Why are MGTOW men angry exactly?

why are MGTOW men angry exactly?

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Because the gynocentric system is extremely one sided in women's favour so they have no reason to support it anymore.

Are they? Thought they would be happy as they are carving their own path in life.

Which ones are you talking about? Sandman, Stardusk and Barbarossa are mostly calm but TFM sometimes gets angry.

they're not angry. go to any MGTOW forum and it's a bunch of guys trying to convince themselves they are happy without companionship, family, etc. and are instead happy buying useless shit like expensive cars. "who needs a gf when i can buy a brand new corvette?"

they are just sad lonely guys. this is not to say that women are not hard to deal with sometimes but so are men.

They shouldn't be, by design the whole movement is leaving behind reasons to be angry at things out of your control and to take more dominion over your own life.

Most of them are single unironic incels. But a few are actually well versed in the belief and have genuine feelings about the favor of vagina in the court, education, career, and a plethora of other things.

Usually when people come to the realization of how fucked everything is, they get pretty angry. Usually that anger is justified, just not productive.

I think they are another case of being over-socialized by the internet to the point where they are disconnected from reality.

>Most of them are single unironic incels
Source - my ass

Turd Flinging Monkey is one of the smartest mgtow youtubers and he has a Sex doll

They are a bunch of miserable incel wannabe monks.

Most MGTOWs are divorced middleage men who went through all the romance-shit. How are they disconnected from reality?

Because they are behaving like toddlers and not like grown men.
>I don't like girls they are all gay.

It wasn't a problem if they would take acctual advice and don't blame a whole gender for their fate. Instead they form a circle jerk with cult like tendencies.

The angry ones specifically are who I’m talking about, but ya social media hype creates a feedback loop of how terrible women are and how important it is to stay away from them.

In reality they are a totally manageable pest for men that aren’t interested in them or a necessary part of living a fulfilled life for people who are.

MGTOW makes a mountain out of mole hills.

What a bunch of NPC drivel

No need to convince myself. Much happier without a thot and snot nosed brats running my life and emptying my back account.

Maybe later in life say my 40s or 50s I might consider knocking a young tight 20 something year old up, but I’m definitely never getting married and everything will be on my terms. Child support might be the only answer if things don’t work out with the baby mother but with my projected income and the fact that child support isn’t even based on income in my state, it’s a small price do pay for my freedom and peace while also having the chance to pass on my genes. I’ll still be in the kids life but I can already see myself falling out with the mother.

Until then yeah, I’m spending my money on myself, material goods, trips, clothes, food and other resources. I’ll be investing in my own health and mental wellbeing and investing in my overall happiness and personal self interest.

If you want to get married at 25-30 to some used up whore and get sucked dry in divorce court then you do you. I’d rather not sacrifice myself for an idea of “love and companionship” that only exist in movies and fairytales.

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spotted the incel

I’m 22, and what most would consider a player or “Chad” around here.

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>starts strong
>devolves into "ALL WAHMEN ARE WHOOOOOOOARS" within ~5 sentences
There was an attempt
How am I, totally unaffiliated and uninterested in MGTOW, a better mouthpiece for them than any of their actual followers?
It's a philosophy in which you stop requiring the validation from others and you eschew the proposed need for romance that's heavily implied in our society, instead focusing on your own self-benefit.

Turning into a woman-hating pile of vitriol just because you're a chronic single is exactly what everyone thinks you are and why everyone thinks you guys are a laughingstock, and
>inb4 I DON'T CARE
Fuck off you don't care you limp dick spineless faggot, you barged into a thread to tell others how going your own way you are, you're like the opposite of what MGTOW is supposed to be
Fuck, I'd go so far as to say successful men going their own way are almost not on the internet by definition. Getting rid of an echo chamber like the internet is practically step one.

because they're coping faggots, period.

If you don't want to be in a relationship or are a virgin that's totally fine. Just don't make a circle jerk with some retarded label and assorted ideology out of it.

I wish there were a cure for stupid

Having sex, incel

All women are whores and you’re blind if you don’t see it.

It's a combinationof women being ble to get away with a lot more than men like verbal and physical abuse and marriage laws being heavily in the favor of women because the people that work in law always get a certain percentage of all the money that gets passed over or processed during divorce.

The standards they have for men have also become more and more ridiculous over the years and they have way more support groups than men do

Just man up, stop being bitter and have sex you incel.

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my best guess? some of them got burned out through bad relationships or got fucked over in divorce court, and the rest (if not all) are just lonely

Who cares? All they're doing is convincing impressionable insecure virgins not to try. Bless em, less competition for the rest of us

If all women are whores then all men are johns and you are nothing, but an inconsequential orphan. Your parents were too and so were theirs. We are all accidents of life, even if some parts were intended most were not. We have a choice to make the best of things or not. You aren't more aware by calling others out, we see the same and still reach out to each other. We look at pieces of shit like you and say I love you, I'm there for you. We move past reality to create the world we want, while you sit in shit wondering why no one talks about the smell.

Shut the fuck up retard

>If all women are whores then all men are johns and you are nothing, but an inconsequential orphan

Yes this is correct

Man up and support me and Chad's son!!!!!

They're angry they can't find any women that will put up with a rude, misogynistic, ugly manchild.

More like they are mad that can’t find a woman that hasn’t sucked a million dicks from middle school to her mid 30s, that actually knows how to cook clean and cater to a man, that won’t cheat on him the second an asshole with a bigger dick had a bit more money comes along.

Even all that would be excusable if alimony and family law in general weren’t complete fucking garbage and encouraged thots to breed with irresponsible good looking dick heads, trapping a beta with marriage as a single mother and divorcing him so he is forced to pay for her and that child that isn’t even his.

But yeah they are just manchildren you got it, it’s totally all just their fault.
>b-but you just have found the right one yet incels all women aren’t like that!

Fuck off yes they are, plenty of married women and girlfriends cheat with dickheads who invest nothing into them while having their boyfriend foot the bill. I know because I’m actually not an incel and have fucked other guys wives and girlfriends.

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They are right