How to ask out coworker?

So I have accepted the fact that I am going to have to abandon the age old policy of not shitting where you eat. What is the best plan of attack? was just gonna try and intercept her on her break and grab her number and ask her to coffee if she is down. But according to the interwebs you should build rapport or some shit first, which sounds like torture to me.
any general tips and tricks for asking out coworkers? I know this is an annoying repeat/generic thread. But I haven't been this scared to ask a girl out since HS. And it is mostly just the work thing that scares me.

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>the fact that I am going to have to abandon the age old policy of not shitting where you eat.
>the fact
Don't do it OP. You will regret it. Sexual allegations up the ass right before you lose your job over 5 minutes of pleasure.

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lmao. I know it is a bad idea, but I am going to do it anyway. That is why I want advice on going about it.
Though gonna be honest false sexual assault allegations are not something I am remotely worried about.

You realize the purpose of Jow Forums is to give people good advice, right? As opposed to giving them advice on how to ruin their lives?
>not something I am remotely worried about
That's exactly why you should be worried.

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unless she's giving you signals and flirting with you it's a bad idea.

you're going to put pressure on her and make her feel uncomfortable and she will retaliate by ruining your reputation and talking shit about you in turn raising her social standing and showing off how desired she is.

yes I want advice on what I asked for advice on. not for you to project/r9k/ shit.

>put pressure on her and make her feel uncomfortable.
yeah but that is why I felt just casually asking her for coffee one on one outside the office was the best course of action.

OP i have some actual advice for you having been in this situation. Just do it. Seriously just do it if you have even a hint of interest from her. But flirt first. Treat her a little nicer than everyone else and help her or compliment her if you can. See how she responds and if she seems to like you too, go for it. If she says yes cool, if not just say okay thats fine, and dont treat her any differently than you did before. If you do start dating, make it clear very early on that you guys won’t act any different at work and make no mention that you guys are together. Also if you or she has any managerial position above you, dont do it. Just dont. But if you work in different departments or even in the same department i’d say its okay.

women don't want to be hit on in every aspect of their lives. You put her in a weird spot regardless. Don't ask her out. Let her work in peace without feeling weird about having to reject a coworker. Go get a crush on someone you don't work with. DO NOT ASK HER OUT LET HER WORK IN PEACE

No. No. No. Do not treat her differently. Do not flirt with her. Let her do her job without trying to fuck her.

Quit trying to sabotage OP’s success. I can tell you have neither his best interests nor those of society at heart. In a world where social institutions are becoming increasingly irrelevant, the workplace is one of the only places where relationships still reliably form. I worked for a pair of professors who were married and it only improved their research.

but did they meet while working at the university together?

Yeah, they did their masters and PhDs together

No. don't. stop. Okay now that we got that out of the way. Introduce yourself, help her, see if she wants to do something. Don't be fucking vague and don't give up. When she shuts you down just flirt more. Only talk at work, nobody likes a stalker.

keep in mind that if you break up after a period of dating one of you will probably have to quit your job or face eternal awkwardness

Yeah OP is honesty a big fucking idiot if he does this. OP you have minimal support in this post. Just fucking don’t. Control your small monkey brain and pick a different girl.

thanks user. I guess this is the way. I just sort of suck at the subtle approach. I get to invested and girls lose interest. is the reasoning for doing it just to avoid making a move if she is not interested
see I feel like flirting more after getting shut down is where problems come from.

slightly related to OP's question

If a girl is straight up looking for a bf and her friends are joking about it and she is also giving me food all the time at work and then wants me to come over for a party how do I navigate this safely? she's a coworker, I would normally be ambivalent but she's the ex of a guy I used to know and I like the guy enough not to be a dick and fuck his ex. My job is about the most carefree job at this place and I'd like for it to remain like this. I don't even care about losing being able to get free food from this girl.

As someone who dated a girl I worked with, and it’s been a year, just two things.

1. Is it worth it? Is she just going to be another sexual conquest? Or is this the absolute one and you wake up and go to sleep thinking of her? Are you willing to lose your career for it? Or is this some meme retail job that could care less? Are you ready for coworkers to talk and you to make things occasionally awkward at work?

If you do insist on pursuing this girl, don’t do a “h-hey user if y-you’re not too busy f-Friday can we go out?”. She will instantly shut you down. Play this cool and try to date her without her knowing. Ask her to occasional lunches. Maybe surprise her with occasional coffee or breakfast. A candy bar. Ask her to get food after work. Anytime she says no, just drop it. Don’t make things weirder. If she says no to lunch, play it off and just ask her next week.

With my girl we used to take our lunches together, then we’d go buy lunch. Then the “let’s just eat here” at the restaurant. Then occasional coffee after work and stuff. Let it grow, and she’ll see she likes spending time with you

Her friends are joking about it because she's not actually looking for a boyfriend, only a fuck. Whether she knows this herself is the question.

Here's what I always say, user. Play it cool first, trust your instincts second. If you play it cool, you can figure out if she wants just sex or a real thing. Once you know that, you can react using your best judgement.

Good luck, user.

yeah thanks. the consensus seems to be this approach. I just really hate it.

also if it helps people contain their autism she works on a different floor then me, I don't care what anyone outside of management thinks of me and I hopefully won't be in this office a year from now.