I missed out on teenage love and now all I probably have left is having some girl settling for me because I'm...

I missed out on teenage love and now all I probably have left is having some girl settling for me because I'm convenient. I'll never experience a cute romance

How to cope with this?

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How old are you?

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Teenage love is horrible, you're better off not knowing if you don't already know. You should, however go to therapy and get coaching on how to interact socially. That way you can find someone better. Sometimes being with someone out of convienience is worse than being alone.

>I got dicked down by chad as a teen and trust me you don't want to know :^)

It hurts more than its worth

The thing that makes that romance special is that it's new. Love makes chemistry out of every setting. If you fall in love for the first time anywhere, you'll think there's something essential about the way it happened there.
Young love is easier to envy if you haven't been in love, because it's about love for the first time, and that's all you're capable of seeing ahead of you. The more experience you have with romance, the more you're likely to identify with other representations of it.

Falling in love for the first time as an adult, in fact, might be even more powerful. Being overwhelmed by it as a youth means only so much when you're getting overwhelmed by anything. Being overwhelmed at a point in your life where you no longer thought it was possible to ever be overwhelmed by anything positive again, to feel completely unjaded and happy... It's unimaginable, but that's what it would be.

No, I'm a guy saying this. I watched this horrid cunt rip my brother apart. It was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen. Humans are terrible, we just need to make sure we're slightly less horrible than we could be and we'll eventually have peace


But that's it though, I won't feel that since anyone I could potentially get with has ready been through so many relationships a new one is just "eh whatever"

shit get for this. fuck. look, love is new each time you experience it because it's with a new person. each love is different with different dynamics. stop being so cynical and try again

>You should, however go to therapy and get coaching on how to interact socially
what's the best way to do this? are psychologists worth it, considering how expensive they are?

btw, I'm not OP, but thanks for your advice, people. I have the same problem as the OP, and while I'm older than him, I'm not as closed to love as him, though I'm socially retarded

If you don't have insurance there are public options available. Yes, it's worth it

I'm socially inept, too.

This is a good resource, too.


I don't think so. If you have been in say, 6 relationships (which I'd consider pretty average for a woman my act) how is a 7th one going to feel that different from the rest? After all the underlying mechanics are the same. You talk with a person, you have sex with a person, you do thing with that person. You've had a ton of relationships before so you don't do cutesy shit, or chase the person since if it doesn't work someone else will come up. Not that I'd ever expect a girl to fall for me

I'm confused... You're worried that you won't fall in love, or that they won't fall in love?

Anyways, the novelty isn't the point. Love for you must be a novel thing, but love doesn't reduce to novelty. Whatever idiosyncrasies you bring to each other (everybody has them) will find their own chemistry that no one else can understand

I'm . I'd guess you are missing a big thing: you have to discover the other person. love isn't just talking and fucking.

It's not them, it's you. I learned this the hard way. I just got out of a relationship with one and am trying to preserve a friendship with another. I cheated on 1 with 2. 1 alienated me because she kept lying. 2 told me the truth and was honest. She showed me how wrong I was to be how I am. Change, it's possible.

I know I'll fall in love, I just know it won't be the same for them because they've experienced it before and it'll be less strong than my stupid version of love (since I've been so starved of it). I doubt I'll get to even experience it anyway since I automatically push away people to prevent it from happening.

My point isn't so much novelty as the fact that something that comes easily for someone (like a girl that is in and out of relationships because she is desirable) naturally has less value for her than someone like me.

Change is a meme. Personality traits are lifelong.

I've changed a lot in my life, often counter to what would be considered my personality. It takes great effort.

There's more to it than that, in fact theirs might be deeper because for them to fall in love means it's not relying on novelty, it's more to do with you. When the novelty wears off you may not even feel strongly for what's left, and they'll be left in the worse position.

You'll fall in love more easily, of course, but if someone's in love with you then the issue you're describing isn't likely to be an issue.

You're just afraid of false hopes

thanks for this m8

This is one of those things neither side will ever agree on. Those that didn't get it will tell you about irreversable feelings of missed chances while those that did get it will tell you it's no big thing. There's no empathy on either side, neither can understand the other's perspective.

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wow this picture kind of fucked with my head

I don't know much about what it's like to be suicidal but that kind of gives a glimpse

That's just evolving as a person. You can't really change who you are or your core personality features. I will never be a social butterfly because that's simply not who I am.

Again it's not about how strong the feelings are but how dispensable I am. I'll always work harder for a relationship since I know for me to be in one is a very rare thing, for someone normal my age for whom being in a relationship is the natural state of affairs if they suddenly lose interest they'll just say "ah fuck it" and find someone else without trying to fix things.

nah it's just a cute pic that I like. There's no smiles or happiness when you want to die.