How do I get a bf if I look like pic related?

How do I get a bf if I look like pic related?

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Wait so... are you a guy or girl or xim or xir or what

Go outside


How are you not dead by septic shock yet

I go outside and men make particular effort not to speak to me, male waiters avoid my table, male cashiers will swap out for female ones etc, I’m offensively ugly

Light makeup
Try a new haircut. I'm not implying it's bad, but a stylish cut is always a plus.

You honestly have potential to be seriously cute. You're not ugly by any measure. Just apply yourself.

>srs is the only surgery trans people get and all of them have it
Caveman tier thought process

What does your voice sound like? If you've got male characteristics, people can tell. It may not be looks exactly

Brenda, you're looking better with filters and red hair but you're still gonna get zipped like Brandonposts if you don't at least change up your fucking intro post

I just wish you trolls would put EFFORT into it. It's so fucking boring when you just post the same thing over. and over. and over. and over.

You look like a fucked up combination of my brother and his wife though

Most men don’t want to get fucked in their ass fucking retard. That’s my thought process.

Here we go with this shit again...

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I am ugly by all measures, men will avoid me especially when I’m wearing makeup, some men will even come up and tell me they dislike and I look like an Egyptian or a clown

People will avoid me before speaking
I’m not using any filters in pic related, raw pic I’ll show how unedited it is in my photos pic related I’ll show how I have no editing apps installed either
I’m a bottom

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Lol. An Egyptian? I'm going to remember that one.

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That’s not an Egyptian that’s Aztec/Mayan you highschool drop out
Yeah cause my eyeliner is bad because I’ve only been using it for a year on and off

It’s the chin. I don’t know just find a way to make it less pronounced as it’s sort of a male thing to have a sharp chin I think. Think pic related

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Oh, you're a dude

They're not doing this because you\re ugly. they're doing this because you\re a dude in a dress. If you really do look like pic related, that's not that bad. Learn makeup, take some decent pics. You'll have to find a dude who'r into trannys though, you'll probably have to make an online profile for that. Just be upfront about it.
No matter how much makeup you put on or how beautiful you make yourself look, regular straight dudes aren't going to go for you. We can tell, there's something biological there that's off putting, even if you pass pretty well. But there are plenty of dudes out there who are into trannies, just just have to find one who's nice and not crazy.

... does my chin really look like pic related? I didn’t think it was that sharp
Well you said I look fine and only realized I was born male after, isn’t a possible for a guy to like me anyway if they think I’m cis but they’re like bi

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That shade of red dye is trashy, dark brown would make you look much better. The haircut is bad too, it doesn't suit your face.
Also learn how to do your makeup, it takes practice but it's not that difficult

I’ve had dark brown hair for most of my life and people would always ignore me, now at least old ladies say they like my hair, also what haircuts do you think would suit my face? I’m trying to learn makeup but it’s hard cause I can’t afford all of it and people judge me when I go out with it

you're gorgeous girly, iuno what's wrong with the outside world. you'll find that someone dw

Pic looks like a normal female chin but when put together with your upper face it looks inherently male. Glasses could help or maybe a choker I guess but it’s just both hemispheres of your face looks female or male but when put together it looks pretty male. I’m not a fucking fashion guy so don’t really take my advice to heart but def try to draw attention to your upper face

You sound like my mom and she’s wrong.
Would sunglasses achieve the same effect?

Let it grow to your armpits, curl it slightly if you can, it'd soften your features.
You don't need much, mascara, blush and lipstick would change your face completely, you don't need the expensive brands desu, hell even fucking aldi makes makeup. Also do you think people judging you may be in your head? I'm a girl but I started wearing makeup when I was 15 and I remember I used to feel like people looked at me weird at first but it was just me being paranoid

Yeah, from the face with enough makeup you could pass pretty well.
But I don't know what your body looks like.
But always play to your strengths. You're a girl with a penis, find guys that are really into that and date them. Going on a date with a straight guy or a guy you think might be bi, then pulling out a surprise dong at the end out the night isn't going to go over well for you, fuck it might even get you killed.

>”glasses could help or maybe a choker”

Yeah but you’re a cis girl, it’s normal for you to wear make up, I’m not even sure if I pass
Well I would say when he asked me out, in public, also if I don’t pass without makeup makeup is worthless
I know what he said, I’m wondering if sunglasses count and glasses or if the darkness is bad

>into trannies
>not crazy
really reaching there

This person is 100% a faggot.

Can't keep count but at lea sixteen shots. How can i just not if you haven't taken careof it you're too late anything to say for yourself? You are just that close to making sense.

Lol good point.
But most trannies are crazy too, so maybe it will work out
I'm sure you could find some harmless onions boi who's ok with his girlfriend having a penis and sleeping with other men.

Thats as gay as im ever going to get with you btw.

Have a vagina

Why are you mad is true. Your face ia shaped as a boy not a girl. Not trying to troll, but you should get psychiatric help.

