Where do average guys tend to find the hot girls from...

Where do average guys tend to find the hot girls from? I’m a guy that’s decently attractive and some female friends think I’m handsome by far. But the guy friends I know aren’t even that attractive and they can still manage to find very attractive women.

What is the secret to all this? Is there a way to get noticed by good looking women if you are not as physically good looking? Or is it their personality?

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>Where do average guys tend to find the hot girls from?
They don't, girls only aim for the top 20% of men.

The local marketplaces.

This wasn't true the first time you said it, it's still not true now.

Really anywhere you go. If a woman is confident enough and has her eyes on you she'll try to let you know.

>Is there a way to get noticed by good looking women


Women do not notice them. They notice women and approach. They do not sit around HOPING that a woman notices and goes up to them. You want girls you have to actively seek them out.


Confirmed for being that autist that asks out every girl he meets. Girls let you know when they like you bro, they probably just don't like you.

Wrong again bucko. I only had to ask out one girl and she said yes. Thing is that I approached her, made it clear that I was interested in her and asked her out. I didn't sit around waiting for her to make a move. If I did that I would probably still be single like everyone else bitching about ">tfw no gf" while making zero effort to get a girlfriend.

Well she probably did send you subtle signs she liked you and you were too autistic to pick up on it.

Post an example of it not being true.

>Post an example of it not being true.

Leave your house once in a while and you will see plenty of guys below the top 20% with girlfriends.

When you make a claim you got to back it up with evidence , just a basic rule for debating and such .


I only see Chads with 5/10 girls, some even go for fatties. It's brutal out there for average men.

Maybe you are just gay if you think every guy on the street is some super attractive perfect Greek god.

Thanks for proving me right. :)
You're just projecting, I've tried asking out 10 girls this year and some of them said no, some ghosted me. Not all of us are lucky with genes like you.

>some ghosted me

You do it in person, that way you win them over with your personality. Assuming fo course you atleast have a halfway decent personality which you probably don't because you have a defeatist attitude.

But if you want to believe that I am in the top 20% of humankind then go ahead and believe that.

OP here. I was talking to a friend last night and he told me it was just coincidence that for his example he met a girl before who was super hot but he considers himself ugly. He said he had to make a move though and she also made one at the same time. So does this mean I should really be trying then or should I just take the first step every time?

What if it’s online based relationships?

Only if they are rich

Girls only let you know if they are really, really into you. For every girl that makes it obvious that she likes you, there's 10 more that like you and stay quiet because they think that girls aren't supposed to make a move or they're just open to you but need to get to know you better.

That's called having a pocket gf. A girl that you can take to places and do stuff with but doesn't challenge you in the department of looks and career. The power dynamic in those relationships is very clear

No. They just don't walk up to you like some incel-gone-pua and go like "Ay bby want sum fuk?" And the all secret and girly ones are a pain in the ass. Constant mind reading and guessing motives with them.

>But if you want to believe that I am in the top 20% of humankind then go ahead and believe that.

>Has a smartphone or computer
>Has free time to debate people online
>Thinks he's not in the 1%
Delusional faggot

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

are we talking about cold approaches here? i feel like i'm constantly getting eyefucked by decent women but how do i get past the eye contact stage?

You walk to them and initiate a conversation.


Yeah, that aint happening chief.

Well then don't complain about not getting any women if you choose not to do the things required to get those women.

I love how you say that when OP says he's an average guy looking for a hot girl. You got the genders swapped, buddy.

and it's the same thing in this board and website A bunch of incels being like "where can I meet a blonde haired blue eyed Christian conservative girl who is into anime and video but isn't a gamer a girl and also she has to be a virgin and not fat or ugly and she can't be on social media"

Whoops, didn't meant to quote you I was aiming for in my post