I am a male

Ok. Jokes aside, I believe women remain oppressed today. And that males are privileged. Feminism truly helped in countering the female oppression. Men should not be allowed to rape or abuse women. Incels should not be entitled to sex from women. The beta uprising is pure misogyny. Women don't owe sex to anybody.

I think 4channers should start giving advice to misogynists before it's too late. Ask for advice freely.

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Nice b8 thread, here is your reply

What cuckoldry is this shit

Bait? Don't tell you believe that red pill bullshit about the gynocentric society and male oppression

It might be bait to get them sweet 3 digit posts, but it dosent make him wrong.

Prove it wrong then

>Women don't owe sex to anybody.
Then men don't owe them anything either.
Feminism is pure doublethink, it's about pretending to be independent while always paying the victim.

Women are the oppressed gender. Women are catcalled. Women are abused and raped. Women are seen as objects for sexual gratification by the incel communities. Women are the empathic gender.


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>I believe women remain oppressed today
Women have more freedom today than they have had in all of human history
>And that males are privileged.
Everyone in western civilization lives a privileged life, mostly thanks to old dead white dudes who built western civilization.
>Men should not be allowed to rape or abuse women.
They're not, this is illegal in all 50 states
>Incels should not be entitled to sex from women.
They're not, that's what they are fucking incels. If they were simply entitled to sex from women, they wouldn't be virgins

then why is misogyny spreading?

Modern western women are the most privileged beings in human history and yet they are still not happy, just take all their undeserved rights away and be done with it.

Men have it way worse and no one cares.

>it's another "I start the thread with obviously inflammatory notions without actually encouraging any discussion or discourse on Jow Forums because I'm too slow and dull to troll literally anywhere else on Jow Forums and too afraid of bans to try interest boards"
and look at that
no discussion, no discourse, no intelligence. just people waxing absolutes at each other on Jow Forums
>inb4 some half-cocked reply trying to bait a (You) out of this
we get it, sux to be wahmen, cry cry
it sucks to live, get the fuck over it and buy a 600$ handbag to carry all the fucks I give about it
everyone suffers, that's just what being human is-- it's not understanding that that's the case which makes you an animal

Because western civilization is collapsing

Being called on your bullshit is not misogyny

$0.02 has been deposited into your account.

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>Men should not be allowed to rape or abuse women
Agree and they really aren't sadly it still happens

>Incels should not be entitled to sex from women.
Lol what are you even saying here? No incel is given sex...

>Women are oppressed
Feminism is women supremacy, this is a first-world civilisation, we don't have oppression here
>Feminism is believing that the denial of a female's actions or will over another is oppression
>Hear this bullshit all over mainstream media, I think you've faithfully eaten up their bullshit
Women can easily destroy a mans life nowadays, I think they're more "liberated" in this sense to destroy a mans life.
>Women can berate and sue her male counterpart for allegations of rape, assault or any such brutalism as such without the repercussions as is the false social norms held in Western society
>Women can publicly slander a man for these offences and can claim half the property of her male counterpart and/or receive reparations in some cases
We don't need feminism, it's just another liberal propaganda group to push for a false narrative so they can get your votes.
Btw this is Jow Forums, not Jow Forums.

What an amazing foresight. Everything on that list is true to the letter

Funny coincidence that the guys who bitch about misandry and claim to be trad alphas end up living in random shitholes with no hot women and then just get bitter and alone.

>I am a male
Just barely my friend. Did you already cut off your dick?

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