I'm wondering what I would do if that thing on the left asked me for a date. Just say that I am a homosexual and run?

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You're cute. Just be at peace with yourself, the rest is just the regular rules of meeting and getting close with people

Checked and based

Oh and never ask advice from Jow Forums unless it's a board focused on a specific interest. This is a place for the absolute bottom of the barrel, the last authority you'd want to consult for anything. Ask for help and they spit in your face. Whatever morality and goodness would normally demand, it's only cool to do the opposite when you're on Jow Forums. That means lying to people about how good or bad they look. Literally every thread ever made on this topic, regardless of how the person looks, gets the same answer. Just put on something nice and go to a bar and you'll see

I realize, i was drunk and senseless. Fine ... still drunk... what can I do to suck youre dick with the most enthusiasm?? Or do you want to suck mine..??.?.! Straight as an arrow btw.

I’m sorry I don’t know what the fuck this means? Just not what? If I haven’t taken care of what? Also you’re not close to making sense at all, please say again.
I mean just because it’s true doesn’t mean you need to yell at strangers, I don’t come up to fat people and call them fat
They would probably be okay with that, you might be able to outrun them because of hrt causing muscular degeneration
Oh god people are gonna clock my small q angle oh fuck
I’m not cute and I don’t know those rules cause I’ve never had an actual relationship and have autism
So were you like saying you were attracted to me? It’s just beer goggles don’t worry you’ll find me as ugly as everyone else in the morning

I am the bottom of the barrel, all trans communities are garbage for this stuff, relationship advice just says I’m trans so therefore destined to be alone, this is my last hope. Also I’d never go to a bar I’m so afraid of getting a guy interested in me telling him I’m trans and then him beating the shit out of me and the rest of the people there join in because I deceived them
Oh, I’d suck yours but I don’t want mine touched or anything

Because the person making the thread already knows the answer. If we take OP question why guys don't like him/ get bf is because he is either picky or guys on the most part dont like other men. So, everyone knows that op is asking a rhetorical question. If you ask a dumb question grt ready to receive dumb answer. We cant forget that OP is also a men although he is saying otherwise, but biologically he is. Which he should know the answer to his own question at least in this regard

"Rules" is a mislesdig term maybe.

Meeting people consists in being willing to talk to people and not be fearful of whether it goes well, and to let yourself improve at it. Also in getting out and going to places where you're likely to meet people, especially things relating to your interests, or at least things that you don't mind doing. Literally anything that gets you out and puts you in the company of people can work.
But most of all, the best thing you can do is make friends, and subsequently meet people through them. And there's always dating apps. Appealing to men, female or otherwise, has generous results.
As for getting close to people... Try to feel interested in who they are, and try to enjoy their company. That can be anything. But it'll come naturally given time (and faith)

You wanna suck some dicks or not? I cant stay drunk forever. ,!?!?M?M?!,

Yell? Huh? Who is yelling? Do you need help? You came to us guy and we are telling you how it is. Don't like it don't ask for help here? Hello? Psychiatric help though.

Yeah, sunglasses are should work fine. Really any accessories that look good on you I would think.
>and have autism
Haha yeah go figure. Also, what’s your opinion on those shitty tumblr trans comics? As in pic related, the Sophie ones?

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I don't think so. If you ask people if you're ugly or why you can't get a boyfriend/girlfriend, it's because you're uncertain and because you're at a loss. At best they want to suspect that they're not ugly and just want some verification because they don't trust themselves.
As for the ethical issue of whether trans people should be treated as the gender they consider themselves to be... You're entitled to your opinion, but don't pretend it's anything more than that. Personally, I've met trans people and I'm fairly convinced it's a real thing. But I won't force anyone else to believe that. In the meantime I err on the side of respect and address trans females as females and trans men as men. If we're to consider the scenario in which I'm making a mistake and the scenario in which you're making a mistake, I think my mistake is better.
But again... Things like respect and compassion are fuckin gay amirite

So basically just live my life and hope someone eventually wants to date me, or resort to dating apps where people with a tranny fetish will keep me as a fuck option well dating and marrying cis girls. The second option sucks and the first hasn’t happened in 19 years so I’m not exactly holding my breath

Best advice I can give is keep trying, keep improving, find a group who you admire to help you, and an idol to imitate. It works for turning a slob into a gent, certainly you will find minor improvements if not anything life changing.

I said yes
I was referring to the people coming up to me and insulting my makeup and me even though I’m a complete stranger, and saying that I would not do the same to a stranger as I consider it wrong and unprompted as I’m just minding my own business, no need to be so rude and condescending.
Glad to know I hate people who were glasses and don’t need them lol, also I hate those comics, always some transbian living straw man making them. Only trans comic I liked was about a bitter old hon and a young transistioner and the bitter old hon being all mad, if you know it please link it I forgot the name.
>keep trying, keep improving
Damn I hate the truth, I wish I could just do a complicated series of movements and instantly get a boyfriend

Is called uncertainty reduction theory heard before m8? Maybe op should try it out.

