How true is the "Brad Pitt rule"?

How true is the "Brad Pitt rule"?

>Imagine you are Brad Pitt. Would a woman be acting this way if you were?

For example, if you ask a girl out, but she's busy that day, if you were Brad Pitt (i.e. attractive to her) she'd immediate suggest an alternate date. But if she weren't into you then she'd just leave you high and dry after saying she's not free. That's just one example but I basically live by this rule in all my romantic interactions. Takeaway: no women really that into me

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Well you aren’t brad pitt so that’s not going to work. He’s extremely attractive to women simply bc so many women are attracted to him. See how that works? Same reason picking up girls seems so much easier when you are married, women showing desire for you makes other women show desire for you.

Imagine you are brad pitt in 12 monkeys... Hahaha

I'm not really sure what the rule is. Will people be more open to you when you're physically attractive? Yes. Are you stuck with a low ceiling because you don't look like Brad Pitt? No.

The question here is, are girls capable of valuing anything other than physical appearance? It's debated to fucking death and not in a remotely rational matter. I get the impression that people who believe that they can't, and that all girls are stacy waiting for chad, you're probably incapable of compromising that belief, so what's the point?

I'm short and ugly and I've had girls choose me over bois with genetics, that's all I'm sayin

>are girls capable of valuing anything other than physical appearance?

i don't have money

Lmao I watched that movie today

That's true, but that doesn't really mean anything because with some persistence you can still get it in with her regardless. Not everyone is Napoleon or Hannibal, and we can't win decisively in all our pitched battles. Sometimes we gotta be Kutuzov, Fabius, or Giap, and play a longer game to achieve that pussy victory.

Incels out here are acting like just because they can't get an immediate decisive win by sending all their infantry directly towards the enemy trenches, they can't win at all. They can. They can, but it takes adaptability, ingenuity, time, and some grit.

This runs contrary to the advice that it's a numbers game.
I can't "play the long game" with 100 different women; there aren't enough hours in the day.

Yes you can, in fact it's way easier.

I believe this rule is both popularized and debunked by the Book Of Pook.

In summary:

It is an excellent rule to stop inexperienced horny boys from acting like entitled, angry rejects.

It is nothing but a cage for an experienced intelligent person going about their business as they will have the rudimentary intelligence needed to make a call on a case-by-case basis.

"Be not contained by formulae"

imagine unironically writing like this holy shit fucking kill yourself

The outcome of playing the long game is becoming an orbiter 99 times out of 100 and becoming a beta cuck the one time you actually do get your dick wet.

That's what happens when you're too attached to your idea of what the outcome should be.
Be efficient about the time and energy you invest. Move the fuck on if shit doesn't work out.

Brad Pitt's not just some attractive guy. He's a household name, and his success is known by pretty much everyone out there. People care about (and step out of their way for) people they're invested in. Extremely few people invest strongly in strangers, because they don't know anything about them. They can't gauge anything beyond their looks.

Someone who is a household name is not a fair comparison. Even a male model or athlete would get far less positive responses than someone famous, having to put much more effort in to court someone and get himself out there.

>Takeaway: no women really that into me
Yeah, but how much are you actually trying to get them to be? Do you flirt, build a rapport? Or do you just ask them out?

What is flirting?

No, women are attractive to him because he is a force of nature when it comes to looks. It’s super rare, so he gets a lot of attention. He could have any regular job and girls would still want him. You simply can’t downplay his attractiveness to some weird mainstream hype among women. Sorry bro.

Banter, often with some degree of romantic or sexual undertone, the extent of which ramps up as you get closer to them. If you can shitpost on Jow Forums you can flirt, it's really that simple. Just don't say anything too offensive, it's a bit more good natured and tame than what passes for banter here. Same idea though.

If you had 1% of the charm that fucker has you could slay pussy.

But no, your a pathetic sack of shit with no goals of ambition. You dont even have a decent car, faggo. Try not living with mommmy you fuckin bitch.

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I don't have an opinion on this dating stuff, just wanted to say 55 year old Brad Pitt in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is still so damn cool and sexy. A true king.

Dude, Jack Nicholson in his 80s could get all the pussy he wanted. It has more to do with fame and charisma than what you look like.

Imagine believing this.

What was wrong with that post?

Yes, I try to build a rapport. The idea is simply that if a girl is attracted to you enough then you won't have to play games with her. I confessed to a girl the other day, but her "I have feelings for you too" was loaded with ifs, ands, and buts. I still have no idea where she really stands but I feel that by the rule there shouldn't be much ambiguity at all.