas can be. as a guy who wants to build a relatively normal life and family, being with a Jow Forums girl is just too much.

>any girl who is 'extremely online' is an attention deprived whore.

This is true. I might have the most racist fucking beliefs according to some people but I still see it as unhealthy for women to have this personality.

tell us exactly what you said to her. we want to know