Just learned this chick I've been talking to is bisexual. How do I cut things off...

Just learned this chick I've been talking to is bisexual. How do I cut things off? We work in the same place and sit together very closely with all her other friends. There's literally nobody else I can talk to about this because they're all super liberal and most of them are fucking gay themselves. Genuinely unsure what to do here.

How can I twist this around to take the blame?

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Was I actually unclear or are you merely pretending

Are you afraid that vagina powers will steal her away because you're inferior?

Wow. No. Stop projecting retard. I don't want to date a bisexual woman because it isn't right. Why isn't important. No woman could steal a woman from me anyway.

You make no sense. It sounds like you are upset at someone for being bi although it affects you in no way, but still want to do something about it.

How off do you want to cut it? Just say you're stressing about X and can't afford to drag someone up in a mess you can't handle.
Bisexuals are pretty much textbook sluts. Even the gays, notoriously slutty as they are, won't go near them because they're such waffle cases and they use their sexuality to justify their infidelity.
No red flag waved harder than when I learned the gays generally frown on the bis. Wild world.

I don't like bisexuals. I want to date a STRAIGHT WOMAN. Why don't YOU get that? Why odn't you answer my question, matter of fact?

This. I mean unless op is worried that she has an unlimited number of people to cheat with, whats the issue? Also pretty much all women are bi

That might work actually. Only thing is... I kind of already mentioned before we started talking that I'm working on a thing and wanted to try and balance things with her. Now I'm worried that if I go back on that I'll look undecisive and that's not a good look.

Also, she is kind of a fast girl too. Really sweet, just fast. She'll probably make a good partner to someone one day but not me not now. She's not even 20 yet.

You still have that option. There are straight women out there.

This has to be bait. Gender is fluid and all women are 99% bisexual to begin with. Grow up OP.

If you’re gonna act like you’re fucking strung out & shit and won’t be clear with your intentions then there’s no reason for anyone to give advice to a fruitcake like you, as if anyone could understand what kind of advice.

>how do I break up with her?
>why do you want to break up with her?
>I want to date a straight
>you can do that
Hey thanks for answering my question.
Are you retarded all girls are not bi.

Just act pro trump

What does this even mean. What does strung out mean, what do you mean clear with my intentions, how am I a fruitcake.

I think this is the answer I was looking for. What the fuck, this is perfect. They'll be hating me in no time. Genuinely thank you.

>Also pretty much all women are bi.
I've come to learn that this is true. However, women who are straight and are hard lined straight are always super religious and boring in bed.
>I don't want to date a bisexual woman because it isn't right.
But hey that sounds up your alley.

You have to be under 12 years old to not realize these very very basic facts. Date a fucking guy then. Theyre pretty binary on gay or not gay since thats what matters

Just drop her like it's hot famalam

You can't just make a claim like 99% of females being fucking bisexual and expect me to believe it. What the fuck, I don't even care about that. All I want to know is how to break up with this chick, why are you all acting like such fucking babies.

You’re strung out because you’re impervious to logic. I mean clear in your intentions in the fact that you need to be clear about what the problem is in the situation which you described. You are a fruitcake in the fact that you are completely nutty and acting buttfuck crazy. Want me to show you a TedEd just to make sure you understand this time you fucking stupid idiot

Can certainly make a somewhat exaggerated claim like that. Everyone else here knows it as well. How is that making us babies? Either way man you have another set of issues if you dont know how to split. Big dick energy, you fuckin tell her what youve said here - you dont accept that about her and thats it. Or take the road more traveled, make up a reason and then have toblive that lie as long as it takes. What more could you need?

You're welcome

Impervious to logic... in what fucking way you little faggot. I asked a simple question and you answered me with some bullshit about it not being that serious when it is obviously that serious to me.
I'm not being clear because I don't want to tell my liberal workplace FULL of gay people that I don't want to date her because she's bisexual, what kind of a brain-dead move would that be you fucking moron?
And how am I the fucking crazy one here, kek. I'm not getting pissy about who other people want to date. I just asked a question. Fuck off forever.
>dude just make up a reason.
Oh my fucking... that's what I'm asking in this thread, and I have gotten a 2 answers out of 20 posts for.

Okay so going full trump mode and possibly looking like an asshole to everyone you work with is better than being honest and being an asshole to one person(her)? Wtf? Thats what we were trying to help with. Sure, fuck it. Tell her you have a thing for kids then. Thatll get her away from you too.

All women are a certain amount of shots away from their first lesbian experience. As a woman who is openly bi I can tell you that the only females that I've been around that were drunk and didn't try to make out with me were other openly bi chicks. Of the women I know, the straight ones are way more slutty than the bi ones.

If you're dead set on breaking up with her, quit being a pussy and do it. Tell her the truth, you don't really seem to care that much about your her or your friends anyway.

>No woman could steal a woman from me anyway.

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>No woman could steal a woman from me anyway

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this entire thread makes me laugh. love you guys.

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>no woman could steal a woman from me anyway

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Just cut to the chase and break up with her, nothings more problematic than dating a bi, let alone a hot head straight, best choice is a optimistic straight, true angels.