Huh huh. She/he has made faggots of us. Just whip it out and let me suck it, you faggot. Im sure, i can suck a dick with more devotion than you have ever... ever...

I hear your opinion on the topic of trans, but I'll stay with the facts if you dont mind.

Okay you need to accept that I don’t want anyone to touch my dick, I have sex exclusively in doggy style so no one sees my penis or has to look at my face, plus it’s reference to part 8 best chair lift boy.

you know honestly I wouldn't ignore wigs/lace fronts/ weaves. i use them and they made me look super hot. just make sure they look good with you of course.

yes i agree with whichever user said that red doesn't suit you well.

I might need to see more pictures cause i have no clue what you look like really from just one angle

>So basically just live my life and hope someone eventually wants to date me
Ask anyone who's ever met the love of their life and this is p much what they'll tell you. Although it depends on what "living your life" means. If all you do is post on Jow Forums and play overwatch your chances are slimmer than if you get out and explore the world.

As for the rest... It sounds like you're just pessimistic as a sort of psychological reflex, like there's comfort in believing that it can't be better and that you're doomed to your fate. I promise you it isn't rational

>the first hasn’t happened in 19 years
If by that you mean that you're 19 then stop stressing. These days it's p common to not find anything til your twenties, and counting the years don't help. You can go through your whole life thinking you're too old for everything and that all opportunities are behind you. It's bullshit! Total trap

Alright faggot, I'm gonna hump my wife tonight.... rape or not and, I will think of you. I don't normally kiss her, but I will. Please tell me you are happy with that???a,a?

Kid you wouldn't know a fact if it came in your mouth

Dick.. yess. Face.. no.. answer the next.. you have the manliest man you have ever had on the hook. .???

I’m not gonna wear wigs well I can still grow hair myself, thanks. Also this is a mugshot angle what’s wrong with it?
Well fine, I’ll keep looking and hope for the best
Go ahead you horny weirdo

Other words. Nothing wrong with your face. Faggot. I can suck on that bottom lip for days.

Huh? I don't know actually are the people "US" but not me. If you want to be faggot be one idc, but dont expect me keep up with your imagination games in public.

Be up front with it. They won't fight you on the spot so long as you're not in some weird redneck town. A surprising amount of dudes are down with it.
Make friends with girls, too, they'll get your back and not be all competitive with you as they'd be with cis girls, and they'll try to set you up with someone.

>Go ahead
But, i need to know that you are happy. That's what you want with all the grandstanding?? Forget that. Just tell me you're gonna like that?

Stop projecting yourself image on to me kid. You people are just as bad as religious people.

Okay. ( wink emoji)"

he isn't projecting. he made some excellent points. also, your age is readily apparent... kid. if we're both wrong, then your just an idiot.

It is nice that you lightened up a bit. You made me way gayer. Will fap to you if you don't act like like a total attention whore.

Who is they also sounds like you got the wrong user.

Name these excellent points?

>dont expect me
Oh. You are expected. You can do it.

Doesn't answer the question, freak

Freak leaves us hanging af we tune into freaky side.

Me so horney. Say one more thing OP.!

OP spams themselves crazily on /soc/

Hmm. Fear of success.

>Tranny is neurotic
Stop the presses

yeah this is true i regret not saving this guy nudes

Lots of people are into transwomen. Be careful, but also be upfront about who you are. You’ll be fine.

If by lot, you mean Jow Forums, you would be correct but if that is the case, god help op.

I think you just need to get a life. Truly.

Is this the tranny version of Brandon?

This is why everyone hates trannies

Nope, would do anything for a boyfriend
I want to date a straight guy who’s okay with me being trans but won’t look at me due to my masculine and ugly qualities as well as genitalia, not a chaser
I have a life (hobbies, job, exercise) and it hasn’t helped me get a boyfriend at all
People say that about me but I don’t even know who the fuck Brandon is
Yes, I control the entire opinion of the public on transgender people, I have been officially delegated the hive Queen

There's no such thing as "straight guys who are into trannies".

>I want to date a straight guy
>who’s okay with me being trans
That is bisexual. I don't mean it in mean way but straight guys don't date transpeople.

If you got a decent tit job, I'd suck you off

Like someone who would make an exception for me because of my personality but still hate my body and barely touch me

How many times I gotta say I don’t want anyone near my penis before y’all chasers go fuck off??

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Jow Forums.

>don’t come to advice looking for advice

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>like personality
>disgusted by look
Isn't this friendship?

But like he loves me and tells me he wants to marry me

Your loss


It's honestly because you're trans. Your face isn't bad and if you were a real woman you'd have 0 issues but you're not. Even people who are tolerant of trannies don't fucking want to date one. Regular people don't want to fuck Frankenstein's monster.