I want advice on a gaming PC. I don't care about playing everything on the highest graphics...

I want advice on a gaming PC. I don't care about playing everything on the highest graphics, but I've been using integrated graphics for pretty much every computer I've ever had so something that can just PLAY the games will be good (specifically I want to play games like Dragon age Inquisition, Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity 2, Civilization 6. etc.).

Will this thing be enough?

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Just build one user. It's cheaper than prebuilt. The one you linked is too expensive. Just watch some build guides

I’m shit with computers but I personally would go for the 1070 or 1080 graphics card so you can comfortably play games instead of just playing them

Build one. Its cheaper. Its also incredibly easy. All you need is Youtube, a screw driver and the instruction manuals.

this fag but anyway I used ibuypower to build my computer. Thinking about getting a new one though so how would I go about this? I can’t imagine I would have to go through every single part and go through the specs of each model of each of them

I've got money to spend and I don't care about the bragging rights of building one. I mean, I don't want to spend $2000, but for under $600, that's fine by me if it's more expensive than it should be. All I want to know is if it will work.
What do you mean "comfortably?" Like, is the 1050 going to be outdated for upcoming games like VTMB 2?

If you want high end games on ultra it would help. Also it would help a lot with vr gaming

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A gtx 1050 is terrible for games.

1060 minimum, a rtx2060 would be considerably better. Im not sure what the states has, but in canada we have a website called memory express and they build customer computers with parts you pick out. They charge $50 for assembly. You could get everything built excluding the graphics car and buy itt on craigslist instead. I saved about $300 buying a used 1070.

>is terrible for games
but can you explain why, and for what types of games, and games made in what year range?

>building one
>bragging rights
next you'll tell me how much of a geek you are

>gtx 1050
>571 dollars

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>vr gaming
>anything less than a 1080 or 2060 super equivalent
Never going to happen.

Pillars of Eternity is overrated trash, especially the second one lol.
Tyranny was a bette game than both of those combined and it's like a 10 hour game tops.

I'm just saying those are the types of games I like. WRPGs, JRPGs (the ones that are on PC anyway), grand strategy, etc. I don't think my current computer can play Cities: Skylines and I love SimCity 3000 so there's that as well.

If your plan is to play lowest graphics and buy a prebuilt computer like a normalfag then yes.

A 1050 is just above a CPU’s integrated graphics. A 2gb card is nothing for games today.

You could probably play league of legends, over watch and things like that. but witcher 3 would be miserable.

Trust me, pay a bit of money now and you wont have something that was outdated 3 years ago.

Just google gtx1070 vs 1050 and find gpu benchmarks. Literally up to 150% better in most games.


so, what is your argument against a video like this?


I get by on a 1060... (just throwing that out there... I don't know anything...)

If 40 fps is your thing go for it. Waste $600 and be disappointed

Logical increments is the Jow Forums guide from a few years back turned into an updateable guide for people who want to play games.

As you're all aware by now, I'm a retard who doesn't want to build a PC myself. What about a site like this where you customize your options? Can you fuck things up by going for cheaper versions of the same parts?